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May 30, 2007


As some of you suspected, Hogzilla may be a fake.


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If I had any faith in my fellow human beings, this would have made me lose it.

Hmmmm. Baseless internet speculation versus witnesses, photographs, and two weighings. Yep! I'll side with the baseless speculators (not)!

Well, that's no surprise....

I had a feeling it was hogwash.

What was that quote I saw on my Google home page the other day? "I believe that pro wresting is honest and everything else is rigged." Something to that effect.

H3ll, in Arkansas, that's called an "appetizer"

Say it ain't so!!!

I Knew It! You can't trust anyone these days.

We came to this conclusion days ago. Sheesh.

Attention: Could the rest of the world please catch up?


Anyone reminded of Calvin going back in time and taking pictures of the dinosaurs?

so is the bbq cancelled?

I was so looking forward to the world's longest strip of bacon.

hey Casey :-D....I just read your post on the "Mantis" thread. I had to take a cold shower....

Casey, where do you think they got the idea.

... there's not much original thought out there!

*goes in search of the One eyed, one eared, flying purple people eater...*

Jazzzie, you are the most warped person I know. I LOVE IT!


OK, so I guessed the kid was 8-10 feet behind the pig, and the distinguished art historian and mathemetician figured it (after much calculation) at 7 feet. Not bad for a quick guess.

Sweet Siouxie !! I am green here with the envy and all. Hold your breath on da plane in case it's one of the TB express ones. Shouldn't take you more than 10 hours. 2 1/2 hours of flight, 7 1/2 sitting on the tarmac. We expect all the news fit to blog. Unbelievably, Dave is not hiring a "Kelly Girl" to substitute, so you may have to post on the Hog thread. Be careful!!!

We've got a perty perceptive bunch here, to have picked out the porcine pecadilloes of publicity-prone parenthood on the prowl ...

(Dang, so very sorry about that ... it merely sorta popped [not pooped] out ...)

I will just be so jaded to find out that heartwarming story was a fake.

Jazzzzzzzzzzie, I wish you could come too!!!!

The heck with fake pigs, the scariest animal I ever saw was on a nature show a few years ago where gator wrestlers were trying to load a 20+ foot bull gator into a pickup truck. The gator was missing one eye and a leg but I don't think any of the smaller gators EVER made fun of him. He went into a death roll in the back of the truck and the truck bounced around like it was racing the Baja 500.

My second scariest TV animal was the possum in the laundry room on COPS. After that we're into the women on UPN sitcoms, so I'll leave it at that.


Apparently he claims it is not FAKE!



"Before we got to New York this was a feel good story..."

more like a "squeal good" story...

Snork at Disbelievers (whoever you guys really are)
Snork at sparesausage.com

**SNORK** at Insom. :)

Siouxie, "Say it isn't so" is the FIRST thing I thought too, when I read Dave's post.

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for letting us know that it IS for real. :)

I was so looking forward to the world's longest strip of bacon.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 11:04 AM on May 30, 2007


Hah! I thought that link would go to a picture of ...Edgar!

I live in Alabama (sigh) so this has been covered as a local story on our news here because I live within two hours of where this happened. They interviewed the taxidermist on the news last night and he showed the skull of this pig compared to a regular pig, and it looked awfully real to me. The 1K pigs skull looked to be the size of a boat tire.

Just my two cents.

Miss Chevious

Oh, and apparently the Alabama fish and game wildlife authorities are investigating this now because they believe the pig was "placed" in within the hunting camp, and apparently transportation of feral pigs for hunting is illegal in Alabama. but truly a great name for a rock band.

Miss Chevious


Miss T

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