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May 29, 2007



(Thanks to Sue Jenkins)


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I wonder if they're going to go with the dynamite again. Anyone in Oregon have a video camera?

*grabs dynamite*
*starts humming the ballad of the green berets*


Please tell me again just why oceanfront property is so valuable...


At least I have my towel.

Something weird just happened. I swear I'm not going crazy.

sure, Stevie - what happened???

The bot got Dave. Made him post in duplicate. This item was listed twice. Then he removed one. Didn't anybody else see it?


Weren't you paying attention?

Something weird!

Lol. See - kcsteve saw it too! (Thanx bro).

LOL oh yeah...I caught that.

*cue in theme from Twilight Zone*

I saw it.

When The Blog his own self gets botfocked while shoe-spammers can get through, it's time to seriously rethink the perimeter.

Perimeter! **DRINK**
Oh, wait. It's only 1:45 here. Should I meant drink some water. Yea, that's the ticket...

Perimeter! **DRINK**
Oh, wait. It's only 1:45 here. I meant drink water. Yea, that's the ticket...

I'm officially a blogit! I got botfocked! Oh happy, happy day.

Thank you, Wes. (Phew!!!)



Micheal Moore just came in after a swim.

DANG IT! I posted on the dropped thread! Well, at least I didn't imagine it...

Quick! Somebody call the Oregon State Highway Division! They're (not there) the ones who need to take care of this! I read it in an article somewhere.

"The responsibility for getting rid of the carcass was placed on the Oregon State Highway Division, apparently on the theory that highways and whales are very similar in the sense of being large objects."

Alas, poor Edgar. I knew him Yorick.

Alas, poor Edgar. I knew him Yorick.

I'm an hour and a half away in Vancouver, WA (On the state line with Portland)

*checks list*

1. Car Keys - Check
2. Video Camera - Check

ODOT has had years to practice. This should be good! If my wife calls, I'm working late on a 'whale' of a problem. Cover for me folks.

Film at 11. Mpeg's at midnight!

They are going to do a necropsy. Why don't the look at the entire animal, not just the neck?

for all those who missed it the first time ... (here we go again!)

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