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May 30, 2007


...another terrorist sqjuirrel attack.


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Last words: "The power!!!!! Aieeeeeeee foomph"

this wasn't an actual attack. the poor thing was just running away from that damn shoemonger spammer dude that keeps popping up here.

Rocky? Rocky?

You -- call 911
You -- Find the AED


No breathing, beginning CPR
30 beats / 2 breaths. 90 beats per minute rate

Sorry, I just had my workplace CPR refresher.

Fried Critter WBAGNF dinner.

Nurse Tammy, that would be the last words of a citified squirrel.

A redneck squirrel's last words would've been, "Y'all hold my beer and watch this here."

Heinrich, I have my refresher next week, Thank you, I guess I do not need to go now.

**SNORK** @ blurk. I knew guys like that in high school.

blurk, you may just be right... although I was imagining a squirrel super-villain getting it's dramatic movie-style ending, to be honest.

And now they're (not their) dropping extraneous letters into Dave's words! Those terrorist bastards!

OOPS! GOOD catch, Ladybug!! You have a keen eye. I'm in the middle of a MAJOR proofreading project wherein each item must be picture perfekt. Care to help?

A Cuban sqjuirrel would have let the city one and redneck one go first and then sat back with a ceegar & a mojito in memory of his pals.

DeskDiva, I'd love to help. It'd have to be more interesting than anything I've got on my desk today. Pass a stack of papers this way.

Juggler --
I'm afraid I might have missed something in our class. We were debating when we would just pretend to perform the process if certain cow-irkers were to need assistance.

Hey, I thought I was the only one to notice a squirrel, or other such terrorist put a j in the midst of squirrel! Good eye, Lady Bug!

*passes a curriculum vitae, a red pen, and a yellow highlighter to Ladybug*

Have at it!! :-)

Does anyone remember those hot dog cookers where you stick the hot dog between the two little prongs and turn on the electricity? That's what came to mind for me.

I take it a "squjirrel" is from a Scandinavian country?

"Skirnie virnie mit der squjirrel." - The Swedish Chef

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