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May 19, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Two hundred FIRST!

Some things are worth waking up for.

*duct tapes fingers*
Sometimes it's better to remain silent...

Like THAT! How was it for you?

Sounds good, Med. I'll reciprocate later with some of my BBQ brisket. I make my own rub and sauce; I'd like to think you KC types would say my sauce compares favorably with Gates'.

(I made a point of learning a lot about BBQ during my time in MO. Time well spent. ;-)

ddd, I can attest. Some things are CERTAINLY worth waking up for. And a simul like that is one of them things.

Thanks for looking after the crash site Blurk. Fortunately I didn't know him but have known many of the Snowbirds over the years. A classmate of mine flew himself in to the ground about 10 years ago. At least its a fast way to go.

God bless all who serve.

Ah, Annie and DDD - Ya'll better start rethinking that beefy decision. Haven't you heard about the bee crisis?

OTOH - fish may be the only thing left after the agri-apocolypse.

*goes off to start packing for move to coastal area*

brisket? brisket??? yes, please, and with a knish and pickle thank you.

WriterD - I sent KC BBQ sauce to a friend in Canada. Funny, when I told the postal clerk what I was sending, she said there is so much sauce shipped out like that - back east especially.


Med -- what brand did you send?

(Confession: the summer before I perfected my own recipe, I called Gates' and had them ship a case of six regular and six extra hot to me here in CO. A 50/50 mix of the two became the "model" for what I make these days.)

I'd like some brisket too, please. :)

reuben sandwiches and bbq? yes, please...

Just catching up on the weekend posts. Very terrible about the crash -- thanks for the tissue warning. It seems there are too many crashes at air shows, or maybe there are a ton of air shows and we only hear about the crashes? I've only been to one, years ago in Portsmouth NH. Blue Angels and it was awesome. Flyovers on Memorial Day in Bourne on Cape Cod always made me cry. God bless our service men and women. *blow, sniffle*

It must be 5:00 somewhere. Who's pouring? I've only got vodka and cranberry juice but the packies are open on Sunday here in MA. Any requests?

Don't be alarmed, blurk. My reading is that when annie told med she didn't eat beef, she was answering the question about how her date went.

*ducks, runs, covers, eats, shoots and leaves*

"[T]he only fish that I eat are ugly."

Come on, ddd. Beauty is in the eye of the noseholder.

queensbee, fair warning -- this definitely ain't the brisket you get in NY. Ever had authentic KC BBQ? We could probably scare up a pickle, but having never set foot any further east than a St. Louis riverboat, I wouldn't know a knish from a knockwurst. ;-)

El, step right up. Don't miss Lester/Mrs. WriterDude's homemade cole slaw.

Writer - I sent a mixture of local flavors: Gates, Arthur Bryants, Fiorellas, Zarda, Haywards. You can buy them bottled in the local market. Might be a good idea to start a shipping biz there.

Oh, and just to throw in my 2 cents plain...

Mmmmmm, brisket. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, a good Reuben.

ubetcha -- shot of Jim Beam Black, please. That's one of my sauce's secret ingredients.

Wow, a BBQ simul with a KC food pro! My mouth is now watering, Med...

Jim Beam it is. Can I get the BBQ recipe?

"*goes off to start packing for move to coastal area*"

Ackkk, don't do it Meditrina...according to the Goreacle, you'll soon be under 20 feet of water...run for the hills...

stevie - you're just lucky i sliced up my typin' hand in the garden this pm, or i'd zing ya w/in an inch o' yer life for that comment @ 4:37.

I hate veggies - that's why I attack them and eat them.

(no beef goes back to sitting down to veal and noticing my pet steer Wilbur was gone. plus my mom was a lousy cook. )

Awww Annie, that's a terrible story...

But maybe there's another explanation. Perhaps Wilbur went to the same farm that my parents said they took my pet dog Rusty (*snif*)to after I came home from school and noticed he was missing...

Thanks for the shot, ubetcha. Hmm, you people are probably the only group with whom I'd share the recipes for my rub and sauce. I could get all sanctimonious about how much work it was and all, but that's not my style.

