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May 17, 2007


The day's not over yet.

(In case anyone is unclear on the concept, Dave did not post this. He's away. Note the warning.)


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I think I should be offended at some of you thinking of we men only as sex objects.

wait a minute, maybe this could be a good thing...

Oh, Wyo, you SEXY thing! You aren't offended one doggone bit! ;-)

Judi - THANK YOU. I needed this today. I love you! :-D

Hey!!!! I was offended once.

I think.

well, maybe not.


pssst DD, in case you didn't see my post on the other thread, that was a beautiful song. :)

Howdy, El.

*appreciates the time and effort judi put into that post immensely*

Oh yeah judi, I had faith in you...

judi, I ASKED you not to post my picture.
That was private.

Nah, blurk. You're sooooo much better lookin'. :-)

Diva, I appreciate that but we really need to get you to an eye doctor.

Already been. Got a fresh prescription this year. :-D

Ya know, all those dudes look alright, but my question is, are they real men?? I mean, some of 'em don't even look like they could tell a spark plug from an oil plug...

Oh, my....
judi...there's been a drought out west, now it's rainin' men...bless you!

pssst - el - Andy R's on the 2nd one = 'yet'.

Hey - did someone say it's raining MEN? Hallelujah!!

judi, it was worth the wait. :)

*waves hi to Wyo*

How's tricks? :)

yes those were hot men :-) but they forgot the Dog

:-P :-P

There's also a Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney vid nearby that's pretty swoonable.

I gotta go take a shower. cya!

Judi - I hope you get overtime pay. Thanks for the perfect end to the day or beginning of the weekend, whichever perspective you prefer.

what in the bloody hell did I wander into here. You women should all be ashamed of yourselves debasing men down to the level of dancing sock puppets for your theater of perversion. That being said, I'd like a Miller Lite and the remote to the blog tv please. "Wet Heat" is playing right now on Cinemax

Excuse me, Doc! I have just been sitting here waiting for your return. ;-)

Stupid Montana cable.
No Cinemax.

I likes me some Wet Heat.

And I heard the movie's not bad, either.

I sure hope Mary's kids are in bed.

Blurk, that's Skin a Max, not Cinemax. Get it right. Sheeeeshh.

well I woulda been here sooner, but it is E.R season finale night and I got assigned other duties handed to me than blog bar vagrant. Much to my utter disdain.

snork @ blurk

Hey, blurk...you want wet heat, come to Kansas City! It is hyoooomid!!! I'm just sayin'.... ;-)

I never watch ER, except for the season finale, because it's always something huge. Thanks for reminding me, Dr. R.

BTW, are you a real doctor or do you just play on on TV the blog? :)

hey there Wyo. You guys out in the wilds of Montana do know we have sattelite services now? No need to deprive yourself of "Wet Heat", "Dry Heat", or any one of the hundred or so Shannon Tweed barn burners (no pun intended by the way...Montana-barns) heh

Hey!! A snork from a fellow airman.

Is that against the UCMJ or sumpthin'?

*non-Airman-snork* @ blurk

SHHHHH Blurk!! Don't tell!!! ;-)

just play one in here Eleanor. Real life Fox Sports button pusher by day. The Doc thing is an old nickname a friend gave my while we were piss drunk at a bowling alley many years ago.

Doc, we do indeed have satellite services in Montana.
We also have 80 MPH winds which tend to disagree with said satellite reception.
Hell, long as I have Discovery, The History Channel, and CMT I'm satisfied.

With TV, I mean.

OK, Doc - do tell....

AND from Diva. It's a good night.

Ah, hell...if it's against the UCMJ I'll arrest myself in the morning. I'm too tired tonight.


Yep. It's been a grand night. Caps off a Very Bad Day rather nicely. This really is where I get my soul refreshed.

*considers how easy it would be to take advantage of an overly tired Airman....*

Darn my integrity. :-(

There y'all are!

I got stuck on the shoe spammer thread and somehow managed to make my startbar disappear with the top of my browser. Oh sure, it pops in occasionally, but not when I want it too.

Judi- thanks for the eye-candy! All that anatomy somehow looks different through your eyes!

