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May 29, 2007


If a customer wants to exceed the three-packet limit on chili sauce, don't argue.

(Thanks to judi)


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YAY judi!!

I get a little testy when I don't get my mayo...but sheesh. HAD to be Miami

*hands over Siouxie's mayo*

(*taps microphone of the blogbar karaoke machine*)

Hey, is thing on? OK, here goes:

Who is so stingy
With their weak chili sauce?

Who would ignore
Every one of your pleas?

And they even made you wait
Ten minutes in the drive-thru

Everyone knows it's Wendy's....

Uh-oh! I've got a four door vehicle with a female passenger!

Well, I will on the drive home tonight.

I wonder if that means I'm a suspect?

Sure, I'm in Kansas City and this happened in Miami but with a description that specific...

The customer fled in a brown four-door vehicle with a female passenger.


Heheh. Dave double-posted. Heheh.

um...can I HELP it if I like the chili sauce, fivver??

LOL good one Wes!

I'm so tired of the word "disgruntled" being used incorrectly:
Adj. 1. disgruntled - in a state of sulky dissatisfaction

I'm sorry, but SHOOTING SOMEONE goes beyond being sulky and dissatisfied. If he was disgruntled, he would have moped out the door shuffling his feet.
How about "irate" or "bellicose"?

well then, what does gruntled mean? is it a word?

"I'm not responsible for anyone's gruntlement." - Henry Blake

I think I read once that when hansel got disgreteled he was sort of disgruntled.

judi got posted!!!!

How cool is that?!??!! :)

YAY judi!

As I tried to post several hours ago (I really hate pypetad):

Manager: "Sorry, bro, it's company policy that..."

Customer: "Say hello to my little friend."

No one could put these things quite like dear old Henry, could they, insom? :-)

I wonder if this guy also wanted a chicken salad sandwich, hold the chicken, toast the bread?

Looks like my smiley face has a splitting headache.

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