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April 26, 2007


...in Sweden's pants.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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FIRST to say I haven't seen the video...yet!

first to say that i did and wtfbbq?

is someone willing to supply description? (IT police)

mm - yes.

That is just wrong..... oh, and HUH?????

LMAO that is FUNNY!!

What's great is that those people probably have NO clue as to what he's saying about them.

Thanks, Annie, preshadit.

mm - I can't vouch for the song (no audio here), but it's a guy in a mall getting people to dance with him and his Swedish flag. Pretty well done, especially the editing.(sorry, film major here)

mm, it's what Annie said and he's describing those people as party animals, dominatrix, gay...in English (so they're probably unaware of what he's saying).

oh, *SNORK*
TYVM Annie & Sioux

Exemplar of people with WAY TOO MUCH TIME on their hands.

Oh, wait. I'm on the blog, aren't I? Shoot.

I kept waiting for the participants to waive their hands in the air. Almost like they just didn't care.

Remember kids, don't try this at home. S A F T E Y dance.

Cancels the salad I was planning on having with my lunch... .

Do you think the guy even understands what he's talking about?

I uh, I don't know what to say. Swedish people certainly seem much nicer than me. If someone came up to me and started babbling like that in Swedish, I would kill him or at least scream at him.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)?

*wonders if Claire's made reservations already*

Siouxie et al, you'd be surprised how many Swedes understand English ...

Swedish meatball.

*snork* @ Jon. Just substitute some wild vegetables instead.

1. I am going to Sweden in two weeks. ISIANMTU
2. Most Swedes speak better English than, say, your average Arkansan... but they also have EXCELLENT senses of humor.
3. Bleh. Always late to the party.

haha! stört roligt! och jag blir alltid lika patriotisk när jag ser sådant här
va äre för jävla dräggmusik


I stand corrected ;-)

Unless these Swedes are familiar with the [email protected] Dictionary, I'll bet they don't know what the party dude is saying no matter how good their English is.

Warning, BTW, several "MF"s in there.

Er, no thanks, DiffDave. LOL

My daughter was dating a seemingly nice boy from Sweden...until he broke up with her.

Now all Swedish people give pond scum a bad name.

diffDave, I have no idea what he did to his mustache.

To underscore what's already been said, every Swede I have ever encountered speaks better English than many American newscasters. Perky or not.

(OT Pssst: Woot-Off currently underway!)

haha! rush funny! and self am becoming always equal patriotic when I see such here va äre for jävla dräggmusik nos now reaches the. WHAT DEVIL Has he DONE OF Moustache!?

Stupid online translators, now I am more confused than I was before...

tweety - you must've used the same one I did. LOL.

AAACCKK WD, why didn't you say soon earlier - have I missed any crap?

that should have been "Say SO", not soon - see, you got me all worked up.

Just found out then, sthnbelle. Working swing shift has me in a permanent state of LTTG, sorry. Have not seen any BOCs.

sthnbelle, re your 1:19 post: I am humbly honored. ;-)

Understood. I usually check first thing in the AM, but didn't this morning. I think I was more caught up in getting LOST info.

Laugh Out Loud! It's obvious he said something to them in Swedish that meant something entirely different than what he was saying in English!

i'll see if i can work it in after my lunch in latvia's leggings, dinner in denmark's dirndl, and before my nightcap in norway's nightie...

I can't wait to see the copycat video where some knucklehead tries the same thing in say, NYC. They will hand him his cojones for breakfast. :)
*waits patiently*

...and teatime in-Som's-knee-act.

Can someone translate for me?


I know I should know it but there it is, I don't.

Cute, Annie.





Thanks. Sometimes the most obvious...

MOOOOOO-OM! Diva and Hammie are figting again!

fighting, even

Cheese et al - there's a link to me & my kind at the top left of this page.

Hammie, I am not. You can ask Dave. So there. :-P

Humph. *grumbles* See if I let you put a camera in my shower....

*pinches mm*


Umm, DD, I hate to break this to you...


Speaking of videos, here's one from 1967, "Stop, Look & Listen" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBatldwJu_Q (I wish I knew how to do that hotlink thingy)
I don't quite get the wierd ending, but it'll chew up about 8 minutes of your day.

