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May 19, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat)


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hmmmm...FIRST to remark that a Saturday nite posting is somewhat unusual, but welcomed nonetheless...

OK...being a hard-core hockey fan, I'm going to try for the hat trick

he shoots......he scoooooorrrrrresssss...

*taps the mike loudly*

Is anyone out there? I'm here all week....oh, and try the veal...

um, yay, AFKAT. You go, ya crazy Canuck.

Gotta love it - the first call is to the local health dept, NOT an attorney.

Well...surely a "five" would break the blog record...

Yes, it would. Now stop calling me 'Shirley.'


So there IS someone else alive out there...I was beginning to think that the "rapture" had arrived and somehow I'd missed the bus...

ok, you can quit hugging me now.

really...you're hurting my neck.

err..sorry....I was overcome with the emotion of the moment...well that's my story, and I'm sticking to it...

well being out here on the left coast, dinner is calling...nite

he's probably having battered shrimp.

there are a few others of us around who aren't doing anything else this Saturday evening.....Not that we'll admit it

It hurts to *SNORK*! battered shrimp....

Looking forward to eating my new breakfast cereal tomorrow morning -- Bats Nuts.

Exciting Saturday night in the suburbs. The kids are in the dryer, and the clothes are watching TV -- WAIT!

runrunrun---phew -- the kids are watching TV, and all is right with the world (as long as they don't turn on CNN).

bats nuts - that sounds like something Robin would say, "Bat nuts, Batman! Catwoman's getting the good parts!"

A Stoned dead bat? I've done that.
O/T....I am on the road and staying in a Hilton......wait, that didn't sound right....
anyway, does that mean I'm paying part of her fine/bail money?

bats nuts - that sounds like something Robin would say, "Bat nuts, Batman! Catwoman's getting the good parts!"

A bat, huh? I've had worse. Well actually, no I haven't, and I wouldn't much like to either.


*snork* @ PeterM

Evenin' people!! JUST got back from watching Shrek! AWESOMELY FUNNY!!!

Also, I guess it got a little windy tonight here in Miyami. My patio umbrella flew away...don't know where. With my luck, it's in the lake behind my house.

As far as the bat cereal goes..I'm just waiting for one of our very talented lyricists to come up with a parody to "Cats in the Cradle" - "Bats in the Cereal".

Grape Bats
Honey Bunches of Bats
Cracklin' Bat Bran
Crunch Batties
Raisin Bats
Batty Pebbles
Rice Batties

To heck with that... this is supposed to be our 'Hurricane Preparedness Week.' Is your kit together? Are you through slinging lawn furniture at the neighbors and wildlife?


Sioux - Shrek would love the bat cereal. Are you opening the blogbar tonight?

LOL Med, those are...um...GRRRRRRRREAT! Like Tony the Tiger would say.

Fruit Batties
Batty Puffs
Lucky Bats
Special K Bats
Frosted Bats

LOL CJ! I did NOT sling my umbrella into the neighbor's yard!

*jumps behind the bar*

Whatcha's drinkin' tonight??

"A 4 centimetre long, shrivelled-up English bat."

Isn't English food bat enough already?

Count Chocula already has bats in it...

Stevie, take on the challenge...I'll start!

Bats in the Cereal
So gimme a spoon
Little boy blew chunks all over the room
When ya gonna clean up this mess oh when?
We'll get together for breakfast again... we'll get
together again..

Count Batcula, mm?? LOL

*Mixes up a batch of Kamikazes & waits for the boozers bloglits to shuffle in*

Very good, sxi. I can't do any better than that. (But maybe change the line to "bat's in the ladle?") You go girl!!

Ahem! Sio, June 1st is coming (jealous?) and anything loose in your backyard is a threat to the neighbors. That includes Blogettes and daughters!

LOL actually, Stevie...I DID think of ladle. That does work better! Apologies to Cat *he who changed his name and blew it*. (one of my all time favs)

CJ, I'm not jealous...I'm GOING!! HA! The only thing loose around this house was me my umbrella.

Good to hear that Shrek 3 is good. I want to go see it. I think one of the reviewers said it wasn't that great, but honestly, I think a lot of the reviewers don't know what the rest of us are looking for in a movie anyway. Sometimes a reviewer will lover a movie, and just by reading the review, I can tell that I would never want to watch it.

