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May 29, 2007


Run. (But not to Oregon.)

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Is a monitor lizard something like a computer mouse?

I think I've had the Giant Lizard shot. It's half tequila and half lime juice, right?

First to say I'm glad I don't live there

Snakes and Squirrels and Lizards, oh my. Oh, and pidgeons and mice and armadillos, too.

Just remember, there are few interpersonal wildlife problems that cannot be solved by an appropriate application of high explosives.

Spoken as an Oregonian, of course.

Aw, poo. Stupid bot


"The Casselberry Lizards" WBAGNF an English punk band.

**SNORK** @ fivver and Death.

But should one REALLY laugh at Death?

Why not? Mrs Death does it all the time...

Why not? Mrs Death does it all the time...

Sometimes she even does it twice. *botsmack*

If they did shoot it, I'm sure it's going to be angry...


Where's young Jamison "Hogzilla Killa" Stone when you need him?

Maybe Florida authorities should give him a call.

lol@"Hogzilla Killa"

i think i went out with the casselberry lizard once. he was hanging out by a watering hole back then too.

crossgirl, we're hanging out at the wrong places...


Yes, it's been my experience that when people reptiles are shot, they tend to be very angry.

*eye roll*

Beat me to another one, Siouxie. I sent this to my brother, who lives in Portland.

It scampered?

Oooh, sounds scary!

Mr. Death, if you came to my house, would I have death at my door?

Can't you get some of those crazy drivers to run over some of these animals? I'm surprised that sharks are safe from Florida drivers!

If I gave you a dirty look, would I be staring death in the face?

If I were playing pinocle with you and renegged, would I be cheating death?

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