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April 27, 2007


The Meat Cake

(Thanks to Clean Hands)


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Afterwards, in the hospital, Nurse Tammy can put in a Crisco™ I.V. for you.


thank. you. CH.

oops..sorry Chris! didn't meant to barf on ya ;-)

Now we know where that bull went from the previous post.

Waddaya use for candles on something like this? Spicey fries? Mmmmm... spicey fries.

The bride will toss a Beef Jerky Bouquet. Then she'll toss her cookies.

And at the rehersal dinner they're going to serve pork tartar.

fivver - I thought "Pork Tartar" was the name of the best man. Or is that what you meant?

Too many blogaritas, Siouxie?
Here - have some meatcake for balast.

AWBH - I was kind of thinking of this. Only pork.

Am I alone? I thought it sounded delish! I like meat better than cake anyway.

It's clear that as children, these people watched way too many junk food commercials.

like you don't call Gloucester 'glao-che-ster' ACK BRAIN FREEZE DAMN YOU, GINGER SORBET! ok. Sorry. 'gloucester' and 'gloucestershire' are pronounced

So a meat cake AND pronunciation guide.
What will they think up next?

I've heard of a lot of odd meatloaves, but this one takes the cake...

'scuse me...


um...no thanks Lonesome.

fivver - that looks alarming like MY best man.

the crisco cans are for tying to the couple's car...
(which is also covered with cheez wiz...)
...and the little man on top of the cake is clutching his left arm.

"do you,____, take ____ to be your lawfully wedded wife, either rare or well-done, prime-rib or burrito filling, london broil or tartare, in good cholesterol or in bad, for as long as you both shall eat?"


D@mn it, Siouxie - ya hit me again. AND you got mm that time, too. Now we'll all have to go get a shower.

hmmmm sorry?? ;-)

And, of course, the bridesmaids' dresses.

oh dear GOD, Annie!! haven't I barfed enough?????

I was gonna make a comment about meat popcicles for dessert.

But that would be crude.

Whoops, sorry, wrong dress. Here it is - the saranwrap dress - handy for any leftovers.

blurkieeee! see ya - I'm going to lunch.

psssst, bali, i thought it was really clever! thinking real mashed potatos would be better though....

hi ya blurk!!

wonders what clean was googling to find "meat cake"....

What's for dessert, Annie?

Gotta be careful with the grammar on that one.

For instance, if it read:
What's for dessert? Annie?

That would be wrong.

Just make sure you don't accidentally tell your Bride you want "Beefcake" at your Bachelor party.

Hey, crossgirl!!

Apparently, you're just in time for lunch.

blurk, we've got to stop bumpin' into each other like this...and on a meat thread even...I feel soooo dirty!

*SNORK* @ Insom!

How the heck did she spend $40 on these ingredients? I should just quit my job and become her personal shopper!

*SNORK* @ Insom!

How the heck did she spend $40 on these ingredients? I should just quit my job and become her personal shopper!

Siouxie, how did you get mashed potatoes there?

uh...musta been when I bent ovah to hurl, blurk.

How the heck did she spend $40 on these ingredients?

it was the gourmet instant potatos.

yuck. its bloody meatloaf, with potato frosting. yeah, what a genius. dont quit yer day job.

I. Will. Need. A. Stiff. One. NOW.

don't we all, Diva?

Did somebody say potatos?

*snork* at diva and siouxie who stold my thought!

*snork* at diva and siouxie who stold my thought!


Umm...a ... drink. Yes, a good, STIFF drink....

*wipes brow, continues lushing, er - blushing*

cg, dmta ;-)

Sio -

D - all of the above?

Diva...dirty ;-)

but all of those fit.

dan, :P

Yeah, you're all right. Eating a pound of sugar is much healthier than a slice of meatloaf and some mashed potatoes.

*snorks at Annie-where-but-here*

If it weren't for the potatos (thanks, Dan) and maybe not so much brown sugar, this would be a decent meal for those on a low-carb diet.

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