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May 18, 2007



(Thanks to Annie Where-butt-here)


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judi, go home. you work too hard.

*makes notes for Xmas list*

Wow! A hat trick and no one's here to see it!

*SNORK*!!!! too funny and YAY Annie!!

I'm here Suzy!

Geez. You home on a Friday night, too, Siouxie? Why are there no good men in Miami?

I KNOW right??? all the good ones are either taken or gay (nttawwt). I need to move to Alaska.

I'm here - blog traffic was bad - took me a while to get here.
*does the happy-posted dance*

hehe...judi said butt.

not to intrude ladies, but from what I've heard of South Beach, I'm guessing most of the good guys there are either married, gay, or further on up the road. You gals were in Texas any number of guys would have gotten you guys out tonight. Trust me!

Well ladies, then I say a road trip to Texas is in order!

*puts on her cowgirl hat & boots*

*gets the spurs ready*


Well ladies, then I say a road trip to Texas is in order!

*puts on her cowgirl hat & boots*

*gets the spurs ready*


The thing is, Special Agent Rick, there is MUCH MORE to Miami than just South Beach! Which no one who doesn't live here seems to realize.

There are a lot of fabulous women in the burbs, too. We're just a bit older, probably less perky, but much more interesting. Plus, we usually put out after a reasonable period of time, without all that whining and game-playing.

*KICKS* the bot!!!


*follows Siouxie into Bob's Western Wear*

Suzy, we put out?? dang we're easy.

Key quote in this article:

When preparing a deer butt alien head the old fashioned way (from scratch), it's important to tie off the anus with a piece of string so that the white tail area does not become soiled with deer doo-doo when you cut-open your treasure.

Dang. Just-- dang.

Also, ew.

I kept looking for the writer to indicate the whole article was a joke...I can totally believe that people really do this but it sure takes poor taste to a new low!

Ummm... judi?

Perhaps we need a new warning category? Although, I'm really not sure what type of warning would adequately prepare me for an article containing detailed instructions on how to tie off Bambi's anus just before severing her cute widdle large intestine.


Just part of our charm, Siouxie. ;)


Hiya Blogchik! Psychic-simul-zeroing-in-on-the-same-disgusting-part-of-the-article.


I totally wish we could get Dave the mounted Rambo Squirrel for XMas. Snork.

He looks scary. And also a little like he's got his bum-hole tied tightly with string.

In other news, can someone tell me what WBAGNFARB stands for? Not this, eh?


Only SOME of us more mature chicks put out. Just sayin'. Either that, or I'm not all that mature, which wouldn't surprise me in the least.


see, thats the thing about Miami. I won't speak for Blurk, Wyo, Al, or any of the 1000 or so Steves in here, but in the rest of the greater 48 we don't stop lookin for the good ones at the resident hot spots.

besides, those women suck your wallet dry and not anything else. just an observation

Now THAT's good to know, Rick.


Diva, I'm confused. Are you tellin' me you don't put out? Where's the fun in that?

why do i hear julia child/dan ackroyd saying 'don't forget to tie off the @nus!'

*straightens gleaming halo*

A lady doesn't kiss and tell. Or anything else, either.

*psst, Special Agent! Keep yer trap shut, or else!


Just creepy!

Attention furiners. Mijammies is HUGE! From the Keys, to the Everglades, to Ft. Lauderdale, to the Atlantic. Just 'cause Sio 'n' Suzy are in Mijammies (snork) doesn't mean they are within 1.5 hours!

I was just wonderin' tis morning, how to decorate our new family rooom.

I don't like my new "Made in China" keyboard. keeps droppin h's and addin' oooo's.

And I might add, YUCK...Yeah, in caps - double YUCK.


An' here I was just about to feel sorry fer m'self thinkin' no one else was around. :-)

Nice to see you show up.

guess I weren't none too sneaky, was I?

Not in THOSE boots, y'ain't.

