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May 16, 2007


You may be asked to go through several times.

(Thanks to Ken)


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Now to read the article.

An Arnold Movie Moment becomes reality. How long until we become destroyed by our technology?

Why would anyone want to give up the possibility of being frisked? Mmmmm....

I'll bet the inventor of this "security device" ordered the X-Ray Glasses sold in the ad pages of DC comics when he was a kid, and knew he could do better.

I really don't think they will be looking at the faces anyway, so why bother saying they will be blurred?

*throws gumball @ Heinrich*

I can tell from your body scan that you haven't had one in a while.

Oh, I'm sorry our machine seems to be working oddly. Can you, say, I don't know, bend over on your way through next time. No, no particular reason, but I think the machine works better that way. Uh, you can really get a, uh, better reading.

"Looks like SOMEBODY could use a little more fiber is their diet."

I would think the easier scan in an Amsterdam airport would be to look for those people that aren't smuggling drugs out of the country (because who in their right mind would try to bring them in, that's like trying to smuggle beer into Canada). If this electro-depantsifier emits any sort of Alarming Klaxon of Guilt when it detects someone leaving Amersterdam with a nickel bag of weed tucked up their no-no, that's got to be the loudest airport security area since Paula Abdul was denied First Class.

Think Crink!

too many people still reading about the treadmill to care i think

...again, i'm glad i'm skinny...

*Vaultsnork* @ WJC. Dude! Electro-depantsifieer! I'm SOOO renaming my car!!

Hmmm...would you like fries with that?

Ho-hum. Until Zooey Deschanel arrives in Amsterdam, anyway.

*snork* @ Siouxie!

Wow! What is that body trying to get on an airplane with? It looks like an S&M outfit...

I'm with Annie... that passenger is trying to smuggle a link sausage breakfast. Fiber!

No way I'm giving up the chance of being frisked.

I think I'd prefer being frisked, but I really, really hate it when I hear the *snap* of a latex glove behind me...


AFKAT- at least they are warming the lube in the Atlanta airport now...

That X-ray linked by Siouxie is almost a verbatim punchline from a really old (and quite juvenile) filthy joke ... dang ... is there nothing new under the sun? No imagination? No creativity?

Or is it merely that I'm old ... um ... nevermind ...

I hope they have a special line for these travelers



THAT was not me!!

KielwerthLA - skinny comment again?? Do we need to do an intervention?

Nice article but how long until we become destroyed by our technology?...

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