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April 27, 2007


(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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No, I'll just take the condom, please. Thanks.

Because,I like to make lovely balloon animal sculptures.


Did she go back and ask to Supersize it?

...a seven-year-old girl whose free toy in her McDonald's meal turned out to be a condom would probably not get a lot of fun out of it.

Water balloon, anyone?


Would you?

Don't eat the green ones!

so it was a mr. happy meal?

Lairbo *snork*!

DD - I missed when you changed your name. Did you finally relent because everyone misspelling it?

Lairbo *snork*!

Check out those McNuggets.

okay, CJ, we get it - Lairbo's funny.

Annie - I did it when I answered CJ's "Dive" comment and then I forgot to undo it.

*snork* @ Mr. Happy's McNuggets. Wonder what Mrs. Happy thinks of him handing them out to kids.

For compensation, in New Zealand they settle for a burger and toy. Here, they settle out of court.

LOL crossgirl & Lairbo!!!

Hang the Bot!

I thought they discontinued the McRibbeds.

They never get the condoments right.

So much for the "special sauce," eh, Stevie? *snork*

In my best Apu voice:
Thank you, and come again!

Nice, PirateBoy....Nice. Have you thought about doing voices for a living?

Suzanne and Rowan Hatch
Came home late and locked up the latch.
At McDonald's they ate
And though it was late
He still wanted a midnight snatch.

I'm confused, or maybe it's just late. Or maybe both. Anyway, can someone explain this "sports bag" thing to me?

It takes two hands to handle a whopper.

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie!!! LOL

ty, deskdiver, tyvm.

Good morning.

OH, NO, Stevie.....not you, too!

*pouts for being sooooo misunderstood*

Oh I get it. We're all avoiding the 'secret sauce' reference right? OK, I won't go there.

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