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May 31, 2007


I don't know what happened. This has been your explanation regarding the post below.


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Ain't technology grand?

OOOOOH! pretty!

Well, that explains it.

Oh, NOW I understand.

Ah come on Dave. Even the CIA can come up with more plausible cover-ups.

see what happens when Judi is hanging around in new york? it all falls apart...

Whew...(unpacks bags and cancels bus ticket)

Dave you just need one of these but then again who doesnt.

I'm pretty sure the previous post basically declared Dave's undying devotion to the alien overlords hovering just outside Earth's orbit....

I would go and deal with them, but I have a manicure appointment this afternoon and then you know "Smallville" is coming on tonight so I can't really miss that....

Hopefully they won't attack until tomorrow....

That posting was actually a valid Perl script.

(Sorry if you understood that joke....)

Who is this "Dave Barry" person who made this post? Is he different from "Dave" who makes the other posts?

haha, steve

Actually, I think Dave might need one of these.

My link didn't work. Here's the address to cut and paste. http://www.stopabductions.com/

fg, when he posts from his PDA it's the full name and he can't seem to change that. Or to post....

Hell, I understood that last post completely. That's exactly what I sound like after one too many shots of Beam.

Don't forget the spit there, blurk. :-)

And I left you a note wherever the Yosemite Sam stuff is.

OK - that'd just be back 2 threads....

wow. that is sooo cool. dave and i think alot. "I don't know what happened" is my explanation for lots of things. wanders off to bask in glow.

alike, alike!! we think, alike. really, i don't think a lot at all.

Dear Blog

Please, pretty please, have a new generator installed....

Thank you.

Clark Kent wrote:
I'm pretty sure the previous post basically declared Dave's undying devotion to the alien overlords hovering just outside Earth's orbit....
I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.

Well, I could have sworn it meant "whatever" in some as-yet-undiscovered alien language.

The question is: Was there a real post that discussed sarcasm? If so, what is it?

I'm not as current as I should be in translating Mandarin...but I think it's a really a sales pitch for some really neat Chinese shoes that, believe it or not, you can buy on the Internet.

tw - do NOT tempt the shoespammer!!

(But LMAO, anyway!!)

so dave hasn't been outsourced?

Mr. Barry, I will connect you with our technical support staff in Bangalore. Please hold.

Keep holding.

Still keep holding.

I saw you move - just stay right where you are.

Keep holding.

Almost there, keep holding.

Your call is important to us. Keep holding.

Mr. Barry? Mr. Barry?.....

I dunno Steve - my Perl inerpretor is reporting an error "at or near line 102".

I wish I was that sarcastic....O.o

I googled "b��j{m�I��Z�Ɵ�v�v��(+��M{(�@��+Z�'k����8b��m��ʋ����jɮ�֭" and first result was a chemical water report from 1989. I really have to get a hobbie or stay focused on work.(naw)

Apparently Mr.Blog has a rheostat in his humidor. I can fix that. Wait a minute. TWACK!

That outta fix it.

That was brilliant Dan. I vote for a hobby.

OK, CJrun, you got my attention...why, oh why, for the love of whatever would you link anyone to any page that has the accuweather logo or weather people (I refrain from calling them real meteorologists...). Just curious (from the real wxgurl on this blog!!)

Wxgirl - I had the same thought about his linky thingie, and then wondered what you would think about it! GMTA. :)

Poor Dave: posting and working stuff taking away from his rock star life and friends. Poor, pitiful, Pulitzer, pencil pusher.

Did the terrorist squirrels get into the Blog perimeter again. Someone's head is going to roll. Time to bring in Ben Cram.

You called?

Hey Ben, get Gunga to hurry up finding out who's responsible for this mess. I've got a 7pm field operation scheduled for Minute Maid Park and a Mr. Berkman is likely to be shot in the thigh if he doesn't do well this evening.

I'm on that, Dr. Rickenstien. GungaDan, open a socket and see what you can do about straightening out this mess. Chloe's available to download whatever schematics you need. Or to taser anyone who gets in your way. Whatever.

*Drinks three times*


This just in. Shoe guy and game guy, think hover twice, click once.

I hope you look good in orange. *EG*

*Drinks 6 times* Gotta get my drink on here. Can't afford the $7 beer at the Juice Box.

Oh, and meanwhile, Edgar is still dead.

Well, wxg, because the NOAA website is AWFUL and I couldn't find a clean link to this image:


I seriously spent way too many minutes trying to track down a link from the .gov guys!