Hey, ddd, thanks for the link you sent me...it's comin in handy...I really appreciate it!

Hey, doc!

'Bout time you get here. And don't give me all that "savin' lives" stuff.

*kicks the bot in the head, reaches around behind it and yanks it hard and to the left* Whew! The bot is being extra nasty tonight. Now where was I? Oh yes, about to appologize to Wyo. Sorry guy, I know of your "wind" issues up there. And I don't have the Skinemax anymore myself. *starts crying in his beer*

blurk - I restrain myself like that, and you ignore it? Sheesh.

sorry for the delay Blurk. A little "bot" wiping makes it a lot easier to get back at it....

*hands the Doc a fresh beer*

Don't water this one down, Babe.

I think my computer had a nervous breakdown while I was at work. Either that, or Mr. ddd shot it full of Haldol® because ... well, this ain't right.

Hey doc- Many good stories start pissed drunk at a bowling alley. No good can come of being pissed drunk on a catamaran in a Michigan lake at 3am. There is just no good end to that story. Also, did you mean Wyo's personal wind issues? They got Beano® for that.

blurk- too tired to arrest? We think you are always arresting- right DD?

Glad you like it KYF- hope you find something you like!

Ooh! He arrests me every time I see him pop up! Er, come by. Er, on the blog. *checks. OK that one's good* ;-)

*snorks beer all over the bar at "Beano"* I will one up ya DDD. No good ever comes from being on that catamaran, but being drunk in the middle of nowhere just outside of Crawford, Tx, sitting on a porch 13 Buds in without eating since 9am and its now 2am the next day....

Well, Dr. R, I am very upset with Fox Sports. Maybe we can talk about it tomorrow if you're around????

I'm listening to Iron Butterfly for the fifth time.
Thank you judi, thank you Steven King.

...and your so-called friend decides he's bored and wants to drive down to the road gravel pits to test out his new 4X4. Which would be ok except his new friend who you have never met wants to ride in the back of the truck WHILE your going thru those gravel pits and they both talk ME into doing it as well.

Well, Doc, and then there's a trimaran trip in Jamaica with rrrrrum punch on board and getting hit on three times in an hour on the beach.... Ah, good times!

(At least until the used condom floated by in the water....ISIANMTU.)

Eleanor, I would love to help you anyway I could with my employer.. We care about each and everyone of our audience. Ok, they dont but I do. I'd love to try and help.

"Ya know, all those dudes look alright, but my question is, are they real men??"

Well, KyF (10:44pm), let's put it this way: It's no coincidence that in the title screen of judi's second link, the vowel in the second line looks a helluva lot more like an "a" than a "u."

Oh, DDD - Bowling is BAAaaaaaaddddddd...... The last time I went bowling, a toothless bartender started pouring shots (my friends ordered and bought, but I foolishly drank). The next morning, I woke up with a hand the size of a rugby ball, torn ligaments and tendons in my thumb. I had no idea my body could be THAT color without a tatt.

Hey, Stevie!! Is the identity crisis over? I'm noticing something () missing!

Doc - you got yer IM up?

Hell, I didn't notice that!! Good eye!

3 or 4 times an hour? thats it DD? Man that must've been some strong punch for no more men than that to be makin passes at ya. Oh well, their loss ;)

Which doc, DD- girl doc or boy doc?


YOU are a gem, Doc, and that's the honest truth, Handsome.

We have a code blue in ER2. Paging all doctors to ER2 STAT!

the blogkeg is almost dry dead

Oops, sorry, ddd. I call you ddd. Dr. Rick I call Doc. If I did call you doc it would be lowercase like your "posted bys." :-)

But if you IM, too, I'm on a lot. :-) Email me for me particulars.

ok, there can only be one Doc in here at a time...excuse me while I slip out and get my good friend to fill in for me....

Hi again everyone. This guy just handed me $500 and said something about needing a keg replaced. I will get my associate Ms. O'Brien on the phone and have her send a new keg and the proper schematics to activate it. Oh, and since I have $500 extra...drinks are on me.

*waits patiently for the arrival of Bill Buchanan*

Did she mean ddd or doc...hmmm..such a paradocs we have!!!

Guess you caught me with my pa(re)nt(hese)s down before, dd.

