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May 19, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Sure thing, ddd. Tell ya what, I won't even make a typical comment about gettin' undressed first or anything. Just two questions first: Does Mr. ddd own guns? Does he know how to use 'em?
'Cause if he answers to those two questions are "yes" then I'll just get you some Advil or sumpthin'. ok?

mm, the NTSB and the Canadians have their own recovery team. My guys are just manning a cordon.

Ahhh- that feels better. Thanks, blurk!

Hope you get a call (or not - depending on what the call means). Take care of your team!

See y'all this afternoon.

*shivers in anticipation of comfy Mariott® bed*

blurk- he has a big bazooka and knows how to use it ;)

sends eAdvil.

Sleep well, ddd. I'll be away. FAR away.

ddd - prof. curiosity. as part of medical clearance for psychotic patients do you order baseline EKG? just curious? please pardon interminable waits between posts.

*add neck and scalp rub to text backrub from CJ*

blurk - sorry you're going stir crazy...

Thanks, mm. Maybe I'll wash my filthy truck when it warms up a little.

CJ are you there?

guess he isn't, I had a question.

blurk - that has to be some boring duty for your guys. When the Canadiens get here hopefully they take it over, at least partially?

They're already here, mm. But it's our base so we're responsible for securing the scene.

Blurk -all

Looks like the day shift has arrived.

Yep, Mikey...the crowd's slowly wakin' up.

I suspected as much. It wouldn't do for foreign nationals to be carrying weapons and enforcing stuff on American soil...

In and out, mm, making a brunch to go with the bacon syrup. What's up?

I was wondering if the cross country shipping of hives could be playing a role in the spead of Colony Collapse Disorder. What are your thoughts?

Here in FL, we are down 25% in honeybees in a State that carefully restricts all types of agriculture imports. Interestingly, I suspect the isolation of populations is playing a role in making populations vulnerable; trying to prevent further 'Africanization' of bees may be reducing genetic diversity.

Ok that answers some questions and raises others. Genetics may not be the problem, but pathogen, fungus, mites, or fomite. If I have another, I'll ask on the forum...

A quote has been attributed to Einstein in the way that every funny quote eventually is attributed to Carlin.
If you kill off the the bees, mankind will follow within four years. Or something close to that. It's a serious issue.

Y'all still around?

My grandpa used to raise bees. Best honey I ever had in m'life.

(((blurk))) Hope you can get out and do something productive.

If you still have a backrub there, I'll take it (even though my night didn't include lots of crazy people). Plus, the only ammo in my house is Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum.

yep Diva, we're still, some of us are still in bot hell so very slow.

sure we can blog-send you a back-rub. No problem (long as you're willing to wait for it...)

Mornin'!!! where's the coffee and goodies??? I'm starvin'!

Patience is a virtue, mm. (Just not one of mine.) :-) I sympathize. For me, if I've had to put in a captcha phrase and then it sticks, I just use the back button once and then refresh. Takes MUCH less time and my comment is generally there. You might give it a try. I've had the same slow bot issue lately. If I HAVEN'T been asked for a captcha, I can ususally just hit the refresh and my post will be there. I hate waiting. Wasn't it Tom Petty who sang, "The waiting is the hardest part"?

Patience is a virtue, mm. (Just not one of mine.) :-) I sympathize. For me, if I've had to put in a captcha phrase and then it sticks, I just use the back button once and then refresh. Takes MUCH less time and my comment is generally there. You might give it a try. I've had the same slow bot issue lately. If I HAVEN'T been asked for a captcha, I can ususally just hit the refresh and my post will be there. I hate waiting. Wasn't it Tom Petty who sang, "The waiting is the hardest part"?

it doesn't ask for captchas usually, just takes forever for both posts and refreshes. I haven't tried back button, then refresh. Don't know if second refreshes are any faster than first ones. Worth a try though...

Oh and I FOUND my missing patio umbrella. Seems like it landed on my neighbor's roof ;-)

blurk? did you eat all the food again??

Mornin' siouxie. blurk ate 'em a couple hours ago. We gotta make a fresh batch.

This morning's "Beetle Bailey" cracks me up. Here's the quote: "They oughta let dogs run the country. If anyone breaks the law, bite 'em! If someone steals something, bite 'em! If a terrorist gets in, bite 'em!!! But anyone who feeds you or does nice things for you, lick 'em! It may sound too simple, but hey! It works for dogs!"

Works for me, too. If someone does something nice for me, I'd be more prone to lick 'em, too. ;-)

Plus, I'd be a lot more inclined to do nice things for others....

Ladies, I've been having something similar where it takes forever to post. What I've been doing is switching from E to Firefox. If I start a post on Firefox and it gets "stuck", I open the blog on Explorer and see my post there. Then I shut down the other one. It's a pain but it's better than waiting and if you try to refresh it, it posts a second time.

