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May 31, 2007


Be  ready.


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Next film: Snakes in an ICU

Well, that bypass went well for him, apparently.

We're ready.

Feisty old guy. I probably just would have stayed in bed and let the nurse kill it.

*snork* at postop patients.

Mornin' Prof!!! still hiding?? ;-P

Nah I'm not hiding. The old guy already killed the snake.

Oh wait... you mean am I still hiding from you? Should I be?? *G*

LOL from lil' sweet innocent moi????

Oh, dear. Here, Prof. You can hide behind ME. ;-)

LOL thanks Diva. She doesn't pull off innocent very well does she?

HEY!!! now now...I can be.

Uhh... when?? ;)

*snork* Um. Maybe when demons ice skate, Sioux.

pffffffffft to the both of you!!

You love me and you know it LOL

uh huh...sure...like I love a hole in the head! I love both of yas...yep!

LOL now there's the Siouxie I know!

So, a post about snakes turns into a Siouxie love-fest. Count me in.

Siouxie, both my daughters have done the LoL thing, too. (Hey, a new definition of LOL!) My hair never grows long enough. Oh, well.

Hey Scott! yeah..I'm pretty proud of her as this was HER idea. SHe looks adorable with the short hair anyways. I never grow mine that long.

Well if we're gonna hijack a thread, may as well be an older one ;-)

Siouxie, any thread is fair game. 'Sides, since both The Blog and the SB are going to be gone this weekend I'm guessing that we'll be hijacking any thread multiple times. (Not that you have to worry 'bout that!)

vipera berus anagrams to PA BEER VIRUS. I think we have more than snakes in the ICU to worry about.

Hmm. LoL? The hair on the top of my head is far too short, but perhaps my beard could be used. It is a bit bristly.

The Cardiology Unit at The Hospital in Ogulin, Croatia: We guarantee that if you don't have heart problems when you show up, you will by the time you leave.

If that had happened in the US, you'd have been discharged immediately. If you feel good enough to beat a snake to death, you're healthy enough to go home.

Crikie! Glad they didn't use that innovative medical technique on me on my trip to the hospital this week!

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