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May 26, 2007


Do not go into the Pacific Ocean. (This is the ocean located directly offshore.)

In fact, do not even set foot on the beach.


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All I can say is...I'm glad I ate breakfast before I looked at that picture.

*vomits a little anyway*

"There is more population of Humboldt squid than is naturally propper," Cassell said.

regardless of the number of squid in the world, this statement is entirely accurate any way you read it. well, except for the spelling part. shudders.

Did someone say calamari?

See?! This is what I'm talkin' about. I have never been attacked by a giant squid in Montana.

'Course that picture does sorta remind me of a girl I once met...

"Mass Squid Deaths" WBAGNF...uh...maybe not.

Also, Dave has apparently written a new book and didn't tell us.

*zips in*™

And I was wondering what to serve at my Memorial Day BBQ - calamari, yum!




*tee hee*

I wonder: Who was the first to find one of those things and think, yum! Let's fry it up and chow.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Just ugh! Scary!

HEY! Did you guys see who posted on the Nebraska Mom thread? Ol' Chumbucket hisself, of International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Woo Hoo!

bali - Wouldn't you think Ol'Chumbucket would post on the seamonster thread??

Arrrrr, he snacks on said seamonster. Tho I am surprised he didn't advise the vandals to spray the house with water frist, so the TP sticks better.

Oooh, yum, Med! I love calamari. They make it really well at The Cheesecake Factory.

And *sigh*. Robert Holguin. Another in a long line of reporters who cannot spell and who leave important words out of articles. WHERE THE HELL IS HIS EDITOR?!

I just forwarded this info to my son living in Santa Clarita (now in Stevenson Ranch) who has been going surfing everyday this past week (yes, in the Pacific Ocean). {Shudder}

Well, they're generally not surface dwellers, Val, so I'd think he's safe, but you never know.

I'm going with blurk on this one...I may have to deal with scorpions, very LARGE garden spiders (now living indoors), and snakes, but not once have I seen a nasty looking creature like the one on that beach...

wxgirl! Long time, no see. How the heck are ya? Has your house sold yet?

Hey, wxgurl! Next time you're 'round here for anything, we need to get together. Med and I finally met last night and had a rip-roaring good time. Much of it, of course, was spent ogling Rhodri, our de-LEC-table bartender. *sigh* YUM!

dd-where is his editor?

out on the beach, stumbling across squid...

Somethin' like that, insom. *sigh*

How's your day, so far?

luckily, we don't have dead squid washing ashore on our florida beaches -- just bales of marijuna and the occasional fried-to-a-crisp british tourist.

not bad... dead stuff on the beach reminds me of the summer when i was a kid that parents rented a beach cottage on ft. myers beach, during an outbreak of 'red tide' (not a communist detergent!). no squid, but lots of dead fish, and horseshoe crabs... didn't spend a lot of time in the water.

Geez, TD. I thought the drug washups went out with Miami Vice and rolled up cuffs on white pants.


Very wise, insom. When abouts was that? I used to live just north of there in Punta Gorda.

This is why I never go to the beach. You never know what kind of critters you're swimming with.

Well, howdy there, Prof! I wondered if I'd get to play with see you out here today. :-)

Hiya Diva. I should be in and out today. I'm just kicking back and enjoying the start of my 3 day weekend.

And you know, thinking about your statement, you sometimes have to ask the same question when you hop in the blogpool, too. *smirk*

Seems like we have the place to ourselves for a bit.

Mmhmm. Me, too. :) It's kinda gray and drippy 'round here. Not too conducive to outdoor activities. What's on your agenda?

dd- this would have been a while ago... circa 1970...

I was there in the early 80s, insom. 80-84, in fact. Guess you're a few years older than I am. I'm just a tender girl of 37. :-)

Nothing planned here. Might watch a move with the kids later before making dinner. I kinda like having nothing to do :)

Amen, Prof. Makes for a dandy weekend. I have housecleaning to do, but will spend some time reading of which I haven't done much in a few weeks.

So - I kinda missed part of the discussion the other night. What do you do?

Well, right now I manage a technical support center, but I've kinda done a little of everything. I'm a former professional musician and former high school teacher, I even had a short run as a bouncer for a while too.

Yeah - the musician thing! WHY didn't Sioux TELL me about that?!? I'm a borderline professional opera singer myself. I say "borderline" because, while I could have a first-rate international career, I don't want the nomadic lifestyle that comes with it, but I do sing in the opera chorus at the Kansas City Lyric. What do/did you do music-wise?

And a bouncer? COOL. You MUST be hot to be a bouncer. They always are. ;-)

I'm a bit on the other end of the music spectrum I'm afraid :) I'm guitar player, I've played in cover bands and a Christian rock band. The travelling and late nights was what got me out of it too. Not exactly the best kind of job when you have kids.

OK - Be still my ever-beatin' - a Christian rock band? *gulp*
*fans self, which is notable, considering it's 67 deg. in the house....*

Yeah - I can do that stuff, too, but it's not what my voice is trained for. I love jazz and cabaret, too, but it's just a little too personal; terrifies me to think of having to do the verbal patter and all. I do all sorts of Christian music, though, for my church. More folksy in style, like Nichole Nordeman. I LOVE her music.

