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May 31, 2007


Here we see Steve King and Ridley Pearson getting some tips on writing from judi.


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Living the rock and roll lifestyle!

It is really odd seeing Judi (the Pseudo-Dave) without Walter.

I take it there is a clause in the band's contract which specifies that the hotel rooms must be stocked with out-of-focus fruit.

Huzzah for the Crapcam!

Walter could be hiding in her luggage. I wonder what the TSA would say about that?

That is exactly what I picture rock bands doing after a concert. With fruit. Y'all were really good! I don't mean to sound like I am surprised, but I am surprised! *waves to judi*

**SNORK** @ 8 9 and Nurse Tammy!!

The TSA would confiscate Walter. Purely for oosik research purposes, of course. Oh, did I mention that of course it would be a female TSA Officer?

Walter had to stay home on hurricane watch and to feed Preci.

Yay, judi!

judi!! I'm sooooooooooooo jealous!! SK RIGHT THERE!!!! OMG I WOULD DIE!!

uh...and well Ridley's cool too ;-)

*waves to judi* (lucky byotch!!)

i don't know siouxie, sk has a guilty look on his face...where's the rest of the band?

where are all the groupies?

neither guy seems particularly open to instruction.

cg, ya think something evil and horrific happened to them?? maybe he's researching for a new novel....hmmm

wicked, I'm NOT there. dang it!

I'm with Siouxie. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG SK is right there. Which is probably why I wasn't invited. Notice how Judi is sitting on the other side of the room apparently completly cool with this detail. Maybe if SK had rock hard abs and no shirt she'd notice him?

judi, give SK a hug from me!! (his #1 (hehe) fan!)

That newspaper SK is reading... it wouldn't be an EVIL newspaper, would it? Like USA Today? With opinion poll pie charts that inadvertently summon demons?


So you didn't get to sleep in but you look like you're having fun. Were you at the studio?

And that fruit looks staged to me.

OMG! Be still my heaving bazoomage!! SK in person, lounging!!!

I swear I am his #1 FAN!

entertaining the image of sk with "rock hard abs and no shirt".........."
mufled snorks

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I wanna be judi!!!!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I wanna be siouxie cuz at least you get to go to the concert!!!

WTG, judi! Hangin' with the writer studs.

This is the FIRST picture I've ever seen of SK where he didn't scare the cr@p out of me.

Dave gets to call Mr. King "Steve." With a V no less. Of course, if he called him "Stephe", Mr. King would have to write a novel about how a writer killed another writer because of a silly little typo.

El, he's not so bad ;-)

I get his newletters and the logo is a closeup of his evil eyes! pretty neat.

*admits to be a bit disturbed* and I blame SK!

I suppose we're not allowed to discuss Mr. King's choice of foot apparel, right? Of course, I do not mean to imply that there's anything wrong with what appears to be loafers worn with jeans...

Please, Gals, I've seen Stephen King at a convention. He apparently has just one outfit - the one he's wearing.Although I believe when he was in New York in February, he was wearing sneakers...
Let me check at my blog's pictures. Hang on a second...

I see we ordered the Rock Star Fruit Plate.

psst, schade, we were politely not mentioning the footwear. that was one of the first things that i noticed. but then, i'm like that. men..shoes are important!!

I secretly believe that Judi is the ghostwriter for all those authors. I really do.

Yep, sneakers....

i heard s.k. filled out the 'how was our service?' card... the maid read it and her hair turned white.

she had been 'insanitized through her inspection'...

If it were bunny slippers (as in Real Genius) I wouldn't have had to say anything.

Well that explains the ending to the Dark Tower 8^P

Man, how does Stephen King rate getting to sit there with Judi and Ridley?

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just realized that, approximately 29 hours from now, I will know what Stephen King smells like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pictures SK reading this and putting my name on "the list of crazy people to avoid"*

****SNORKKKKK**** @ Punkin. I love you, Punkin. REALLY!!!!

Stephen King has the best stories.

And not just the Dark Tower Series.

Punkin, be sure to describe that experience in detail.

*kicks rocks*

Dang it, dang it, dang it that I didn't win the tickets to the concert. I'm so stinkin jealous overjoyed for all my blog friends that get to go.

*unpacks collection of unsigned SK first editions and pouts*

Cheryl, you'll be missed.

For others, I'll be the one standing there with the crapcam when Steve's security (which may or may not include Mrs. Steve) wrestles Punkin to the ground and drags her away.

Of course, that will give Siouxie a clear shot...


Look at Judi just sitting there, as if she's not in a room with three of the world's hottest rock stars. Phhbbbt. :-)

So, let's see if I've got this -- Steve and Ridley are Judi's groupies, right?

So, did Siouxie or Punkin win the contest? Or, was it judi?

I expected that Mr. King would be typing today's novel.

Not to give away any secrets or anything - and it is NOT mentioned under "events" on davebarry.com - but according to today's NY Daily News [page 48] under Saturday, June 2 it says:

Dave Barry at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center.

Is this true Dave? judi? Is this a real event or a phantom one? Since the next book tour (yes, New York is a stop) is listed for the Fall, what is Dave signing?

And if this is a real event, what time is it?

Jeff!! you just revealed my evil plan to get Punkin arrested so I'd be the one "saving" SK!


*sharpening pointy bra to hug Jeff with*

Punkin!!! email me the hotel info!!! LOL

I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wanted the No-Tell Motel, on 42nd Street, right???

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah that's the one ;-)

i was in hotel w/ a celeb once.. jack daniels was in between my legs and two guys were trying to wrestle for him..


It's a 3 H day today but no worries (as our Aussies friends say) as tonight is the night (as Mr. Stewart said).

Sorry, haven't had my coffee yet.

Punkin & Siouxie, WAKE UP!!! Rise & shine.

Time to start stalking.

*rope - check*

*binoculars - check*

*feathers (don't ask) - check*

Yup, I'm up and ready, Jeff!!!!!!!

*taser? check*

*bulletproof shorts? check*

*case of tequila? check*

Looks like someone picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue.

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