Hey Diva, in a releated Edgar note. My oldest saw his untimely demise for the first time the other night and wihout missing a beat said "Shouldn't have stopped at the vending machine on the way back Edgar." Had blood coming from my eyes with laughter.

I Pity da Fool who can't type the word related properly! What's your doctorate in? Sure ain't english is it fool!

OK, CJ I can agree with the NOAA site being bad...but accuweather is the antichrist... seriously...

I did love the images though!! the .gov people work across the parking lot from me...we love to give them a hard time too!

Interestingly, we just started another warning on a tropical system (not a true storm yet) in the Arabian Sea. Things are getting super active for me!

*SNORK* @ Dr.R's eldest!

wx, I use many weather sites, but for me the quickest way to view image databases that are searchable by region is Accuweather. They're also the quickest/best for tide, by region. For a traveler/outdoors/waterperson type, that site seems to work well. It's all about the site, even if they may be riding the short bus with respect to wx skilz.

Am on it Ben! Err, which way did they go?

To the left, GungaDan! They went to the left! No, not YOUR left, MY left!

I don't mind NOAA. What I detest is the mindless "weather girls" on TV here in SO CAL.

Elaine, what us guys of the male gender hate is the fact that the 'mindless "weather girls" on TV' aren't conveniently here in our living rooms, along with current information on our schedule, versus the TV station's schedule?

Not that I would know anything about this. It was something I heard....

I always wanted to be a weather girl!

So, I don't get it, CJrun. Are you auditioning for one? Do you have a weather studio in your living room? I can learn stuff reeeeal quick.

Why do local TV "news" stations now give us the "weather" at the top of the news hour, for 20 freakin' minutes. Mindless banter between the "meteorologist" (wink, wink) and the perky "news team" while I'm getting ready for work.

"I'ts gonna be 75 and probably gonna rain." End of report, as far as I'm concerned.

Been thinking of this for years. Write a fed grant to have 3 meteorologists, 3 farmers and 3 mariners predict the weather every day for a year. The goal not to see who is correct more often, but to prove we should not throw out the old, time tested methods for the high tech stuff alone. I am retired from the U.S Merchant Marines and some of the old guys were amazing at predicting the weather. Drives me nutz when TV says X%chance of rain when it is pouring on the station they are broadcasting from

Ok folks! I'm signing off for the weekend. Will take loads of pictures for ya! Wishing all of you could be there too!

NYC here I come!! Hugs and smooochies!!


Um, yeah - what she said....

Safe trip Siouxie, have fun.

Layzee - please email me if you don't mind. Thanks.

Diva! Thank you soooooooooooo much for listening. I really needed that, and appreciate it even more than you can know.

So, Dan - what's up for you tonight? Drinks are on me....

*hops back of the bar; mixes up a batch of Barracuda Breezes*

HEY, MED! No problem. I've had folks listen to me a lot, so I'm happy to pass on the favor. Besides, what are friends for?

*passes over a fresh Barracuda Breeze*

Barracuda Breeze sounds like something Plymouth would manufacture.

Diva! is a great day. I have the drinks for all. May I try one of those "Barracuda Breezes"?

Hi, DeeDee. May I call you DeeDee? I like it.

Las Wages might be fun for the "union" of bloggers.

I was gonna say reunion, but I've never been.

Well, Scott - it ain't. I manufacture these and they're dandy fine and potent. Starts with 4 oz. tequila. Add guava nectar, lemoncello, fresh lemon juice, sugar, ice, and club soda. Mmmmm....

*sends Dan a fresh BB down the bar*

Anything else tonight?

I would like a margarita, please. With salt. Tanks.

A full moon, a bottle of Barracuda Breeze and thou Diva, who could ask for more?

I said PLEASE. What am I, chopped liver?

Mr. Games - Please see my 5:38. And go directly to the unemployment office, unless you want to GO TO JAIL, DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS GO.


*brings Elaine Sue a margarita in one of them there fancy glasses

Ladies - I was thinking more along the lines of a short 3 - 4 day cruise for the union. We wouldn't have to organize hotels, dining, etc. with a multitude of venues: just julie mccoy.

Hey, Elaine! :) DeeDee works for me! :-)

*passes one margarita with a perimeter of salt and a single Sherman tank*

You might just want the one first. These are pretty big.

Awww, shucks! Thanks, Dan! ;-)

And Elaine, it's a union for a lot of us. :-) I haven't been to one either.

A cruise would be a LOAD of fun. I've been on a couple with my mom and her friends, which were a total blast!

And if the other RBRemainders have blog/fan lists/groupies, we might be able to coordinate with them and Judi and arrange a Remainders Round up, featuring our own concert......... OMG! Can you even imagine a cruise with SK night, Tan day, Barry Me Ball, et al? We could have a creative heyday with that!

