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May 30, 2007



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Yeah, low fat milk is no bigie. It tastes as bad as some beers....

Can they genetically modify it to make yogurt?
With blueberries?
What about chocolate milk?

Er, I meant biGGie. Being starstruck from the Sandusky article, I omitted a G. I'm not sure if bigie is a word.

I'm with Howard. Chocolate milk! or cocoa.

Modified to make yogurt?
I don't know, Howard.
I imagine that would be a mite bit uncomfortable for the cow during the milking process... .

Okay, let's leave out the blueberries.

Any company named ViaLactica is suspect. Is that a combo between viagra and lactaid? OMG! The images that conjures.

stands in line for the beer cow. not to be mistaken for the beer bull, because that would just be wrong.

But what if it was low-alchohol beer?
T'iz flyin in the face o' nachure....

Can we add some malt powder and shake her up a bit while we're at it?

> ViaLactica's chief scientist Russell Snell
> was cited as saying that Marge's calves produce
> low-fat milk naturally.

I thought milk came from a cow's udders...

"Marge's Calves" WBAGNFA Simpson's episode.

On second thought, no, it wouldn't.

I have GOT to tell my sister about this. When she was little, she believed chocolate milk came from chocolate (brown) cows. How can I get her to buy this 1% cow thing? *snork*

Um, gee, scientists, who cares? I mean, how much more convienient can you get when the fat on cow's milk rises to the top where you can easily skim it off and have butter, that apparently sells too?! If it were the other way around they would be estatic to find a cow who produces milk with cream that rises to the top that could handily be skimmed off to make butter...blah, blah.

And if the vacuum tube were invented today it would be hailed as a major new advance in power amplification.
(Sorry, I'm an engineer. We're all weird.)

Where is the cow that makes rich chocolatey ovaltine. I guess it is the one that has the special coded message on its spots.

Then the strawberry and caramel cow needs to be found. Genetic engineering has never tasted so good.

"vud ju like sum varm milk??"

Umm, no.

Perty soon we gonna have some pot in ev'ry chikin an' a beercow in ev'ry barn: What this world comin' to?

Beer. It does a body good.


Miss T

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