We have GOT to get together sometime when I'm visiting my mom. :-)

WHY does it have to be Giant Squid?!

List of Things To Do Before I Die:

- see RBR's in concert

- swim in the Pacific Ocean

- set foot on the beach

- drink more mojitos

*passes a perfect limey mojito to KDF*

Drink up!

I don't listen to a lot of Christian music anymore, but it was a fun band to be in.

Where does your Mom live?

Mom's in Hudson (NPR area). My folks moved there after I started college in Kansas City. I know you're central, but where central?

Consider checking out Nichole Nordeman's work. She's absolutely incredible. I just did one of her pieces last week for a dear friend's funeral.

So let's see - you have 4 kids (2g/2b) and the littlest is 3? I adore kids of all ages, and three is such a fun age. Getting to talking and learning so much so quickly. I WISH I had kids. :(

I'm on the east coast... Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral area.

Yep, 4 kids. The 3 year old stage is pretty great. She comes up with the funniest stuff... she totally melts me.

Well I'm off for a bit. Time to kick back with said 3 year old for a little Scooby Doo marathon.

Scooby Doo is my favorite! Go watch and enjoy for me, Prof. :-) Do some good snuggling with her.

CTProf - I'll save you some time - Red Herring did it.

The fishermen use lures that glow in the dark. The squid can't resist.
Nothing like giving away my dating secrets. Thanks, guys.

just forwarded this info to my son living in Santa Clarita (now in Stevenson Ranch) who has been going surfing everyday this past week (yes, in the Pacific Ocean). {Shudder}
Posted by: Val | 11:08 AM on May 26, 2007

Val - don't worry, I'll protect him. Besides, he has much more to worry about catching some weird crud in the polluted LA beaches. Tell him to stay north of LA County sand. Seriously. Stick to Trancas, Trestles... Rincon is great.

insom - Red Tide is a nearly seasonal occasion. CJ would be able to serenade us in detail about it, I'm sure. But now we're losing a lot of seals, and that's probably the reason. Sometimes the red algae glows at night. Maybe that's why the squids are washing up on shore.

ot - I've got some crud (red tide?) I'm trying to get over, so I'm sitting watching the Yankees via the local homer Angel station. Rex Hudler is the most manic announcer I've ever heard. I can't believe he got busted with pot at an airport. I mean, what's he like if he's NOT using that stuff?

Hey, Annie -- for a NY transplant, you sure know your surf spots; I learned at Rincon. But isn't Trestles considerably south of LA County? Near San Onofre, I thought. Unless that name has stuck to another spot in the 20 years since I was on a stick...

On another OT, it appears that yesterday's Frazz confirms something I think many of us have long suspected.

jeezely, WD ... I gotta learn to at least look @ the last post ... I merely tried to link that ... got hung up by the bot, and now when I get back here, see that y'all did it prior to moi' ownself ... or not ... I think my time of posting wuz before yours, but it seems to have been losticated ... still problems with the pipetad?

Whut ever ... yeah, I liked Frazz ... perty much on the money, eh?

Yes, Trestles is way south of LA, but worth it. (I shoulda clarified, sorry.)Rincon is the best, I think, near Santa Barbara. But my ex-bf split his face open there. He looked up after a ride, just as his board came down, edge first, on his face.

WD - very true about comedians. As a kid, I used to watch Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares and wonder what the pain in his life was.

Dave's 2008 calendar is out already. In addition to that Dad book mentioned earlier. I got tired just reading the list of books. Dave, when do you EVER find time to drink?

OtU: I always get the bot when posting a link. If it hangs up after that and seemingly won't post, I click the stop and reload buttons in that order and every time, there's my post.

Annie, because I grew up in SoCal, certain orientational proclivities were not surprising when they were outed became more widely known. Rock Hudson, Robert Reed and Dick Sargent come to mind. So I imagine that the same being true of Paul Lynde, as well as the death of a young actor of his acquaintance you can read about there, served to fuel that pain.

You were an exceptionally observant child, weren't you?

Yeah, I figured that out later. At the time, I was more impacted by the 'pain of being different.'

*does the squid happy dance* After a day of snorkeling, but not much... the youngster I was with was freaked-out scared (which he has never been on previous swimming adventures). After more chores and stuff, when his Mom arrived we ate and he told her, "Mom, CJ got me these flippers but they look like seal flippers." Then it dawned on us and I went and got the flippers to show her. I was wearing my usual diving flippers, way too much for paddling about snorkeling. I found him some with 'split' blades, much less powerful and better for the shallow areas I snorkel in. He thought they made him look like a seal. And as with all kids he's seen terrifying imagery of sharks attacking seals. So TV naturally made more of an impression on him than his own personal Marine Biologist. We were barely in 3-feet of water, but he wanted out and NOW!!. I got him to put his hands on my shoulders so I could swim him back to the beach, guiding us around the oyster bars, then slowed down to sit and remove my flippers, thinking he would do the same. Silly me! When I stopped, he let go, put his 'seal flippers' into high gear and went straight up into the beach and rocks, face first!

As Bill Cosby said, 'kids are brain-damaged,'.... Why didn't he just tell me about the 'seal' thing? Noooooo, he just followed me out into the water, terrified the whole time, too terrified to tell me he thought I had dressed him up as shark food!

thanks for the frazz link. Looks like a good comic.

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