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May 19, 2007


(Thanks to Howard from Broward, who notes, "It depends on what we eat.")


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trying for a triple first ... nothing to say

whoooo ... hoooo! (now I am going to read it ...)

Farts! Er, First!

What? Outdone by a Beanie on a gas thread?

*puts beano on hurricane preparedness list*

Let's see, gas, butt facials, and dung briquettes. I see a pattern here... I can die happy now.

EWWW! Meanie!! simul/fart?

*pinches nose & runs to open window*

Is there a hurricane coming that I don't know about???

and all this done without an RSS feed or anything!

Was it bad for you too, Siouxie?

*takes a deep breath of fresh air*

uh huh

sheesh, man...what ya eat last night??

I usually don't try to ruin people's mornings, sorry Siouxie/Meanie (na naa na naa na pbttt) [does a little simul-fart jig - stand back]

*Throws lit match in Beanie's direction*


Baked Beanie!

{{{{fizzles out}}}} Teaches me to cut in on the experts.

or to cut one on the experts ;-)

I think the answer to that question is, "If it's a hurricane, you'd better hope it's only gas."

*pops in*

The blog robot took to long to return to the thread. I can't remember what I read. Must not have been too memorable.

Morning all.

*pops in*

The blog robot took to long to return to the thread. I can't remember what I read. Must not have been too memorable.

Morning all.

Oh, yes, now I remember...

If the pumps nust work during/after a hurricane, do the people who operate the gas stations have to be there, or can they evacuate?

Daisymae is that the kind of pump that the judge used? It may have helped him evacuate IYKWIM...

The pumps don't work 'cos the vandals took the handles.

*snork* at Stevie, as usual. You are a beaut.

Thanx, ub. Your cultshah is showing! Ha ha ha.

Daisy: I'm LTTG, but the evacuations are of the low-lying areas. Inland areas can be badly hit by tornadoes that spin off the main storm, but that's very unpredictable and those areas don't evacuate. The inland areas often lose power, though, so evacuations can be hindered.

'hindered evacuations' wbagnfa medical symptom

Or the Mayor of a City beneath Sea Level!

*OK, I have to go to H3ll now*

Reminds me of one of Dave's articles about being in a tornado. He said something about no matter how much you care about your dog, do NOT let it inside with you during a tornado because it does terrible things to the dog's gaseous condition.

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