WYOOOO!! - I wuz lookin' for a house-warmin' present for you whence I happened upon this here site.

And hiya there, CJ & KB. How's tricks tonight?

Annie, you're too sweet.

Off Topic Alert:

If there's anyone out there who is proficient in any of the building trades, and would consider moving to Sheridan you need to contact me. you can start tomorrow. seriously.

Wyo - it's a curse.

Do you consider housekeeping a building trade?

In for a bit...

pssssst...Annie, don't get him the cat butt for the fridge. I got him that already, k??

WYOOOOOOOOOOO!! I know what a hammer is and could PROBABLY hit a nail or two. What's the single men status in Sheridan?? hmm just asking cuz Annie wants to know.

Wyo - you want me to post this on my myspace page?

last I heard, it was about 5 men for each 2 ladies. 'course if'n you leave out cousins, the numbers drop to 5/0.734 respectively.

diva, it's your page, post whatever you please. we've got 5 houses to build, and nobody to build 'em.

just sayin'.

*straps on her designer tool belt carefully so she doesn't break a nail*

*freshens up makeup*


we'll require a resume' and please don't claim to know more than you really do. first couple of day's on the job, we'll know if you're what you say you are or not. We're glad to train people, but don't take kindly to wind-bags who claim to have vast skill an' 'sperience, but don't really got it. get it?

rednecks and Cubans is welcome, btw.

Hey Wyo. Just as soon as I can shed this *#$*% uniform I'll be glad to haul my butt to Sheridan.
Heck, I can swing a hammer.

Either I skeerd ya all off, or you'se is out fillin' out yer resume's. guess it don't matter.

blurk, I can honestly say that after ten years of wearin' a similar uniform, I shed it, hung it up proudly, and never missed or regretted doin' so.

folks say, "You were half-way to retirement! why did you quit?" I reply, "You want the whole list, or just the top ten?"

Wyo, I ain't skeered of much. 'Cept maybe 5 men to every 2 wimmen.
Them ain't zackly wonderful odds.
'Less you're a wimmen.
Which I ain't.

I meant housekeeping as in 'losing the guy, keeping the house.'

I can see it now, blurk an me start a new company. we'll call it, Two Guys an' a Cuban Buildin' Stuff.

Annie, you're cold. funny, but cold.

I almost got out at 10. That's pretty much when you have to put up or shut up.
I haven't regretted the decision either.
But the closer I get to retirement the more I wanna retire.
I have to admit havin' a pension at age 39 is gonna be nice.

Hi guys! All my favorite bloglits are here, with the exception of Mot. I LOVES me some accent.

Oh, Wyo, did you get one o' them ivy league Haaavaaad keyboards? There's a recall on them, you know. Something wound too tightly or some such.

*bats eyelashes*

I'm a wimmen, blurk, and your odds are much better with me. ;-)

PS - y'all are the reason I come here. Ain't nuthin' you can say gonna scare me away.

Shoot, Wyo...we already got a blog full of advertising. It's gotta be a money maker. We'll just have to find a way to keep Sioux off the booze till quittin' time.

If I didn't have a family that has told me they WILL NOT relocate, I'd be on a plane with my hammer tomorrow. I prefer finish to rough carpentry, I can sweat a copper joint 80% of the time, and I'm pretty good with wire. I don't do HVAC or windows. This fall's deer butt may just end up as my new doorbell.

So, Wyo - if I went out there, you'd train me? It's definitely an enticing proposition.


I always wanted to do that!

(can't wait 'till your magazine does an article on single malts, btw) one word... Lagavuiln.

that is all.

blasted keyboard can't spell Lagavulin.

Dread Pirate Chris, the deer-butt door bell also particularly tickled me. Not as much as this did, but I'm interested all the same.

Thanks, Wyo. I am trying to get her in the water.