See I just posted that on Firefox and it stalled...came to Explorere and it's here. Shut down FIrefox till it happens again. The bot focks you up when you don't wait the required time before posting again. So if you refresh and it "thinks" your posting again too quickly...yer focked for the rest of the time. Sometimes I make myself WAIT before posting.

I don't so much mind the stinkin' captchas, but the double postings annoy me.

*quickly removes the extra 'e' from up there*

I hate the captchas...sometimes you can't tell what the stoopid letters are (especially after the wine starts kicking in)

Sorry, silly me to get back on topic here, but...

I wonder if Kellogg's has accidentally come up with a most excellent Halloween gimmick...

Pour milk on the cereal, and *voila!* Reconstituted bat!

I mean, gross, but still, very unique and waaaay cooler than Lucky Charms Magic Mirrors™.

I don't so much mind the stinkin' captchas, but the double postings annoy me.

Well, I certainly don't like them, but I can live with them. It's the "we think your comment is spam" that drives me over the edge!!!

*SNORK!* at the reconstituted bat. The only way this would have been funnier is if it had been in a box of Count Chocula.

well this time I opened under an IE tab see if it's any faster. btw, earlier blurk promised to shoot the cereal if it moved...

Y'know - if my cereal moves, I'm gonna scream like a little girl and then make like that dude from Poltergeist when the steak turned all maggoty.

*zips in*™

Good morning everyone. I could only read the first sentence of the article because I'm just not that kind of girl, IYKWIM. ;)

I woke up at 5a.m. to watch a tennis match that didn't start til 5:30a.m PDT. I hate when they trick you like that.

Glad you found your umbrella, Siouxie.

I don't know what you're talking about, blurk, but if you're sad, I'm said with you. :)

The above posted in a nanosecond so that either means the problem is fixed or the blog gods like me best! ;)

In above post, please change said to sad.

Thank you.

My little trick:

When the bot is slower than a herd of turtles stampedin' through peanut butter I hit the stop button then refresh. It's faster and my post is always there. And it doesn't double.

Sumpthin' need killin'?

Eleanor, we're havin' an air show here at the base weekend and one of the Canadian Snowbirs crashed. The pilot didn't survive.

base this weekend

See, not proofreadin' is like a box of chocolates...

See, blurk? That's my trick, too. GMTA.

Still cleaning up the crash site?

Hands blurk a d.

I saw that Diva, but I don't use the back button, just stop. I guess they both do the same thing.

And if anybody has one of them backrubs left over I'll take one, please.

mmmm.... backrub....

back from the store...I could use one too.

*plops self down next to blurk* I'm NEXT!!!!

oh and El, thanks!! I thought it would be in the middle of the lake but the roof next door ain't so bad. Now if it would only stop raining so I can get my neighbor to fetch it for me...

And I'm BACK!!!!! I hate it when Clock Bugs Bunny craps out and I am in the big black vacuum of space without my internet.

Did anyone save any breakfast? Diva, we goin' to lunch today? I am starving.

Glad you found your umbrella, Sioux. Would hate for you to get wet or sunburned on the patio.

I don't so much mind the stinkin' captchas, but the double postings annoy me.

HA! Med...I don't sunbathe out there...too many nosey neighbors. That's where I chill with my glass of vino and look out the lake ;-)

Very peaceful...except last night I had a visitor...a HUGE toad. Nothing new though...I stomped and he jumped back in the lake LOL

oh well... the line for a back rub has gotten seriously out of control... guess I'll have to settle for a hot shower and a nap of the 8 hour variety...

What makes the death of the Snowbird pilot even more tragic is that he was going to be married on June 9...

Tammy, sweet dreams ;-)

I'm hoping that simul will help...

AFKAT...even worse...he died Friday. Saturday was the bride-to-be's birthday and the day of her bridal shower.
It is truly sad.

A simul?
*remembers hot shower is waiting*
*scampers (OK, moseys lazily) for the hot water*

damn, AFKAT...that is horrible.

oops...blurk too. how very sad.

How old was he?? is the girl there?? his family?

The pilot was 31.

I don't know how to do the link thing. But if anyone's interested you can go to www.greatfallstribune.com/mm.

blurk's link

blurk, it seems like they took the page out though...

Thanks, Sioux. Just go from there to the home page and the story's there.

No prob.

Wow...I saw...nice looking kid too. Dayam...what a shame...so young.

link to the story is here

But a word of caution, have a kleenex handy before opening...

Already got that, AFKAT...thanks.

The slide show is pretty amazing too...course that last pic is not.

By the way, blurk, this will do the link thing for you automatically...

Back rub for blurkie...courtesy of Josie, my dog.

I told ya she was smart.

Well guys, got lots to do around here...ya'll have a great day.

btw, as horrible as this tragedy is...it's always a bit comforting to know he died doing what he loved like his dad said.

