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May 25, 2007


Reggie is in custody.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Although some menaces are still at large.


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Maybe Reggie and her can bunk together. He could use a new wallet.

"He looks like Reggie to me," she said.

and how many alligators do you know personally in the LA area?

For a photo of the menace (second photo)....

Why does the alligator story remind me of OJ?

I'm surprised that Bible didn't spontaneously combust.

Vic - LA is crock-full.

Why was Reggie on land? She was guarding her eggs. Bwahaha!

I sure hope Paris bought the picture book. She's only in there 23 days or so.

Reggie is in custody, got it. Any word on whether Archie and Jughead will bail him out?

Oh. Never mind.

If Reggie converts, will the authorities go easy on HIM, too?

What if they put Reggie and Paris in the same cell. THAT would be justice, no?

*Hi fives to Annie:)*

Reggie gets life imprisonment. DUI diva gets 23 days. Not fair.

Siouxie- That would be cruel and unusual punishment for Reggie - his attorney will have a field day!

Woo-hoo, Vic!

i fully expected to see the giant rapping squirrel in the "some menaces" link.

Yeah, give Reggie a break. She lived with a cop. That's punishment enough.

Vic...I'm just hoping Reggie gets hungry for some skank skunk junk food.

mud - like in "Menace 2 Socie-tree."

Wouldn’t that would be called a crock of sh^%*?

*sternly admonishes*

ANNIE!! Don't you dare say that! >:(

blurkie - she didn't mean that, honest. Personally, I loves me a man with a badge and a gun. An' them cowboy boots an' spurs, too. Oh, an' that there BIIIIG ol' buckle. Yep. Cops are dandy fine in my book!

the comment that her publicist arranged that photo was right on the money, but there were a couple of details he missed:
she should have worn undies,
when I'm reading a book, generally there's a bookmark in it,
I usually carry my books facing me, not facing the photographer. This looks like they're just accessories.


*cough* kiss@ss *cough*

LOL Vic...quite true!

She would have worn undies, but she visited Colorado recently............

LA gator solution:
1.call a meeting to figure it out
2.notice gator listening in
c.invite gator to zoo
4.have press cover event to increase attendance at zoo = $$$

Florida gator solution:
1.invite tourists
2.build jogging paths near gator hangouts
c.invite more tourists down to view remains of first tourists
4.introduce anacondas and monster rats to generate more tourists to feed hungry gators

mm - cut her some slack. If she doesn't even know how to put on a bra, what makes you think she knows what end of the book is up?

Somebody get her some books on tape....DUCT tape.

LOL Annie

mm, btw...I wished you a Happy Bday on another thread!!

Washington DC solution: offer gator amnesty/citizenship/lifetime Visa

AND Vic...don't forget a Florida Driver's License.

TYVM Sioux, We Geminis have to stick together...

of course, Siouxie...NTTAWRT

NTTAW with your spelling, Vic. ;)



Oops, Vic did it again....

"... managed to disappear for 18 months until it recently resurfaced."

Wow! I didn't know an alligator could hold her breath that long.

snork @ CJ!

Happy Birthday!

I'm a gemini, too.

Ooh! A spammer double-post!

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