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May 29, 2007



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My FIRST trifecta. Maybe it's not so bad being the early worm. But I'd still rather be sleeping. :)


Is this thing on?

Can you hear me now?

sorry med, i couldn't respond, i was relieving myself in public.

haven't these people ever heard of Depends?

Honestly, crossgirl......... How many squares did you use? Cause Sheryl Crow is Counting. Ha!

Daily Times tried to speak to men who had just attended nature’s call in open but they all ran away.

Now that's good reporting!

Daily Times tried to contact CDA Sanitation Director Mustafain Kazmi but he was not available in his office.

obviously he was outside taking a leak.

guess wearing sandals in islamabad is a dangerous idea. ewww. watch where you.... yuck.

people who urinate in open were not even bothered by the presence of women around

So women ain't "people"? Oh, wait. This is Islamabad.

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. I'm back from St. Augustine and now looking forward to THIS weekend where the highlight of my day will be to FINALLY meet Jeff ;-P

Welcome home, Sioux. We missed ya!

Welcome home, Sioux. We missed ya!

We missed you so much, I had to say it twice.

"Sir, I must insist you stop that at once."

"But, I thought public urination was acceptable in Islamabad?"

"Yes. Yes. But you must leave the bus first."

"Oh. Sorry."

Thanks, Med! missed you guys too. Although it was kinda nice not having a computer around.

/I come back, and this is the post I have to comment on?! No Respect!

Yay, Siouxie.

The highlight of my week: Siouxie, Stephen King & Dave on Friday.

Can't wait.

The problem is too few public heads, she said to me
The answer is easy, view it biologically
Id like to help you in your struggle to go pee
There must be fifty ways to void your bladder

Just hop off the bus, gus
Don't let your feet touch much
Watch out for the pee, lee
And step gingerly

Islamabad streets are now toilets
they invite all and sundry to soil it
you can't 'spend a rupee'?
who cares! just get poop-y
Before you pick something up, better boil it!

this story is funny and yet not funny.

SW: that was funny.

i'm going back to work now.

she said it's really not my habit to be crude
for the more i hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued
so i repeat my self,at the risk of being lude,
there must be 50 ways to relieve your bladder

LOL good ones, Stevie and insom!!

Jeff, oh yeah...I forgot Dave & Stephen King ;-)

Don't step in the crud, mud. Thanks.

"It's disgusting, but who cares?"

Sounds like my love life..... sigh.....

When you're all loose, and like your stomach feels goosy
You can always go

When your gut's nervous, put the sidewalk in service
Just drop trow and go

Just look at all the pooping from the crapping in the city,
Skid along the sidewalk where the concrete's wet and sh*tty
Why should you wait?
The public won't give you grief
You can unload all your troubles, and get your relief, just go
Downtown -- things will be great when you're
Downtown -- just go and defecate
Downtown -- you're gonna be alright now

Anybody else notice the irony of this article, juxtaposed as it was on the same page with an electronic advertisement for "Muslim Showers...?"

The public toilets are too nasty to use, so now they're working on making all public places like that? NICE.

Oh yeah... and good morning

LOL very good Petula Stevie!

Ty, sxi. Just remember: "I Know A Place...where we can go."

Mornin' Prof!

Wes - Missed that. But I thought it was ironic that the neighbors' "tree trimming" guy came over and asked permission to go into my backyard.

Then asked me to pick up the retriever poop for him in MY BACKYARD! He's lucky I didn't squirrel grip his gladstone smalls. What nerve.

Mornin' Siouxie... how ya doing today?

Everyone seems to be hungover relaxed from the long weekend...still.

Oh and Med?? I don't think Cheryl "One Square" Crow is counting squares anymore. She's trying to figure out how to wipe her baby's butt with just one "wipey". Good luck to her!

ROFL, Sioux. You are so right. Maybe now she can get a grip on the reality of how insignificant TP is.

I'm good here, Prof and yerself?? Still a bit tired from the driving back.

Same here... stayed up a little too late again last night.

I know this is obnoxious, but since you're on the subject, I'll post this song again (for those of you lucky enough to have missed it the first time.)

*SNORK* Stevie - even the second time around ...it's funny as hell!

You're gonna have to release "The Best of Stevie...no, not Wonder" cd!

I tried that once but I couldn't afford the nuisance tax.

**RRRROLLING snorks** at our marvy balladeers!!!

Betsy - Got it in one. *sigh*

I have often walked down your street before
But the pavement never stunk beneath my feet before
All at once I see
Pools of poo and pee
Now that you've moved to Islamabad
There are lilac trees back in London town
But they wouldn't help in this godawful run-down town
Here effluence pours out of every door
Now that you've moved to Islamabad
And OH! the cowering feeling
That somehow I've landed in hell
The overpowering feeling
That this cloud I'm in has such an awful smell
People stop and pee
And it bothers me
I'm afraid I must berate your travel agency
Though our love's not dead
Could we text instead?
Since your new street's in Islamabad...

Islamabad? Well, it's a little tougher than camel, but I wouldn't say, "bad."

Well, the Times says they have your right to know covered... I really didn't have a right - or left, for that matter- to know that.

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, brainy, baaaaaaaaaaaad.

My son is in Afghanistan. He told me that one of the hardest things for him to get used to is people (man, woman and child) relieving themselves wherever they happen to be when nature calls.

Mybe this is what they mean when they call Islam a religion of pee..ce.

Bless your son, pete and Godspeed!

1. *SNORKS* at all the songs!

2. Yes, pete, thank you to your son!

3. There is no #3.

4. Siouxie, maybe He did, but not in the street.

5. I am going to Hell.

Verrry nice, betsy.

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