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May 29, 2007


(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)

Update (Thanks to Mark Buckley): We have a new leader.


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Wow. That's all I can say.

Well, some chicks dig the dangerous types.

Well, some chicks dig the dangerous types.

Well, some chicks dig the dangerous types.

Is this slow for anybody else today, or am I just the special kid in class?

What? Was she just that stuck up that she wouldn't give that slob---I mean, guy, a chance?

What? Was she just that stuck up that she wouldn't give that slob---I mean, guy, a chance?

If she had thought fast, she could have given him her number, then turned him in when he called her.

Now where can I find such a guy??? THAT never happens to me!

Stupid criminal mastermind bot! And also *note to self: Take Ambien after the robbery, and not before*

What is it with guys? I had a friend who was waiting in divorce court last Friday, when the guy next to her, on his way up to the judge, handed her his phone number and said, "call me when you get out of here!"

She should have asked him for his number. Not for her, really, but for some 'friends' of hers. She'd probably have gotten it too.

I find it interesting that the employee had 2 "waists" for this genius to grab onto.

Hey! Give me your handbag! Oh, by the way,wanna have my baby?

Why didn't she offer to get his number? That might have simplified things for the police.

Why didn't she offer to get his number? That might have simplified things for the police.

Because Jello, unlike you, she is not Brainy. That or she was scared.

Hagy, that was your friend? This is awkward.

I think the bot has been taking lessons from these geniuses. No, KY, it's not just singling you out for special abuse; it hates everyone.

Except for the shoe spammer. It likes him just fine.

So do *I*, CH ;-)

*SNORK* @ CH & Shoexie.

*beginning to wonder about Siouxie's fantasies*

oh yeah... and *ducking the machete*

I'm probably gonna get botfocked but I'll try again:

hmm so what's wrong with shoes???? ;-P

You've seen this, haven't you, Siouxie?

yes! LOL funny!

well..I'm off for a bit! see you all later.

Did Typepad's comments section crash for a bit? I just posted a 007 parody over on the "exploding loo roll holder" thread, and Typepad kept telling me that comments were unavailable and kicked it out...and when I rewrote the parody and reposted, both versions ended up on the blog.

I hate the bot.

"Asleep at the Wheel" - I love their music!

Typepoop has been a cow all day.

Wes, that's been happening to me all afternoon.

I. hate. typepoop.

It looks like TypePad is the only force in this universe strong enough to suppress the vitality of this community. That's bad!

boom boom, we heard you the FIRST time!

Where the heck is Annie today? I didn't participate today, but I did blurk (not THAT blurk) and I missed her! Let's hope she didn't have to (GASP) work!!!

Wes: yes, pypetad (which I totally hate) was down for much of the afternoon.

And two more items I sent in too late today. I have a friend in Milwaukee but he is way smoother than this brainiac so I know it wasn't him.

Plus, his wife would kill him.

The only one I sent in today that Dave didn't use (from anyone) is also Major Motion Picture material (well, maybe Less than Major):

Man clad in underwear pins leopard.

Now that's a wake up call Jeff. WOW

Hey, All! Are we up and posting again?

Siouxie! You here?????? You've got mail!!!

Hi everybody!!!!

El - Annie is probably somewhere rocking in the fetal position thanks to her Spankees.


Hi DD! COME TO NEW YORK!!! I have an extra ticket!!!!!!!!

"My number? Well, ok...

It's 9-1-1-9-1-1-1. If my sister answers and asks, 'What is your emergency?', just tell her we met at the U-Haul, and I've been waiting for your call!"

Boy, Prof! Danged if it isn't! Tell you what, if some animal's gonna wake ME up in the middle of the night, he'd better darned well have something on his mind other than plain ol' wrestling!

I'd love to pick on Annie about the Yankees, but I still have the scar from our last go 'round :)

Diva... wrestling can be fun...

WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOO wish I could, but I have no way to get there. :-( Boo hoo! I appreciate it more than you know, though, Punkin. *SNIFFSNIFFSNIFF*

Now, you see, Prof - I did say "plain ol'" wrestling. I KNOW there's fun to be had in it. And I like to lose. Losing IS winning as far as I'm concerned. ;-)

You have a nice blog.

*swipes keys from rack*

(smooth guy) "Yo, Baby, you lookin' fine! Check it out *dangle keys* I gots a fine ride!"

(frightened girly) "You want me to take a ride with you, in a 30-foot Box Truck, that you're stealing? OK, sure! Hey, before we head off let's open the back door and see what kinda cool stuff we'll get!"

*shove, close, lock*

Or better yet, CJ - the cooler.

*shove, close, lock, dial 911*

Just dropped in to see what condition the blog was in................. Hey guys..still funny as ever.

Or better yet, CJ - the cooler.

*shove, close, lock, dial 911...*

...in the morning.

Droppin in to check on y'all. Nice to see you Jazzzeeee, I rarely see you anymore! Hey there to you too, Punkin Poo! And of course, everyone else.

CTProf, I haven't officially welcomed you, but I'm glad to see ya around. Any friend of Siouxie is weird, oops, I mean a friend of mine.

Hi Casey! Thanks, and I agree... weird is accurate :)


casey??? LOL thanks...I think ;-)

Suz, I know you too well!

jes ju du!! Prof is just as weird nice ;-P

He fits right in!

Thanks for paraphrasing, steak. And darn bot.

hehe. So, looks like there is a lot of frustration on the blog today. Annie hasn't been around either, think she got banned again?

Where is everyone? Is there a party somewhere else I haven't been invited to? I promise, I'll break out the deoderant if I get invited. I only use it for special occasions, ya know.

I'm also allergic to machetes, so I have to be nice to Siouxie and she knows it.

Jeez, Suz has the biggest arsenal of anyone I know. Strappy high heels, cowgirl boots, duct tape, the list goes on and on. Be afraid Prof, be very afraid.

LOL casey I know.

*Points out years' worth of scars*

House (probably a re-run) in 7 minutes, featuring Sio as the Cubana that swims the Florida Straits just to be abused by the guy with a limp. I have missed so many episodes, it counts as new to me!

Heh. Back in folks! Who's servin' what tonight?

HEY!!! I resemble that remark!!

CJ - today is the FINALE of HOUSE!!

Guess since you didn't jump at that, Siouxie, you're still celebrating.

*dons appropriate serving attire and hops pertly behind the blogbar*

Who's up for a coupla jugs mugs?

*looking innocent* jugs of what?

Moonshine, o' course! ;-)

Ok gimme 2

*passes a pair of full jugs over to the Prof*

Anything to go with that? I mean, that's two big handfuls you got there, now.



Ah, yes the "learned spanglish in drama school" Cubans!

"Honey, I told djou not to stop yo 'art arou' House! Now djou has to bleed ang bo'nce arou' so mucho...."

You might need a mojito to counter that, CJ.

*passes a fresh one down the bar*

Well, it seems I got did today.

*rereads comment*

Oh. My mistake.


well now....is it just me, or are others mystified as well. I post a comment here and get enmeshed in the blogbot HELL, forced to squint and guess at exactly what freakkin letters and numbers are posted...THREE TIMES....and somehow, some shoe spammer or game spammer slips thru the bot?

Oh, and by the way, Your Blogness...no criticism implied....merely an observation....

Ok, sorry... I guess those were a little more than I could handle. *pulling myself off the floor*

AFKAT - it's not The Blog's fault - it's a thing, so I'm sure they aren't taking any offense.

And YES! It's mystifying and annoying as hell to the rest of us. We ALL hate the bot. *sigh*

'Diva, dos mojitos, por favor. I don't think one will be enough.

Prof! those jugs are deadly!!

I'll have my regular Chardonnay, please...

