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May 16, 2007


Pizza-flavored beer.

(Thanks to Steve Richardson)

The next logical step is beer that tastes like urine. No, wait, a lot of it already does.


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The best of both worlds!



Beer and pizza do go together, but NOT like THIS.

Oh, shoot. :(

Desk, so I probably should not mention his "Barbecue Beer" either.


I dunno, but that's kinda gross.

“The only people who know the recipe are me and my cat, Jethro,” he says.

and Jethro ain't talkin'. Of course no-one's askin' either...

Next up: Pizza that tastes like beer.

my thoughts exactly, mm.

I mean...ugh!!!

so if you get all drunk and stuff...do you hurl pizza chunks too huh?

I dunno, mm. Jethro could still cause problems -- look at all the trouble that golden retriever has been for the Bush's baked beans guy.

Lumpy beer --- AAAAACK, PATOOIE!

If this guy makes a version with anchovies, he should be incarcerated.

Forget the anchovies, Meanie. Lock him up anyway!

I was served "schvein beer" in Germany once. They said it would have a slight smoky flavoring. It tasted like they had dumped the pan drippings from a 20-lb Dogpatch ham in the stein. (Hey, maybe they did, "Zum schtupid Amerikaner tourischts ordered the SCHVEIN BEER!")

I poured most of it into one of their decorative plants for revenge. It was already wilting as we left.

Well, considering that "schwein" is German for "pig," there's some sense here, padraig.

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