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May 29, 2007


Key Chilling Quote: Lowe stated immediately after the fact that Delaney had grabbed him on the testicles, or perpetrated a 'squirrel grip to his Gladstone Smalls', something Delaney later denied.

For the record, 'Squirrel Grip and the Gladstone Smalls" would be an excellent name for a rock band.


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Thanks for a rugby post FIRST thing Monday morning. It is so ripe, that I just don't know where to start.

In my 15 years of first grade I was grabbed many a time in the nether region

15 years in 1st grade? Is this writer a contestant in the Miss Universe pagent? hehehe.

i can't comment as i can't understand what language is being used.

oh no! when i saw gladstone smalls on the menu i thought i was getting clams. blech!

Big 'ol snork@ "hector protectors"

Med got the key phrase: In my 15 years of first grade I was grabbed many a time in the nether region and thought about doing exactly what Jaiman Lowe did to Delaney, but you just can't.

What a moron!

And yes, Hector Protectors WBAGNFARB too.

Hey, I looked it up and apparently Gladtone Small was an English cricketer from Barbados! How'd you like to give your name to an Aussie's nether regions?

Sorry, that was Gladstone

And Jeff - This is the first time I have EVER heard anyone of the male persuasion refer to the nether regions using the term "small". Glad, stoned, or otherwise.


Looks like a it could be a squirrel-grip
reach-around to me.

These guys are Rugby players, right? I thought grabbed nuts followed by a "king hit" (apparently Aussie for "cheap shot") was part of the program.

"For the record, 'Squirrel Grip and the Gladstone Smalls' would be an excellent name for a rock band."

Actually I think that's at least two rock bands. I see "The Gladstone Smalls" as a Yardbirds tribute band, while "Squirrel Grip" would have to be punk or thrash metal.

They aren't thinking of the literal meaning of "Smalls". It's rhyming slang. In real classic rhyming slang, once a phrase has become well-known, the rhyming part gets dropped. "Whoops, I've got to Orson" == "horse and cart" == fart.

Trouble and Strife = wife
Merchant Banker = wanker
Rex Hunt = you guessed it.
Donald Duck = you guessed it, again. (I don't give a Donald)

I was just thinking that Gladstone probably is not flattered by that association.

From Wally's link:

I can't remember if I did have him [by the testicles], but it wasn't intentional.

"It might have been in that region, but I don't go out to try and rip blokes' balls off. I just can't really remember what happened, to be honest.

Come on, are we supposed to believe he can't remember if he had the other guy's balls in his fist?

Jeff - you are particularly eloquent today. ROFL

Snork also @ Hector protectors. Those Bristish and their protectorates....

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