However, I think they're a bit too complicated -- and all too quickly lost! -- to post here. How about if I put 'em up on my blog in the next day or two?

This is my year for living dangerously. You have put down the sharp-edged garden tool, haven't you, annie? ;)

AFKAT - guess I shoulda known better after my dad marked all the beef cuts in dotted lines on Wilbur's black fur.

It was a plant, a papyrus. I was ripping it out by the roots when it shredded my fingers. I told you I hate veggies.

Snork (accompanied by sympathy) at Annie

LTTG again. I did miss a load of fun this afternoon.

I do give REALLY great backrubs, though.

Annie, I hate paper cuts, too.

I think maybe ubetcha wandered away for now, but how about the rest of you? If I put up my recipes for BBQ rub and sauce (need the first to make the second), will you give them endless fawning praise a try?

So...where's the beef??

*refuses to answer*

um...disregard that impostor bee up there...

*should remember to change my dang name*

WD, I would LOVE to try it but I'm not the greatest in the culinary arts and the only rubs I like are back rubs ;-)

Anyone feel free to cook it for me and I'll taste! Sounds yummylicious too!

Me, I love BBQ. Gates is the awesomest! Dude, I'll take that recipe!!

Yeah, WD, whut Siouxie said. I don't do kitchen either.

and zip it, blurkie. ;)

Annie, you and I rely on our wit and beauty...who needs to cook right??

*hair flip*

Okay, folks -- I'll be back to let you know when they're up!

Oh, and blurk? I soooo eat beef. A good Kansas City steak is one of the bestest things on the planet.

^5 & a hairflip back atcha, Siouxie.
WD - give me the microwave version and maybe I can get my kids to cook it.

I eat beef (not all the time though as I prefer the bird & ugly sea creatures) Butt...I just had myself a teriyaki steak & onion sub w/cheese. TO DIE FOR!

I didn't spend 10 million years clawing my way to the top of the food chain to eat grass.


ArticAl - please don't say that when blurk's around. We just got him to put it away.

The native Canadian word for vegetarian is "Bad Hunter".

tosses a 'c' up toward my Canuckian post.

It's ok Annie...we used duct tape this time. It'll stay put.

Annie - tell me again - WHY did we want blurk to put it away?

Annie -- microwave? This is no place for heresy, my dear.

...sure hope blurk waxed first.

I didn't know that Blurk's beef scared you Annie. He does seem to have a close relationship though with creatures of the bovine variety.

The native Canadian word for vegetarian is "Bad Hunter".
Posted by: ArcticAl | 06:32 PM on May 20, 2007

Here in the States, we're called "Dances with Low Blood Pressure."

Sorry, WD - I forgot that guys aren't allowed to cook in the house.

This guy is, Annie. But only breakfast. Lester/Mrs. WD is in charge of the Italian family recipes. Ask Crossgirl about the family meat sauce.

Thankfully, my blood pressure is grand. Please pass the A-1!

(OK, not really. A good steak should NEVER be sauced with such a thing.)

Well, being an unattached male-type person in wintry climes, I'll just note that if I didn't cook indoors I'd either starve or die of pnuemon pneumonn a cold. And I'm eagerly awaiting WD's recipe...

Diva, your comment about A1 further cements your worthiness of my recipes. Although you had me at "Gates". ;-)

Okay folks, the two recipes -- rub and sauce -- are up on my blog. WordPress' alleged WYSIWYG interface garbled up my paragraph formatting toward the end of the post, so sorry about that. Click on my name below, and you're looking for what is now the top most post, titled "Limited Time Offer".

Being an attached male-type person in wintry climes, I BBQ 12 months of the year. Just put the BBQ by your side door and pop out to turn the meat over.

Years ago I was at a cocktail party for people in our general neighbourhood. I was speaking to a woman and explaining where I lived. She said "Are you anywhere near that weirdo that is out bbqing in the middle of January with his Christmas lights on?" I had to confess that I was the "weirdo". Funnily she had to go home and check on her kids shortly afterwards. I almost snorked in her face.

