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May 31, 2007




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My thoughts exactly.

Dave's taking the rock lifestyle a little too seriously.

Best critique of the Bush Adminstration yet!


Reads like the beginning of a new book. Could you tell us again: do you have any books for sale?

i have to agree with that statement with the exception of ??(+?ꍻ(?@??+. there we have a difference of opinion.

I'm offended!

We see your billion and raise you five.

you left out a comma, mr. language person!

you left out a comma, mr. language person!

I am really impressed by your judicious use of "Ɵ" in your sarcastic observation. Eloquent, I tell you, ELOQUENT!!!

Judi's advise is starting to show.

This is what goes through Keith's head, too.

I will NOT have any of that profanity aimed at me!

I blame the media.

I blame global warming.

According to my sources, this is what Sir Blog meant to say:


Now, who can't agree with that?

i don't see anything wrong with the post, but the link doesn't work.

This would make a great name for a rock band.

I completely disagree, Rusty, and here's why:


I think "b��j{m�I��Z�Ɵ�v�v��(+��M{(�@��+Z�'k��8b��m�ʋ����jɮ�" means "whatever" in some language that has yet to be discovered.

Dave, can I quote you on that?

I believe this translates as "All your base are belong to us".

LOL, ken!

Or perhaps "Go stick your head in a pig."


thanks for clearing that up Mr. Gates.

I think Dave just let us know who won the tickets to the RBR concert.

I blame the French.

...now I can program my VCR

"We have Dave trapped in the Toilet of Death."

Am I allowed to say I get all hot and bothered when Dave talks like this?

Excuse me, please. I have to go lie down now. If you know what I mean.

uh huh, Dave..yeah..and?

(btw, THIS has been blogged before...someone's gonna be fired!!)

Hey, Siouxie, you have a good time tomorrow, eh? You and all the other lucky blogits.

Me, I'm feeling better, tomorrow is my parents' Golden Anniversary and I have a Black Butte Porter to drink right now. Doesn't get much better than this.

Other than going to see RBR tomorrow, that is.

The blog went to plaid!

*zippity shoe zip*

Scott, thanks!! I'm glad you feel better and Happy Anniversary to your folks!!!

Your (not you're) FOS, Dave. Al Gore and Michael Moore debunked that a long time ago.

Hey, Siouxie! You lucky, lucky girl, you!!

Layzee - can you email me, please, at the address below?

Looks like Sophie is taking touch-typing in school! Either that, or the LA Times has just reviewed Dave's latest book.

If you read it backwards, it's the chords to "Paperback Writer."

And apparently goodreader needed to clarify the meaning....

If you are trying to get a message out to us, Dave, just type "j{m" for yes or "M{�" for no.

Yay! A new spammer to brighten the dreary existence of this blog. Address-harvesting bots, please note that the spamvertised web site says:

"If you have a suggestion or even a complaint, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]"
That's [email protected] or [email protected]. Go nuts!

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