Rant: If my graphic designer would stop acting like he is 12 years old by listening to gossip and his evil, misconstrued friends who are shining examples of personal and professional success, it might be a little easier! Why can't guys just be our friends and talk to wimmen like they do their pals. Sure would make things a lot easier.

ah, thanks. That feels better. Seriously, I love the bouquet of scotch, but it is generally too stiff for me. Not that I don't love a sti.... well, you know what I mean.

I'd just love to know what the button "Stop Winging" controls....? Any guesses?


And you think it's hard to get the remote out of your man's hands NOW?

*SNORK* @ Med....

Man, I wish I worked for you! :-)

Wyo - The wife and I are pretty good. Have you got a remote for 16-year-old daughters?

Med - you're doomed.

Can I just say how much I love straight men who know show tunes?

Chris - I just watched that movie the other day. Love it!

I don't really communicate like a wimmen. I try not to tell you how to build a clock when you ask for the time.

That's probably why I love the blog. Brief and bottom line. Women (bloglits not included) for the most part, are inane when it comes to communicating.

I'll take two of them remotes.

*sings, "Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins, just you wait!!"*

Mrs Gunga asked as well Diva. LOL

btw, without a doubt, the best line from My Fair Lady,
"Now where the devil are my slippers?"

You must have a lot of stamina there, blurk.

I'm in purdy good shape I 'spose.


Thanks again, btw. :-)

Had to jump in having read only a quarter of the way thru to say...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha to insom's

"why do i hear julia child/dan ackroyd saying 'don't forget to tie off the @nus!'"


I've seen your photo on Wyo's page blurk. I...would agree. *grins*

Deer butts to the construction industry to show tunes.

Man, I love this blog.

Thanks, Dave.

*tosses self a comma*

For the 16-y-o, I specifically need mute, some way to adjust the hormones, a boyfriend selector and a driving skills adjustment.

Heads out singing...
"When you see a gent paying all kinds of rent
for a flat that could flatten the Taj Mahal..."

((((((((Diva)))))))))) always dear blog bud!!!

Hey, don't forget the Lagu, Lage, lager.... booze, blurk.

I don't know who has bar duties but buy the house a round and hit me up with a Coors Light please. Oh, and keep a Ben Franklin for yourself. Ok, lets see whats up...WHAT? What happened to the Jello wrestling? Drat!

Oh, right!! Booze...must remember the booze.

Agent, Annie blondie cheated. That's what happened.

Special Agent man ..... the girls won. The boys are licking drowning their wounds.

Blurkie - I think of you at least twice daily. Every time my son yells out shotgun as we are getting into the car. Dot never remembers in time. (They have assigned days, so it is irrelevant, but he is compelled to shout it out anyway.)

Oh, Special Agent, that was over hours ago. Resident Blonde pulled a nasty and knocked blurk into a bottle of JD she hid in the jello. Jack Bauer shot her in the thigh and sent her to CTU medical, so we won't be seeing HER back soon, and I jumped in and got absolutely covered in jello and whipped cream to revive blurk with a few shots of that Jack Daniels. God left in a huff. He didn't feel He got His money's worth.

*stocks blog bar* is my job after all, keeping folks hydrated.

Glad to be of service, Med. Everyone oughta be required to yell "shotgun" at least once daily. Just because.

I need pics of you diva "absolutely covered in jello and whipped cream" for the report, just saying.

*grabs the Diva's ass on the way by* How YOU doin' tonight?

Y'know, blurk, I believe you're right. I think I'm gonna have to do it from now on.


Ooh. MAN that felt good!

Ah, yes. I remember Herb Alpert's "Whipped Cream and Other Delights." best album cover of all time.

Blurk - that is totally a guy thing. I rarely feel the urge to yell shotgun.

My urges are more.... something elsealcohol related.

ummmhmmmm, Diva. Not very ladylike. And you still have whipped cream in your hair. Please clean up your act. ;)

Shoes and jewelry, that's where my obsessions and urges are .... oh, shiny.........

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