Kristina, my girls and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire movie. So many clever parts that we immediately started remembering them the minute we walked out of the movie. I guess I'm just a kid at heart and I love a great and intelligent FUNNY animated film.

"As Kerstin Nilsson and Ingemar Hansson poured out a healthy bowl... 'We lost our apetites immediately. You've got to wonder how it got there.' "

I suggest they trade one of those extra "s"es in their names and get themselves a "p".

Very interesting. I heard a scathing review about the new 'Shrek'. Always interesting to get different perspectives....

Hey Ingemar, what's this bat doing in my cereal?

Shut up, Kirsten, and get your nude, sweaty body back here in the sauna.


KAMIKAZES!!!!! Pour me one, Sister!!!!

lol Stevie!

*pours a double Kamikaze for DD* drink up!

*slurps* Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... *smacks lips*

That was good, Siou. Set me up with another one.

This should not surprise anyone, really. After all, the Kellogg's headquarters is in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Hey dibble dibble
The bat’s in the kibble
Kerstin gagged over her spoon
Then Ingemar laughed to see such a sight--
That bowl upside his head changed his tune.

*cleans up kamikaze glasses and spillage; sets auto timer on blog coffeemaker*

Nighty-night, y'all! Sweet dreams!

All-Bran keeps you regular - by scaring the crap right out of you!

Could this be a new product Kellogg's is test-marketing: "Kellogg's Ozzy Flakes...?"

*hops behind the blogbar, fixes self a stiff Jim Beam and Coke*

Ooh. Can I have a stiff one, too, Wes? ;-)

(Plus a snork for Siouxie's song and Mr Death)

Oooh, ooh, share the Beam!! Spare the Coke tho...I like mine straight :-D

*strolls in whistiling a tune* Bartender, one shot of the premium whiskey please? Who knew a glorified pasture party could have been so fun.

Hey, Filly! How's you tonight?

*strolls in whistiling a tune* Bartender, one shot of the premium whiskey please? Who knew a glorified pasture party could have been so fun.

Ooooh! Nice simul there, Rick. I did ask for a stiff one, didn't I?


"...a stone-dead, dried-up bat."

And NO ONE has said "Crispy Critters" yet?

Must have been a rough week.

Hey, Diva...I'm alright, how 'bout yerself?

Aw, heck, Filly, here's the bottle. Now where did we put the Jack...?

Heeyyyy...whoa! Only here for two minutes and already a menage a trois?? WOWEE

Zowie!! I'm a little lightheaded here.... I think I need to sit down.

*sits, but jerks back upright*

Whoa! Didn't see you there, Agent! *blushes*

*bites Bot in neck, tosses back into basement* Ok, who left that thing on for the weekend? Anywhoo, Diva I think *stiff* is an appropriate description of me right now...as in like a corpse. Very tired.

concert going is people who happen to be off the next day. but it was a very intersting experience.

is "FOR" people...damnit!

What concert, Dearie?

And though I'm not into necrophilia, I rather like you stiff. :-)

Criminey - a second simul.....gonna...gonna.....pass....out.....

Day in the Pasture...errrrr....Country. Jo Dee Mesina and Tracy Byrd.

Oh, yeah - I remember now. I like Jo Dee. You don't. :)

BTW, Filly - things are good here today. Saw a friend's comedy group AND got a free T-shirt for being a frequent supporter. :)

Oh, yeah - I remember now. I like Jo Dee. You don't. :)

BTW, Filly - things are good here today. Saw a friend's comedy group AND got a free T-shirt for being a frequent supporter. :)

Dangit. I went ALL DAY without a solid botfocking. Poop.

well, she's a lot better in person. Still, one big field, 3,500 rednecks who have been drinking all day. All I can say is that there is comedy, High comedy, and the kind of funny that is equally disturbing/giggle fit inducing at the same time.

Heh. I love it. :) Did the kids enjoy it?

Cool, free stuff is my favorite kind of stuff! I wish I lived closer to the city...it gets REAL boring out here...

Paging Agent Rick to the IM Lounge.

