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May 30, 2007



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Was it a low-flow experience?

doesn't this kid have any handlers watching out for her? tsk, tsk.

Was just thinking that crossgirl.

Public Vomiting (GNFARB) is the new black.

Newspaper editors around the country are double-checking her filed obituary.

Kinda sad, really.

I feel very sorry for this poor kid, she obviously has no sense of responsibility and no morals. Another case of a parent seeing their kid as a meal ticket and thrusting them into the limelight without equipping them for all the bad side effects. Pass the gumballs please.

I am just waiting for some of the spew to be auctioned on eBay. You know it will happen.

Where are the important details? Who wrote this article? Any identifiable chunks?


Oh, the power of suggestion.


she can join Lohan back at rehab!

Talk about being beaten to the punch. I was going to say...

"Britney's Vomit Covered Shoes" WBAGNFARB and a hot item on EBay."

...But I was way too late. Please ingore this post.

And you can ignore it too.

Oh, now, who among us hasn't hurled at a snazzy nightclub?

Anyone? Hello?

Eh, nevermind...

Mot said:

...she obviously has no sense of responsibility and no morals.
Maybe she should run for President!

This is sickeningly disgusting in so many ways ... wanna feel some compassion and/or pity, but it's not easy to do ... sorry for semi-quasi-serious thots ...

That poor poor girl. All the fame and money in the world and she still is not happy. But you are right crossgirl, where were her handlers?

Maybe she should run for President! --- Jon
But that would mean that she would be running against Dave Barry for President - Yes of the United States!

Why is it celebrities refuse to admit to depression until after they've "recovered""? Admiting it earlier might help people better understand the problem, have less trouble admiting they have similar problems, and seek help sooner.
/serious stuff

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