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May 29, 2007


...a nation unafraid to tackle the issues.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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If I were a Teletubbies actor, I'd be darned nervous about the methods they plan to use to "probe" the question.

I refuse to be involved in probing gay Teletubbies.

Why does carrying a purse imply that you are gay, when everyone knows that just by naming your hideous misshapen abomination with a TV in his stomach kid Tinky Winky you are telling the world that he's gay.

Good LORD! I thought this issue died with Falwell.

And *SNORK* @ CH.

Wow...looks like there's life after death for Falwell after all...


Maybe he's just carrying a lady purse for his lady? Or he's totally gay. They most certainly need to get that show off the air, because that will most certainly halt the spread of gayness in Poland.

Play Babs Streisand or Cher and see who dances. Oh, and she who decorates their playroom.

Teletubbies are not gay but the show IS incomprehensibly stupid. Of course Babs Streisand and Cher are also but they are not gay.

This is part of the natural process. It took the U.S. over 225 years to get to the "Teletubbies" question after our revolution. Poland has done it in 20. This is great progress. Sadly, their next test will be the Paris(ite) Hilton issues.

There's a true story of a guy (straight, NTTAWWT) who was holding his fiance's purse while she went into the ladies room. While holding the purse, he helped a blind friend into the men's room. Several young men called him several gay epithets just before they shot him dead. Gay bashing hurts everyone.

The Tele Tubbies, inane though they are, are gender-less. They don't have any sexual orientation or gender because they are aimed at two year olds!

Here are the lyrics to John McCutcheon's Talking Tinky-Winky Blues. They're pretty funny.

Stupid Polish people. How could they not know he's a boy? Are they blind?

from an interview with the creator of the teletubbies (lifted from thier website):

Q: What has influenced the making of Teletubbies? Was it 'The Clangers'?

We definitely share a devotion to 'The Clangers', but it was one of many diverse influences from 'Andy Pandy' to 'Benny Hill', as well as what we had learned from programme-making in the past.

so, if they modeled thier show after 'Benny Hill'? where's the ramparts?

also - what's a 'clanger' (i don't really want to know)

btw, i think tinky-winky also wears a skirt sometimes, and his catch phrase is "pinkle-winkle, tinky-winky" (knowing nod) and the so-called department of homeland security does nothing.

Of course, Siouxie... NTTATWWT (except of course the name Tinky Winky, oh, and the whole premise for the show in the first place, oh and the parents that allow their kids to be inundated with the inanity and insanity of a show with characters with TVs in their stomachs...).

So, restating... There is everything wrong with that (TIETWWT), except of course the whole gay issue.

Get it? Got it? Good! ;)

Ever notice that everyone is always busting on Tinky Winky, but nobody ever mentions what Dipsy (the green one) has on his head?

Ask any child who is into this stuff, and they will tell you that Lala and Po are, in fact, girls, and Tinky Winky and Dipsy are, in fact, boys. The age group at which this show is targeted may not understand sexual roles at their age, but they do identify with gender. My three-year-old daughter and I were just having a conversation about just this thing (my three-year-old is wise beyond her years). She was telling me that Wal*Mart, Lowe's and The Home Depot are all girl stores, while Target is a boy store. So yes, children of this age do understand and identify with gender.

Now, let's take a look at Tinky Winky, shall we? First, he delights in wearing dresses and tutus. He carries a handbag (not a man-purse), and he has a very feminine sounding method of speaking. Then you have Dipsy, who ran away at the very thought of having to wear the tutu.

Okay, I'm going to admit, I know far too much about this stuff than I should. But that's because I have four children, and we made the mistake of buying a Teletubbies video when my oldest son was two-years-old. All of my kids have watched this video. Over and over. And over. And over again. I would not be heartbroken if that tape suddenly and without warning spontaneously combusted while still in the VCR.

Of course, Siouxie... NTTATWWT (except of course the name Tinky Winky, oh, and the whole premise for the show in the first place, oh and the parents that allow their kids to be inundated with the inanity and insanity of a show with characters with TVs in their stomachs...).

So, restating... There is everything wrong with that (TIETWWT), except of course the whole gay issue.

Get it? Got it? Good! ;)

Dagnabit... botfocked again

Dagnabit... botfocked again

***and it should have been TIEWWT. Added one too many Ts***

It sounds like the "children's rights watchdog" and the Parliamentary Speaker are Poles apart.

I think the [i]entire[/i] problem is that there is such a thing as [i]a TV show aimed at 2-year-olds!!![/i]. Eliminate that, and poof! No more problem!

I think the entire problem is that there is such a thing as a TV show aimed at 2-year-olds!!!. Eliminate that, and poof! No more problem!

OMG!!! How timely.

LMAO Scott!! too funny!!

I'm with Dipsy, Shadeboy. There is no way you could get me in a tutu.

You remembered Poland!


Mud - The Clangers lived underground on a small moon. They ate soup from the Soup Dragon and communicated in strange swooping sounds made by talking into swannee whistles. In a recent TV prog here in England, one of the actors recalled that the whistles completely removed the sense of the words while still sounding like a bizarre form of communication. So the actors started using streams of profanities and nobody ever noticed.

when are the teletubbies going to get satellite dishes on their heads, anyway?

The whole "gay Teletubby" controversy never made any sense to me. I mean, how can you tell which one of them is straight?

Can't they just come out of the toy chest and be done with it? We need to move onto newer issues like Lindsay Low Hand hiding out in rehab.

In Related News, Polish Minister of Naughty Books Mieczycszlav Bzrzezivznzski (pronounced "Mike Brady") announced today that he would be chairing a Blue Ribbon commission to investigate potentially gay-sounding characters in the classics of Western Literature, starting with the works of Charles Dickens.

"Nearly every character this man created was gay," Mr. Bzrzezivznzski -- whose name is worth sixty trillion points in SCRABBLE -- said on Tuesday. "It's scandalous!"

Among the Dickensian characters on Mr. Bzrzezivznzski's list are Wackford Squeers, Canon Crisparkle, John Peerybingle, Seth Pecksniff, Nathaniel Winkle and Prince Turveydrop, though he has not ruled out citing Oliver Twist and Martin Chuzzlewit as potentially offensive characters.

Polish officials close to the investigation suspect Melville's classic Moby Dick to be close behind.

So to speak.

Lord, how could I have possibly forgotten the Jewel in that joke's Crown, the immortal and not at all made up DICK SWIVELLER, from Dickens's The Old Curiosity Shop. Man I really blew that one.

So to speak.

ROFL @ SCOTT and Wender!!!

And PS - I have a friend who's name is John Peery, but without the bingle. *SNORK*

*zips in*™

I love The Teletubbies. I think they're adorable, especially when Po says "uh-oh".

And I'm not ashamed to admit it.


How many Polacks does it take to change a channel?

Uh-oh... a spammer without shoes.

What the hell is "homo-agitation"? A chartreuse Maytag? George Michaels with a bazooka?

Would the spammer let us know the secret to getting pass the bot?

Schadeboy...from earlier...you would so be upset if it spontaniously combusted in the vcr. Think of the smoke in your house. Not to mention the damage to the vcr.

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