(if you're awake enough to ch@t a few...)

yep. a lot more to the story but I'll email it to ya later today DD. Sleep time calls and I'm not up to fighting the bot tonight. Everyone have a good night and remember...don't drink and blog. *Winks into camera and disappaears in a cloud of smoke*

Well, Filly, if you're up for it, we'll just have to have a girls' night down here soon. :) We can leave the munchkin with my roomie (who is a professional childcare worker) and have a night on the town doing heaven only knows what! Email me and we'll hook it up. Med and I are doing lunch or something tomorrow. I'm so excited!!

*hollers into thin air*

Well, that takes all the fun out of it Rick!! Huh. Guess that means no IMing this evening. (And no, it's not THAT kind of IM anyway, you pervs.) ;-)

Hey, yeah, that sounds awesome!! We'll have to make sure it's around the first or the fifteenth of whatever month...that's military payday, ya know ;-)

...which is probably just as well, since my eyelids are collapsing on my cheeks as we speak. Filly, I hate to leave you alone out here, but the Gravity Well that is my bed directs its siren song at me.

Oh, good grief; I'm waxing poetic. I'm going to bed! Nightie night, Kids!

*locks the bloggoat into his pen*
*takes all the anatomically correct mannequins from the blogbar and pops them into the industrial dishwasher so they'll be clean for the morning*
*washes hands thoroughly*
*puts all the blogcereal into nifty clear glass canisters so we can see if we're being cheated out of raisins in the raisin bran, and also if there are any mortified rodentia in any of the boxes*
*kneels down to pray for the family of the Canadian Airman lost in yesterday's accident*

And God bless The Blog and Judi and all the blogguys and gals. Yes, even steak. Amen.


Yes, Filly! Anytime. :)

*trips over Annie's squeaky toy on the way out the door*

Whooo, ladies and gents (whomever may be left), it has been a long day...I hate ta blog and run, but it's lookin like tonight's an early night for me...good night, everyone...an' thanks for the good ol' Kentucky Beam :-D

Mornin' everybody.
Am I the only one awake at this ungodly hour?


Well, mm, let's yell rreeeeaaalll loud. Folks are sleepin' their lives away.

but since you're the only one that give you free access to the blog breakfast - coffee, pancakes eggs, sausage, AND bacon syrup AND strawberries.

Dig in.

mm, you are officially my new hero.
Just hold the bats please.

but since you're the only one that give you free access to the blog breakfast - coffee, pancakes eggs, sausage, AND bacon syrup AND strawberries.

Dig in.

jeez, I'm in bot hell over here, sorry. No cereal this morning. We'll just keep an eye on it from here. If it moves you can shoot it.


Sorry 'bout talkin' wif my mouf full.

I'm hungry.

s'ok, Bot hell means each post or refresh is interminable so take your time and eat. This post will probably reach you as 9:30 but was sent as 9:19

also I can't tell time yet it's only 8:20

Morinin' all!

Better night for me, but still didn't manage to get any sleep- patients can really be batty!
Couldn't make the 2 hour drive back to Atlanta so I'm blogging from my laptop in a hotel before I get some sleep.

blurk- hope your team is holding up.

That's all right, mm. Have some more coffee.

I'm stuck by the phone right now because of the plane crash on base Friday. Normally I'd be out chasin' cows right about now and I'm about to go CRAZY just sittin' here.
There's gotta be sumpthin' I could be doin'.

ddd!!!! Mornin'. My guys are doin' fine. They got off about 1/2 hour ago.

So for something to do- how about a backrub? I've got a headache.

ddd, so you got the psych patients? The keep us hopping.

blurk - does your team pick up the bits and pieces, or does Canada send a team, or the FAA?

*crickets chirping*

OK maybe not- maybe I'll just go to sleep.

g'night! I'll check in this afternoon. Maybe there will be more inappropriate mammals in inapproprate breakfast foods.

mm- We do get psych, but I just medically clear for referral to psych.

*texts ddd a backrub*

*pours 'bacon syrup' on my waffles*

Of course, most of the folks I see have co-morbid psych issues (most of them Axis II, IYKWIM). Active psychotics are kind fun, especially when they hallucinate or have fun delusions.

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