Darn!! I thought it said ...in Miss Sweden's pants.

figure ;-P

hola, blurkster...

A REAL Air guy would know that Miss Sweden never wears pants.

HEY there, blue eyes! Nice to see you. :)

I'm sure Miss Sweden will be pleased to note your interest, but it looks like Ted beat you to it. Oh, well. There's always me!



Hey, Sioux!!!

Annie, if that's the case, I'm headed to Sweden.

Don't play dumb, blurkie. Expand your repetoire.

Now, now kiddies, let's all put our differences aside and try to get along, is that too much to ask?

It took me two and a half friggin' hours to get home. Tomorrow is Freedom day to celebrate the anniversary of the first truly democratic election in 1994. Tuesday is International Workers Day (1st May), the result is that more than half the country has taken Monday off to have a 5 day weekend. In amongst all the traffic chaos 2 semis jackknifed on 2 of the major freeways, (2 seperate accidents). Fun, fun, fun.

*clutches 3rd slug of Chivas Regal*

Diva, did I read sumpthin' up there about cameras in showers?
Sounds like I was missin' a helluva party.

You have a lot of catching up to do, blurk.

Mot, thanks I'll drink to that...and just about anything else actually ;-)

Annie, expand my whut?!


Sure is a nice day out.

*walks away whistling*

Mot - you catching the irony of being stuck in traffic because of Freedom Day and Workers Day?

Isn't everyday Worker's Day?

Seems that's like all I ever get done anyway.

*Ponders drinking Chivas during traffic jams*

*Well, I could get a hamster water bottle (with tube)and attach it to the window...*

blurk, you'll really have to ask Hammie about that. He's the one with all the footage. We gals just take the showers...when we feel a little too dirty, you know? ;)

Hammie, pass the hamster bottle...and said footage.
I'm thirsty and...uh...whutever.

You'all notice how hammie's trying to change the subject from shower cams to drinking Chivas in traffic.

blurk, did they finally install the computer in your new office??

Mot, you speak as if they're mutually exclusive.

He just doesn't wanna share the film.

Next time I hit the shower, would one o' y'all help me wash my back?

Yes, Siouxie, it's in. But I'm at home right now. Gotta drive up to Vaughn and pick up half a beef.
Steaks on the grill at my house tonight!!!

Annie, now that you mention it, it does seem a bit ironical.

Speak for yourself, DD...there's NO camera in MY shower. (no matter what Hammie saays).

Hiya Blurk ltns :)

Sioux, you're not s'posed to lie to your friends.

Ooh! Steak is my favorite...thick and juicy! Thanks for the invite.

Sooz, evidence exists, that's all I'm saying.

If you say so, Siouxie...

Well, I think NT is actually the one who put it in my shower just to get it out of hers.

She's not lying. They had to move the camera to over the tub. Less water damage that way.

Besides, if the camera was in there, there'd be no room for the water slide.
btw - Stevie W told me this.

Hey! I just realized blurk invited us all to a party on a thread titled, "YOU ARE INVITED TO THE PARTY!" Whatta coinkydink!

I know there's one in there somewhere 'cause I...oops...next subject please.

blurk, weren't you editing the footage...and the toeage...that's what Stevie W said.

Maybe I'll change my name to Sweden.

*tosses Annie a v*

HEY!! blurk!!

(psssst, Annie?? it's just trampoline now...got rid of the slide after that little mishap with the soap and the showerhead...ouchie!)

That's zackly what I was doin', Annie.
Strickly perfessional o'course.

Mr. Blurk? That name is already taken.

Now remember! Party in MY pants!!! You're all invited!

*will have to *SMACK* Stevie for tellin'*

Well Gang, I gotta get up there and pick up that beef.

Back later.

blurk, you did tell me you WERE a pro...I shoulda asked what KIND!

oh and Annie..it's toevage ;-P

See ya, blurk! I'll be there in time for dinner.... :)

I'll wait for dessert ;-P

pa dum pum!

You'll be dessert!


Ooh! (Not "oops".) I did it again.

You're very good at that sort of thing, Scott. Quite talented, in fact....

*fans self*

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