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May 20, 2007


(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr, who openly admits: "I used to think she was cute and sexy.")


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First to say, time to go back to rehab...

"Tarmac Tantrums" wbagnfarb

Woo-hoo! My second first.

Oh yeah...read about this and almost sent it in. Apparently she prefers her lady danglies sitting on leather.

3rd! Now I guess I'd better read the article:

"don't you know who I used to be?"

What a spoiled brat Brittany is! Now, if she'd complained about the legroom in the coach seats of the plane, I might have sympathized. But she's probably never flown anything but first class her entire life.

"Don't you know who I think I am?"

and *snork/eeew" @ Siouxie.

guess she can't afford a private jet anymore and is now force to fly commercial like the rest of us little peoples.

All is forgiven, though, because of the Jeter ad on the left. Helloooo, Derek!

*adds a 'd' up there*

Well at least maybe Dave and the Florida Blogits were spared having her in their state as she missed her flight.

I'm off to see Shrek 3. I might even take the kids.

there is some part of me that's sayin', it's sad to have so little life of my own, that I take interest in what a spoiled, self-centered brat who needs her a$$ whupped was up to.

wait a minute, I do have a life! I simply neglected to schedule something terribly important for tonight.

Indeed, Annie, you are a true baseball fan.

Sioux, I did get a letter (finally) from LBFF. Thanks for your help.

Nasty spoiled little B!tch...she must be having an allergic reaction to all that silicone. Hmmm...delay of flight for frivilous reason...getting close to "criminal charge" territory there, Twitney...trying to share a cell with Paris, perhaps???

Annie, you'll love it!!!

My wife and daughter are off seein' Shwrek tonight.

I'm stayin' home a little closer to the beer.

If I had been on that plane, I would've been happy with a delay as long as they let her outta there. Can you imagine if she had flipped out mid-flight? She might've pulled her hair out or something. Ooh, too late for that.

(I never claimed to be a nice person.)

Al, as far as I know she DID make it to Orlando. SoBe was next. I'm sooooooo sorry I'll miss it. That cheese really needs looking after.

Wyo, it's ok ;-) glad to have helped.

She ought to be in a trailer park with her danglies hanging out the bottom of a broken lawn chair.

The rest of the plane were just happy they didnt have to smell her toxic feet.

"..the Jeter ad on the left."

C'mon, annie, don't you know advertisers use cookies on your computer to track your interests, and feed you ads accordingly? That's why you have Jeter, and I have pastrami.

So that's why I got Pamela Anderson...

("Leaving On A Jet Plane")

all my bags are packed, my people say
the lip-synching stuff is on its way
when i see something that just give me the shakes

the seats they have are naugahyde
for my a$$ to sit there, some cow must die!
just how much crap do they think that i will take?

so kiss me, not too close please
your clothes i'll need for when i sneeze
making people wait is what i do!

i'm leaving off this jet plane
don't think i'll fly those guys again
my fame, has got so low...

remember when i use to 'sing'
and i really was the next new thing?
now i'm not as mature as my oldest child

now when knocked up, i'm drying out
or my few brain cells i'm frying out
would it help if k-fed and i were reconciled?


Lol, insom and al, but I have to say...I'm with Ted.

now I'm really upset about that Viagra ad.

well done, insom

I have the Derek ad too.

Yankee game on ESPN in 45 minutes - hooray!

Got me a ticket to an aeroplane
Sat down next to old whats-er-name
Panties left at home
Dangly bits exposed
That Britney, she stuck to the leather.

LMAO and EWWWW Stevie!! (we're on the same tract though...scary!)

Won't work on me -- I've been refusing doubleclick.net cookies for years; that outfit is not to be trusted. So, I'm getting a Continental Airlines ad, and I can't remember the last time I flew them...

They have leather seats on airplanes?!

Jack Bauer is on the Simpsons!

YES! Are we blogging The Simpsons on this thread?

I'll make a note on the other threads!

Where is everyone? We TALKED about this!

So this is the official Simpsons/24 liveblog thread?

I'm in.

don't know DD.

Well, it is now!!

And look! A canister! Can Marwan be far behind?!

Apparently they brought in the Official "24" Scriptwriting Team for this particular Simpsons episode; they're repeating the canisters plot from Season Five.

I'm here! I love the intro with Keifer!

Special time for 24 tomorrow!

*SNORK* Wes!

Me thinks you're right!


HA! The mole!

oohhh a mole!!!

martin's a mole!

Ooh, right! Thanks for the reminder, Steve!

****SNNNOOOOORRRRKKKK***** @ Chloe!!!!

look at all these psychic simuls!!

Moe as Morris with the drill!


does ahmed adoody drive a superduty?

Even 24-themed commercials! EXCELLENT!!!

Always through the ventilation system.

Shoot him in the thigh!!

Martin isn't going to make it when that yogurt gets released in that room....

And now TORTURE! This is more action than we've seen in some of the actual "24" episodes this season!

there's uter!

Oh, Wes. I know.

*SNORK* @ the leftover kids in the ventilation system.

A Class 5 Stench Dispersal Unit! OMG - THAT's what the writers have been using this season!!!!

hot dog water... LOL

and an auto-wedgie!

*snork* at the Suicidal Wedgie of Doom...

self-wedgie! Better than being in that room with the stink bomb


LMAO the cake!


Um...Steve? You ARE going to summarize this episode, right? RIGHT?!

*puts on innocent sweet and pleading face above well-displayed ramparts*

no gun play or leg shots?

Best line: "Oh, I'm just glad you taste like hotdogs!"

Second best line: "It's OK. That was Shelbyville."

PS - Did anyone else notice how phallic the nuclear explosion looked at first? No? OK, then.

Let me make a note: the new Harry Potter movie comes out June 13...and it looks freakin' awesome.

It just may be worth spending nine bucks a ticket to go see it...


Better than the real season this year.

See ya tomorrow for the big show! (Don't forget! Special time!)

Wes, me and my girls (daughters not ramparts, although the ramparts are there as well), always make it on the first day they come out. It does look awesome.

man do I feel like a moron....wait, I am. Hey, nobody go to the next thread unless you want to find out what is up with Chloe.

*SNORK* @ Steve's summary. :)


Yea, Wes. Can't wait. I'm a big HP fan too. Wrote up some predictions for the next book a couple of weeks ago on the blog. Gonna miss it when it is over.

RICK!!! I even put a note out ther! DUDE, WHERE WERE YOU??!!

TOLD ya, Rick!

Pissedly (cuz she knows she's gonna have to fight the bot to do it) tosses self an e.

I was late getting on and didnt read where things were...just started posting like a drunk shoe selling crack addled young Hollywood stars.

starlet...damn I cant type sober.

Did anyone else notice how phallic the nuclear explosion looked at first? No? OK, then.

dd-sometimes a nuke is just a nuke - sigmund oppenheimer

Well, then get on yer IM for some more intelligent conversation. Got your message about last night's concert. Sounds COMPLETELY AWESOME!! (Especially the seating.)

Well, insom, smoke 'em if you hate 'em.


ok, everybody moved again....*kicks the crap out of own self. Followed by Bot doing it as well.*

"sometimes a nuke is just a nuke - sigmund oppenheimer"

Veddy clevah, insom.

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