(((((hugs to the both of ya's)))))

Siuxie, I've seen the snowbirds perform a number of times; they are absolutely amazing and some of the formations involves the wingtips seemingly mere inches apart. A somewhat different kind of show from the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels (although they are fantastic as well)...the Snowbirds, using jet trainers rather than actual warplanes, come across with a bit more nimble manoeuvers is the best way I can describe it.

for mm and cj, if you're interested - yesterday's LA Times ran a story about the disappearing honeybees.

AFKAT, thanks for the link link. Now I don't feel quite as dumb. Almost, but not quite.

Annie, it's a dog's world.
Just ask Sasha, my lab.

thanks Annie, I've been reading about this off and on since November. It's a worrisome issue. Not just here either, in Europe as well. Different issue there, I think, though.

That was interesting, Annie, and similar to what we have been seeing here. Ultimately, whatever the proximate cause is for the collapse of an individual colony, there is probably a more general cause for an increase in vulnerability for populations as a whole. Whipping out Occam's razor, the simplest answer is likely to be the most correct. Isolated populations and attempts to limit the spread of "Killer/Africanized" bees is probably reducing genetic variability. And leads to BOOGERs!!

mm...we're having the same problem here in Canada, the orchard and vineyard people are very worried.

Cereal that comes with a free prize! And it's not cheap plastic this time!

CJ - Can you translate? please. use. small. simple. words.

Are you saying - we isolated the colonies to protect them from the african bees, which inadvertantly led to the weakening immune system of the colony? But that still leaves the question of what plague is killing them off.

And more urgently, the "cure" to stop it before our agro system is devastated.

Do I have this right?

Med, I. Think. That. Is. It.

snopes.com on the einstein/bee connection...

and did anyone say "40% Bat Flakes" earlier?

Yes, insom...but it was in reference to a mother-in-law or sumpthin'.

Thank. you. blurk.

Not being a chemist type, I have difficulty with scientific gobbledy gook. I greatly admire those of you in the gallery with said expertise and ability.

Is it too early for a blogarita? All this death today!

Med, no need to include me in "expertise and ability". I count mostly on CJ, Annie, insom, etc. for the smarts.

I'm just here for them blogaritas. Would you kindly start pourin'?

Margarita for blurkie.
I spoke to Sasha, as you suggested. She says she wants more rawhide treats, and a nicer bed.


Annie, that fancy picture needs a frame...ya know, a place for the salt.

Sasha has rawhide treats layin' everywhere and she sleeps on my king-sized bed.
She's tellin' lies.

So Sasha's spoiled - big surprise (yawn). Queen Margarita is riding a pinto Andalusian. I've never seen one of those before. But to spare the blog any more horsey talk...

Whatever you do, don't buy any cereal promoting the Spiderman movie. Trust me, you do NOT want the surprise inside.

I have but one request from the Blog Gods. We must have a special Simpson's/24 blog tonight. Just the previews suggest we may see more of Chloe not to mention thigh shooting. I think this REALLY needs to happen after the crapfest that the real "24" has become. Back to the grind I go. Check in on ya'll later.

Annie - how was your date?

Anyone want a Reuben sandwich? I slow cooked the corned beef yesterday in beer with a head of garlic thrown in. Yummy!

Meditrina, that sounds delicious!

I'd love a Reuben sammich! Arby's is making them now and they're not awful. Not as good as at a real deli, but not awful.

IMO, it's terrible when pilots are killed in air shows. Seems so pointless, but I guess a lot of deaths are. Didn't a Blue Angel crash about a year ago?

Annie! You had a date and you didn't tell me???????
Spill, girlfriend....;)

Med - I don't eat beef, but even to me, that sounds delish.
Dr. Rick - not sure we can pull the Homer/24 blog together in time. The 'Hurricanes' only have 5 hours 'til showtime. We 'Quakes' here on the left coast have a bit more time to wrangle up a blogposse, but sadly we are most entertaining when the 'Canes are asleep.

Gee, thanks, Med, for letting this guy out of the bag and telling Mom El.

ANNIE!!!! You don't eat beef??!! I have to seriously reconsider our relationship. ;)

*goes off mumbling*
How in the world can you not eat beef...

Good Morning!
*pauses to catch up on what happened while I was snoozing surprisingly well, despite the bowling door-slamming hippopotami frolicking cavorting in the hallway. At least that is what they sound like from the comfort of bed and through earpugs*

Thanks for the backrub blurk- I slept like a baby, except for the waking up crying and messing up diapers parts. Are the folks in the slideshow on your link your team? Did the phone ever ring?

With respect to the honeybees- Wyo brough that up a few days ago, too. CJ- the genetic diversity is a great explanation, but why are they just flying away?

Psssst- Annie- I don't eat land animals.

And ugly fish.

Oh good Lord!! Another one!!

oops- quickly exchanges 'and ugly fish' for ' and the only fish that I eat are ugly.'

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