.....fires off appropriate rim shot off blog drums for Stevie......

Aww. And here I was thinkin' you were over it. Shoot.

*waves at Bill Buchannan*

Hi, Bill! Remember me? We met earlier...on a different thread, I think.

why I believe we did Ms. Glad to see you again. Hey, anybody here need a down-on-their luck former government counter terrorist big wig for some work. Hell, I will take anything right now...ok, maybe not McDonalds fry cook, but definitely shift manager

Hits *snork at Stevie W button* for paradocs

OK- well it's more of a TNTHMOWMD(OD)WLOL*

*trying not to hurt myself or wake Mr. ddd (or doclings)while laughing out loud

*snorksoutloudforddd* @ ddd

hehe....ok DDD, so are you a real doc or do you just play one underwater?

Whew! Thanks DD!

cause theres also a Dr. Alice and and the Dr. Acula guy that shows up. Don't know what it is about that guy, but he gives me the creeps. Especially the whole black cape and wolves howling when he laughs....

Good lord, I need a flow chart. We have DD, not a doctor, DDD who is, and Dr. R who plays one on TV. Where is Siouxie with the karma, comma, coma ....... the booze?

turns the blogspeakers up, and breaks out dancing

Good evening - whoops, excuse me - good morning, everybody. Is the new blogkeg hooked up yet?

Is Dave still on the tarmac at some aeroport with quart ziplock baggies to spare? hehehehehe.

Don't worry Dave, I'm not laughing at you. I am practicing transference. It has been so long since I had a real live cavity search.

Or peanuts.

Good evening - whoops, excuse me - good morning, everybody. Is the new blogkeg hooked up yet?


Can I ofer annyone an adullt bewage?

Whoa. What happened to Typepad tonight? Is the blogbot having a snit and slowing everything down out of spite, or what?

hooked up and the flow rate is optimal on the keg Wes. Time for the first keg stand of the night...WOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! *glug,glug,glug*

*taking cue from deskdiva: curls up on the blog sofa*

Looks like it's just you and me, Wes. Everyone else is, uh, busy in ER2 IM land. Would you like to sit next to me? I promise I don't bite, at least not hard enough to draw blood.

Oh, Dr. R, did you take care of the patient in ER2? There's room on the blog couch.

Spite. AND "or what." Double whammy.

How's you doin' Wes?

Dr. Rick- real doc, real diver, real smokin' hot! Especially in my Shoespammer strappy heels!

Wes s (didn't you used to be Wessonality?)- I think I caused a meltdown at the TypePad pavillion trying to merge my old blogger site with the new Typepad. you can see for youself the results. They are imperfect, but not TOO bad (I hope) for a neophyte.

Oops- forgot to change address

*snuggles up next to Meditrina with a tall cold stein of blogbeer*

Doin' fine, Diva. How are you holding up?

DDD - "Wessonality?" No, I've never used that handle online. I wish I'd thought of it, though...

As a matter of fact, if I ever get my own blog, "Wessonality" sounds like it would be a great name for it...

Hubba Hubba!!!! *bows before the real Doc* a doctor and a hottie....who knew that happened except on tv shows?

Dr. Rick- OK- well maybe only smokin' hot to Mr. ddd and Bongo....

but of course DDD. But smokin' hot is smokin' hot. This blog only brings out the smartest and best lookin women in the whole stinkin www universe. Just my honest oppinion.

Things are good tonight, Wes.

*snuggles up to Dr. Rick in a corner of the couch* JUST fine, in fact. ;-)

But really, yes - holding in here pretty well. Lots of good friends, hugs and contact with people who care about me, yourself included. :-) Thanks for asking. *smooch*

We knew you'd fit right in! Such clarity! We love that!

ok, I'm going to be a nosey butt but what is your field of doctorage there DDD? Oceanography?

Emergency Medicine. To pay for my diving and my big-a$$ pool.

SWEET!!!! to bad you aren't here in lovely Angleton, Tx. Our hospital tends to get people dead...could be the use of leaches still instead of say and x-ray or something...hehe

*snuggles down against Dr. Rick*

*closes eyes feeling safe and loved among friends*


Nighty-night folks....

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