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May 26, 2007



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Where is everybody this morning?

Anyway, Nebraska Mom does earn a prize for carpooler of the week. WHat a dummy.

New plot twist in another episode of Girls Gone Wild - Mom comes along to supervise. Good God. What are people thinking?

When did I turn into the person who says "Those darn kids with their pranks!" instead of the one who used to say, "Hey. I've got an extra case of toilet paper in the car if you need it."

kids today...geesh, back when i was a girl, we had to walk, that's right walk! to our victim's home, carrying all our t.p. and confetti ourselves, in the snow! uphill both ways!! kids today, hrmph.

Chumbucket! Arrrrr! How be the Wench and young'uns?

"Mom, you keep the engine running, and whistle if you see anyone coming!"

*snif* Family support is so important.


Everyone always says you should supervise your children's activities and now mom's in trouble for doing that - sheesh!

It's not like Mom gave'em the keys to the car and sent'em on their way! (Seriously, tho, not a fan of pranks, sheerly due to the annoyance factor.)

OK - The TPing - fine. I don't mind that. I'd even drive my own kids, probably, for a one-time event. It's NOT a big deal unless the intended victims are some kinds of pariah in other ways. If it's a good-natured gag, GREAT!!

OTOH...the entire business of "breakfasting" the house with syrup and eggs (where was the bacon?) is just purely vandalism and a message on the driveway is nasty. Bad mommy. BAD!

I agree, DeskD. They went one step too far.

Family's great, thank's for asking ballgurl. My wife (Mad Sally) graduates from Oregon State University next month!!!! Pardon my mentoning it, but I couldn't be prouder!!! It's cooler than Talk Like a Pirate Day being an answer on Jeopardy! last night!

Congratulations, Chum!! (On both items, I might add!!!) Thought about you when I went to PIRATES AT MIDNIGHT the other night. :-)

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