I type funny, especially after 2 margaritas. Honey, you may keep the tank.

Okay, this brainstorm I am having is better than the deed!

No. Almost as good though.

You suppose we could get Wyo and blurkie to come off the mountain for such an event? No reference to the movie intended...... NOT!

Med, I think this Barracuda Breeze went straight to your head in a really good way!! ;-) EXCELLENT idea, but at the same time, I don't care about meeting the other folks' fans. Just my friends. :-)

*drags the tank back into the storeroom*

Hi, blogits! Diva, you're serving? May I have a cocoa with 3 little mini-blog-marshmallows please?

Oh, MED! Do you THINK they MIGHT? *gasp!* Be still my beatin' heart!

One cocoa for Cat, comin' up!

*passes steamy hot REAL chocolate with a bowl of mini-marshmallows*

Diva - I don't care about other folks fans either...... however, creating a reason for the RBR's to perform and maximizing the opportunity is the point.

And meeting the blog would be awesome, but imagine if you could combine that with a concert and the other authors as well as all our blog pals. THAT QUALIFIES AS MULTIPLES!!!!!! And WAY, WAY, WAY justifies the expense of such a journey. And makes it more fun for everyone!

Dave should have HIS friends there too. Doncha thank?

I could see driving out to Vegas for a couple days but cruises seem so expensive.

DD, Limoncello straight up for me, please. I'll just sip on it. I need the vitamin C, ya know.

One limoncello for the cute gentleman at the bar.

The expense is gonna be the biggest issue, most likely. Vegas is a lot more doable from that perspective, but I like dreamin' about the cruise, too!

Nurse Tammy, no offense. I. HATE. Lost. wages. There is a reason it is called sin city. And the what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is just disgusting, repulsive and offensive. just sayin'.

I would LOVE to go on a cruise, but I can't afford it. I was thinking Vegas, because the folks who can afford it can stay at a fancy hotel. Faye and I will probably be in a roach hotel. Ick, but affordable for us.

Ooohhhh, Scott. Your credit just went sky high with me, bringing up lemoncello.

If there was a unifying cause (literacy, organ donation, squirrel terrorism)........ and off-season, I can't imagine that THE BLOG couldn't negotiate reasonable rates with the cruise lines. And food would be included. And including the other
Remainders would help insure that the entire ship would be booked by us groupies.

I like Vegas, but you have to find the more family-friendly places. It really does have them. There are great shows, even for kids.

(I'm no fan of the REAL meaning behind the saying, either, but I still use it as a funny thing.)

BUT - there's always Disney World, too!! (More expensive, but there are cheaper hotels on property and I LOVE it there!)

Also, leaving out of Miami would make it more likely that we would get Mr. blog to join us.

*Cuddles up with keyboard and sips cocoa*

Thanks, Diva.

I have a confession. Until I found the DBB link, totally by chance, I didn't know (or maybe I knew but didn't remember) that Dave was a part of the RBRs. And, even when I started posting last summer, I didn't know he knew Stephen King.

Once of my first posts was about SK's book "Cell" that I had just read, and how it was creeping me out (I've loved SK ever since "Carrie"). I can't remember what the blog topic was that day, but I kept referring back to "Cell" and the strange coincidences in the book compared to whatever headline Dave was riffing on.

I feel like an idiot now, because everyone here except me probably knew that SK and DB were buds, knew about the RBRs, etc., and (gasp) maybe SK even reads this blog.

Oh. Um.

(Mr. King, I really liked "Cell" and you are awesome.)

(And hi, Dave.)

Truly, Elaine, there are great deals on cruises. My mom lives in FL and has had some excellent opportunities. The nice thing is that all the food is included (though booze and sodas are at your own expense).

Okay, I just noticed that there seems to be a full moon, which explains my fantasy world.

And I am a mean mother. I am currently "forcing" my children to watch Close Encounters. They were not happy campers at the thought, and now........... engrossed is an understatement.

Sucking up will get you everywhere, Cat!

a cost effective fun thing is to rent a house boat. Erie Canal in NY has barges for rent that sleep 8 or 12 I think. Cheaper then a hotel.

Med, I challenge you to top Soylent Green.

(Mother of the Year)

Dan - What are the other 357,897 groupies going to do whilest I am on the boat pouring cocktails for Mr. Blog and Mz. Blog?

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but one of the things I hate about our modern culture is celebrity worship. Some of you are talking about Dave the way the dolts we make fun of gush over Brittney and Paris. just sayin'.

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