ArcticAl, that's hilarious. I also grill in winter, but because authentic BBQ is all about smoke, indirect heat and low-and-slow temperature maintenance, I save that for nicer weather. But steaks, burgers and sausages are a year-round deal on my grill.

Thanks, WD; drooling already. I'm leaving for a conference tomorrow, then a week of vegetating in Cabo, but I'm looking forward to trying it when home again.

ArcticAl, I think your climes are rather more wintry than mine (Virginia). *snork* and salute!

*sneaks past the men and their grills*

Rich, in case you missed it, I am gonna yank the post if a bunch of food sites start linking to it, so make sure you print it out just in case. And you are more than welcome.

Back, LTTG. I missed brisket!!

OK, the bee things. I tried to post briefly, but you got most of the jist. Where I blew it was using 'proximate.' Scientists are accustomed to getting someone's attention by contrasting proximal and distal; near and far.

It will be a typical adventure for much ado to be made about proximal (or near) causes, such as fungi, pesticides, and bacteria. E.g.: "What killed that guy?" "He was his by a bus." "Why did he walk in front of the bus?" "He was drunk off his @ss." There is a tendency for groups to study human-bus physics when the underlying issue is martinis.

I don't doubt that interesting 'near' causes will be identified, but suspect there is a bigger picture, so Occam's razor cuts towards the simplest explanation. Flip the telescope the other way around and look through the other lens. What makes a living thing viable and robust? The answer should be genetic variation. A being is not robust because it is fully capable of implementing Plan A very well, forever. It would be described as robust if it also had a solid Plan B. And Plan C, for that matter. In-bred beings (and royalty, and probably celebrities) are the opposite of robust, though they may have a fine Plan A.

In the meantime, I believe I now have the base for a partnership in a Nature Tour business. I have been in meetings most of the time since Friday and have a core group of investors and the skeleton of a business plan. I am a very excited bloglet, looking at this light at the end of the tunnel and hoping it's not a train! Hopefully I'm better at relating my thoughts on crabs and fishes than I am with bees!

CJ!! i'm so excited for you! any touring here in "Glades" area?? Kinda like "Nature Girl" but without the killing ;-)

Writer Dude, yes, I went away. But I went to your site and downloaded what looks like the best rub/sauce in the world! Question - not being a beer drinker, can I use Guinness in the sauce recipe? If I have to drink beer, it has to be Guinness because, well, it just does. Will that be too dark/gross? If not Guinness, then what would you recommend?

God bless you for sharing. You are the MAN! I can't wait to try this.

Blogging The Simpsons on the Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin thread now....

Not that I hadn't bloviated enough on the topic, but I wanted to add: The article Annie linked contained what to me was an important point. One of the investigators preferred the term 'Colony Collapse Syndrome' over the more common 'Colony Collapse Disorder.' Naturally, since he and I seem to agree, I think he's brilliant. A syndrome is a set of multiple, apparently unrelated symptoms (bacteria, pesticides, fungi), with no apparent common link. Lupus used to be considered a syndrome, as the symptoms made no sense. It was mostly thought to be a urological problem, back in the 80s when I was doing research help. It is now known to be an auto-immune disease, not a urology problem. Looked at in that light, the multiple sets of symptoms from the sufferers now make sense! The Lupus patients are vulnerable, but have different things attacking the vulnerability.

No worries, WriterDude. Snarfed a local copy as a matter of course.

I will shortly be having the kitchen ripped out and redone, so the grill will be getting a good bit of use out of necessity anyway.

ubetcha -- CYE for my (almost) answer. I'm asking you to ask that question over at my place, basically. Couple of different reasons.

Rich, good luck to you on the kitchen. Come the time to tackle that one here at The House of Perpetual Remodel, I'm going to have an unfair advantage. The basement that is now our home theater, bar, game room, guest room and second bath was once a separate apartment -- and we left its kitchenette in place.

Sio, this is gonna be a Tampa Bay adventure. That's actually the reason I'm doing it, as there is this vast place full of people and none of them have ever been in the Bay. People dip in and out to cool off, but it's murky and scary for swimming (even me, a little bit). So meet up with New College gal and visit up here for a day; we'll give you the Blog rate!

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