*adjusts skirt and blouse*

They usually are. But sooo satisfying, don'tcha think? *smirks*

*returns behind the bar and mixes two mojitos for Wes and pours a lovely Chardonnay for Siouxie*

Served with a smile, kids! And deadly? I don't think so. Certainly potent, but not deadly.

I'll let you know once my head stops spinning.

*Hands Siouxie her wine of choice*

There are entirely too few snide comments about House, tonight.

Look bot-folks, you know I've been around for awhile. Drop those cr@p firewalls and adware filters and adapt. Currently, TrendMicrosystems works, with Ace Utilities for malware. That will probably change as the bad guys adapt. Cheap, good stuff. If you see me having problems, it's starting to interfere with work, not posting links, so solving it is critical. I have had problems and they are resolved.

*sips her vino* thanks Diva!

and hola, blurk!

Hey, blurk! Nearly missed you there! Anything I can get you? ;-)

Thank you, Diva. Aaaaaah...nice.

Ahem. The mojitos. The others are nice, too.

Hey, Sioux!

Sure, Diva...since I didn't get did I'll just have the usual. Beam and spit.

thanks, Prof!!now I have two glasses...time to keep drinking ;-)

I did spit a few posts back there. *passes a JB to blurk* And if you're looking to get did, I could always spend some time blurking, too. ;)

Thanks, Wes! I'm pleased you think so!


Fabulous! Just terrific. The casting of the husband was awful, especially for anybody that has met a Cuban male, but apart from that, House was terrific. Don't tell me if there are other programs as good as that, because I don't want to be tempted to watch more TV.

Also, what a way to end a season... talk about guts!

DAMN SPAMMER!!! And just when I was gettin' ready to blurk for a bit. >:(

so who's still here?


I'm still here, that's who! What did you do on your Memorial Day?

Too funny. My Mom has a cousin that live in Wasilla. My grandfather took me for a two week trip to Alaska when I graduated from college and we stayed there. Absolutely beautiful country! For a SoCal kid, the experience of a lifetime. Anyway, the night we got there, we drove from Anchorage to Wasilla in pouring down rain and it was pitch black. When we got to the place we were staying, their entry way was ankle deep in water. So John T. loads up a pistol and goes out and shoots a few holes in the floor to drain it. Welcome to Alaska! Other highlights of the trip include halibut fishing off the Kenai and seeing a crazy guy at the end of town in Wasilla who had a safe house for UFO drivers and had countless signs he could attach to his truck, drive into Anchorage, and protest the government. Very interesting...

CJ! I agree!! I LOVE HOUSE!!!

WYO!!!!! meet my great friend CTProf!! he's a bit drunken after a couple of jugs.

*takes her "drink of choice" with both hands and sips on it slowly*

oh dear...time for the duct tape

I'm blurking from the shadows. Just popping in and out.

Hi friends.!!! xoxoxoxo.

Diva, I worked, thanks for bringing that up! $$

($ is punctuation for sarcasm, btw.)

Sioux, nothing wrong with a "bit drunken." been there myself. once or twice on occasio ummmmmmm... been there.

Med!!!! come join us! no blurking!!

Nice to meet you Wyo... and I'm less drunk and more a little on the shell shocked side. Scroll up.

uh..I didn't mean not to do blurk...he seems to be a bit upset that he didn't get did.

*croaky voice* Hey. Blurking, too. Feel like death warmed over. Make mine a Vixen 44 (Vicks 44 cough syrup and seltzer) and float to Bayer in it please, Diva.

Sioux - what's wrong with blurkin'? ;-)

Hey, Med.

Sorry, Wyo - didn't mean to bring up any negatives. :-( Wouldja like a consolation drink?

I'm around Wyo. Nice to finally meet you on the blog at the same time. I'm usually long gone by the time you sign on.

How's the job, the house, the weather, the wife, the kids, everything? I miss you around here!

Sorry to hear that Scott. Seems to be going around. Feel better!

DD, nothing wrong with blurkin'...we've all done it ;-)

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