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May 25, 2007


A place to get naked.

Key Quote: "I hope Bush will come down and join us," added Schuetze, 66, sitting nude on a beach near the hotel where world leaders will meet.

Why is it that the people who get naked in public are hardly ever the people you want to get naked in public?

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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That's one of the truisms of life, Dave.

As long as security finds no, um, concealed weapons, I am okay with this.

For me the key quote is

"He doesn't have anything to hide," said Schuetze. "And besides, in the water, everything shrinks a bit anyhow."

I also like the line about the inability to carry concealed weapons. Though there was a man a few months back on this blog who was carrying an awl in his nether regions, so who knows.

Interesting that this was their way of experessing their distaste for communism. One would think that a commune would be just the place for nudism... but that's another whole story, I expect.

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