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May 29, 2007


The muffleheads are back.

This has been your Sandusky Update.


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I saw a swarm of muffleheads in the bar last weekend. 20-somethings who think they know it all. Annoying as heck.

trade you lovebugs for muffleheads.


Didn't read the article. What's a mufflehead?

shoesmonger has muffleheads. allegedly.

snork@casey (really did lol)

On a serious note, building bat houses and having lots of bird feeders on your property works wonders with all sorts of flying insects. The birds eat them all day and the bats, all night.

casey, mufflehead sounds kinda kinky...then again it may just be me.

crossgirl: I'm with you.

Drove home from Tampa yesterday afternoon (SR60 and the Turnpike) and there was a layer of dead lovebugs about half inch thick on the front of my car. I could barely see out the windshield. Never saw such thick swarms of 'em.

For you non-Floridians: Lovebugs are insects that fly in swarms of mated pairs. If there's such a thing as one lovebug, I've never seen it.

Howard, we drove to and from St. Augustine and we had to wash the car immediately each way. It was worse than I remember.

*splat* *splat* *splat*

Siouxie, I did the same when I got home yesterday. Five hours of driving and then having to do cleanup...I'm beat. Also I was in violation of water-use restrictions, but the alternative was to let the car dissolve under a layer of acidic insect carcasses.

Acidic Insect Carcasses wbagnfarb.

Poor little lovebugs. They finally find their soulmate and then *splat*. But what a way to go!

Val, better to have loved and splattered...than to not have loved at all - I always say.

Howard, I did the driving back and my friend (who owned the car) did the cleaning. I was exhausted.

Last Summer, I drove from Maryland to Key West last Summer in a white rental car. The lovebugs were extremely plentiful and allowed me to bring a souvenir of my trip back for the AVIS people.

*Waves Hammie!!*

uh..was it last summer?? ;-P

*Waves @ Hammie!!*

uh..was it last summer?? ;-P

chironomides. There, fixed that for them. P.S., they are also known as midges.

P.P.S. Love bugs were brought into FL to study their ability to help 'control' mosquitoes. They escaped from the lab. D'oh!

dang stooopid bot

Yes it was, yes it was.
*Must remember cut and paste*

Waves @ Siouxie!!!! Welcome back!

Thanks, Hammie!!

Sioux, you know what's the last thing to go through a bug's mind as it hits your windshield, right?


LOL blurk...mornin'

Mornin', Sioux.

And love bugs...I think we had to watch a training film on that one time.

I heard enicillin will usually take care of most love bugs.

apparently the love bugs stole my P

Not the same type of bug, blurk. Casey's right. a little shot and you're good to go.

**SNORK** @ blurk's training film. Hope you paid attention!!

In Iowa we called them fuzzheads and they were a little larger than mosquitoes. They are completely harmless - they don't even have mouth parts - and only live for a day to mate and lay eggs and be eaten (preferably in that order). Watching barn swallows, bats, and purple martins swoop through the clouds of the bugs, eating them, was fun. We were rooting for the bats and birds to eat the mosquitoes first and save the fuzzheads for dessert.

Muffleheads.... So that's what they're called. Swarms of anything bother me....I don't care what you call them...

Here on the North Coast of O-hi-uh, we refer to them by their scientific name: Lake Flies.

Either that, or Canadian Soldiers.

In Erie,Pa., we called them Canadian Sailors.

I'm in Sandusky. We have Canadian Soldiers, too. They will be here in a couple of weeks and are different bugs. Much bigger and scarier looking, but also harmless.

I had Muffleheads once, they were very painful. The Dr. gave me some cream and they cleared right up!

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