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May 25, 2007



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The words "steamy," "tryst," and "toilet" do NOT belong together.

In fact "toilet" alone does not belong with either of those two words. Nuh uh. Nope.

Why doesn't someone throw a net over her and send her back to Louisiana or where ever she is from.

Where are her kids?

How about "lav?" ;-) (Old MHC member...)

Why can't they go up on the roof like everyone else?

Oh, and YAY!! Siouxie!

*thwockity pshhh thwockity pshhhh

'uhmmm ... can I get in here?'

*thwocki .. thowcki ..."


Sympathies to the bodyguards; I'm sure they'd much rather have been watching the folks on the roof; or even the python swallowing the bunny rabbit, for that matter. (see previous 2 posts)

The words "steamy," "tryst," and "toilet" do NOT belong together.

Posted by: DeskDiva | 11:32 AM on May 25, 2007

But, if you add "Spears" to that group of words it is suddenly appropos, no?

*Waves @ Hammie*!!

(pssssssst...wrong thread but thanks) ;-)

Toliet Tryst WBAGNFARB

Diva! How was the movie?

SiouxieQ - you are having a superb week. Come sit next to me so the good karma will rub off. :)


PS - Go back and read my last post from last night's last thread. I'm stakin' claim. ;-) Tee hee!


PS - Go back and read my last post from last night's last thread. I'm stakin' claim. ;-) Tee hee!

Med!! yes...so far! You will probably see this sometime tonight the way this is going.

*plops @ss down next to you*

Folks - I have set up a separate thread called BOTFOCKED at the Blogits site.

Those of you who want to have some blogging fun today and don't want to worry about the bot, please join us there. You will need to "turn" pages to follow the thread, but it's soooo much better than this today. We can come back when the bot is fixed.

Ummmm....by the way, all - if you see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, stay past the credits....

I believe it's feexed...

testes...one two

*SNORK* @ testes one, two ;)

Honey, I never snork at two....

OK people!! you can come out and play now....

*comes out*

No, not that way (NTTAWWT). I have a wife...
(how many times will this post???)

*is learning to read the url's before double clicking them*

Well, when I tried to sign in, TypePad wouldn't let me for awhile. Hope it gets feexed and stays feexed!

And WHY would Ryan Phillippe turn from Reese Witherspoon to TWATNEY? Wouldn't that be like leaving a five-star restaurant to go dumpster-diving for half-eaten McNuggets?

YAY...people! typepoop sucks the big one!!

Seriously - Chris, Siouxie, Med, et al....come play with other Dave blogits on the off-site forum. NO BOT!! It's a lot more fun than watching typepoop run in circles all day.

*makes googly eyes*

that offsite bot was cute!! as for the topic at hand. BLEAH, patooeeey. feh, feh, feh.

Geez, getting here is like pulling teeth today.

I posted a couple of things on there, Diva.

Kibby - that's a legitimate URL for an off-blog forum that Clean Hands and Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy set up 3 months ago or so. We NEVER EVER have bot issues, cuz we don't use one. :-)

Everybody who's on that community is a member of this one as well - CJRun, crossgirl, Nurse Tammy, me, ArcticAl, mudstuffin, Just Ducky, OtheUmanity - just to name a few. We love it there, but of course we live over here, too. You're all welcome to join us.

We may not have cookies, but we also do not have the BOT!!!

Hey Prof!!! finally got here I see...I think it's fixed now.

Hey Siouxie! I'm here for now. It's been kind of a busy day here.

Hey, Siouxie! Happy Birthday yesterday! My eldest gurlchild graduated last night, so yesterday was a zoo. Have a mojito, *clink* Here's to gettin'em growed up!

We had firewall "issues" all morning so now we're basically bypassing that. Then I come here and THIS is down. Hopefully it'll stay. LOL you'll get to know how much we LOVVVVVVVVVVE the bot when it focks us.

Not a very nice welcome for you on your first "official" day here, Prof.

bali! thanks, girl!! *clink* btw...meet my very good friend and newbie...CTProf!

Hiya, Prof! Sorry I had to bail on y'all last night, but eye candy in buccaneer boots awaited.... ;-)

How'd you like your first night around these parts? I did notice you got simuled left and right, you lucky dog!!


