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May 25, 2007


City of Love

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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i'm afraid that once this gets around, their identities will be known by everyone, everywhere. talk about your 15 minutes in the spotlight, well, in this case approx. 5 minutes.


OK, well, Mr. Big he ain't.

OK, well, Mr. Big he ain't.

As a public service, here's your link... Of course, NSFW, Extra Strength.

*snork* @ CH's "Extra Strength."

Am I here now??? what is UP with typepoop today??? it's worse than ever.

The Windmill International, an upmarket table top dancing club in Great Windmill Street, denied their staff were involved.

1.'Upmarket table top dancing club' is a contradiction in terms.
2.'denied their staff were involved'. Well it's certainly somebody's staff that's involved.
C. There is no 3.

Is it just my impression, or is Siouxie becoming the new "Claire Martin"?

Is it just my impression, or is Siouxie becoming the new "Claire Martin"?

Is it just my impression, or is Siouxie becoming the new "Claire Martin"?

*SNORK* @ fivver's item#2

...third impressions can be misleading...

AFKAT, there is only one Claire Martin, and I will ignore that third posting, because we all know, there is no number 3.

I don't know AFKAT...why do you ask? ;-)

i hope at least a bird pooped on 'em.

new terms for what they were doing:
1. "Riding the tube."
2. "Paying a visit to F**kingham Palace."
3. "Touring the West End."
4. " Getting sent to the Tower."
5. "Straddling the prime meridian."


6) "Sh@gging of the Guard"
7) "Piccadilly Coitus"
8) "Big Bum Striking"
9) "London Bride is Going Down"
10)"Hyde Pork"

*snorks* to the both of you!!

One thing they weren't doing is "having tea & crumpets".

*SNORKSNORK @ insom & Meanie*

And *SNORK* @ Claire Martin's Cuban cousin.

Hmm. When I was in London I toured the tower with a Beefeater. It wasn't anything like this...

Maybe the club just needed some free advertising.

I didn't know Claire had a Cuban cousin ;P

For the record, AFKAT - I submit the articles to the same email address on this blog - like everyone else. I have been EXTREMELY lucky that I've gotten posted this much. (and no...I don't pay extra ;-))

*snork* at meanie...
11. "Excavating the chunnel."
12."Opening the houses of Parliament"

gotta stop now, everything is starting to sound dirty...

Darn you, Siouxie, I sent the same one in this morning. Foiled again.

And for those who have forgotten: Windmill Theatre.

I didn't realize it had been owned by Paul Raymond, proprietor of the infamous Raymond Revuebar, the so-called World Centre of Erotic Entertainment.

No visitor to central London can have missed seeing the sign.

And *double snork* at insomniac & Meanie for the excellent job. If I may:

13. Trooping the colo[u]rs.

Sorry Jeff!! GMTA ;-)

you beat me on the NEW thread though!!!

"Stuffing the Bangers"?

The video has been taken down.

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

That just stinks. I didn't even get to see it!

I hate pypetad and youtube annoys me too.

Can you believe it? The Windmill Theater is on 'Shaftbury Ave'. Check the link from Jeff's 2:20 post.

'So-Ho' indeed.

Maybe it was in honor of "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish". Remember what Arthur and Fenchurch spent so much time doing when they were in the air? :)

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