Ode to the bot: (a similar version once posted on the 24 thread)

Get your fingers typing
Better watch what you say
Look out—you’ll be censured
And the bot won’t let you play
Yeah CH knows it can happen
Take your words into cyberspace
Fire off the wrong term just once
And get banned from Dave’s place

Now the bot is frightening
Every little blunder
Gets somebody banned
You don’t know why; you just wonder
Yeah Siouxie knows it can happen
Take your words into cyberspace
Fire off the wrong term just once
And get banned from Dave’s place

Yes, the bot's so hostile
And we’re sore, sore and we're riled
Bot’s like Captain Bligh
Just makes you want to cry

Sore, and we're riled
Sore, and we're riled...

*revs Harley seductively*



HAPPY BIRTHDAY MM!!! we will share a bday drink (or 5) next week!!

*snork* at Vic!

Thanks, Siouxie! Happy B-Day, mm!

Firewall issues? And did you fix that yourself??

Hiya Diva... I had fun last night. I think I'm gonna like it here. But Siouxie says I have to behave.

Happy Birthday over here, too, Mags!!! ;-) Hope it's a swwwweeeelll one!

Nah...called the expert ;-) we did it all via phone.

and YES you have to behave! I do (*whistles*)

CTProf, are you sure she didn't say something like "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." instead of "behave yourself"? I know people who think the first is the same as the second but depending on the attitude and actions of the person saying the first it could really free you up to do a whole lot.

Oh, pooh, Siouxie. He does not have to behave. SOME of the rest of us don't. ;-)

By the way, you said you were originally from CT, but what area are you in now?

... and if Siouxie says it, well, almost anything goes! Right, Siouxie?

You should have called me. I would have fixed... uhh... hmm nevermind.

Nah Scott, she knows me too well, so she was VERY specific! It was definitely BEHAVE or else.

Diva, I live in Central FL

*SNORK* @ Scott. ExACTly!

Yes, of course you have to behave. How is entirely up to you, though.

Welcome, CT.

And Happy Birthday to mm.... mmmmmmmm ........ birthday cake....

And *SNORK*@ SteppenDuck!

SCOTT!! sheesh. my rep!

Prof, I know YOU could have feexed me up LOL

Ah, OK. Hm. Darn that Siouxie! Well, if you DON'T wanna behave....Hm. We'll have to think of something. ;-)

My mom's outside of Tampa and I used to live in Punta Gorda, so I've been a Floridian, too.

Meanie, this is my friend CTProf. Prof...Meanie. (he ain't so mean).

Scott, he knows I'll hurt him ;-)

Thanks Meanie! But, how I behave is usually entirely dependent how many beers I've had.

Thanks, Meanie!

When my son was very young, I must have told him to "behave" about 100 times one day. He finally looked up at me and said, "I AM being have!"

That became a standard phrase around our house!

But, Siouxie, your rep is golden, here!

JD, that's a good one. Kids pick up proper grammar and still get it wrong sometimes. Ain't English wonderful?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shiny

*snork* @ being haved

*HUGESNORK!!* at the "Ninas Hoes" link!!! And here I thought you were going to be maligning Siouxie's character! ROFLMAO!!!

*blink, blink* Moi?

Hey, Prof, if your behavior is dependent on your beers....drink up!

I would never malign Siouxie's character! I don't think that su.so.ca is far enough away to be safe if I ever did that!!!

Seriously Scott:

Nina Shoes
Ninas Hoes

Wouldn't you snork, too?



If I'd seen it that way first, sure.

*perks up*

Hey, at least someone saw it. Thanks! *smooches*

*smooches back*

If Annie has taught me one thing it's "hover twice, click once."

Too true, Diva. Too true. I just googled "shoes online strappy gold" and *bingo*. Google is my friend.

Hm. I may have run the Prof off. I'm hoping it was the bot, though.

Nah..DD..he doesn't scare that easily! He's probably tied up.

Ooh. I like that thought! *grins ferally*

And ya know, Sio - if he meets with your approval, he MUST be a good guy. :-) Thanks for bringing us fresh meat a new friend.

On the day that Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, elderly Daisy Williams nee Fuller is on her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital. At her side is her adult daughter, Caroline. Daisy asks Caroline to read to her aloud the diary of Daisy's lifelong friend, Benjamin Button.

Benjamin's diary recounts his entire extraordinary life, the primary unusual aspect of which was his aging backwards, being born an old man who was diagnosed with several aged diseases at birth and thus given little chance of survival, but who does survive and gets younger with time. Abandoned by his biological father, Thomas Button, after Benjamin's biological mother died in childbirth, Benjamin was raised by Queenie, a black woman and caregiver at a seniors home.

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