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April 27, 2007


(Thanks to CJrun)


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*is utterly ignorant of such things...*

1. Yeah, right, CH.

2. YAY, CJ!!!

3. Dr. Barry Gibb. DOCTOR Barry Gibb? Dude musta gone back to school in the 90s when he finally realized disco was dead....

How many teenage boys (and those somewhat older) emptied their piggy banks, wallets and college savings accounts to bribe this guy, do you suppose?

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it

I disagree. I think the second date sex is better.

I always knew that.
I mean I always supposed that.
I mean, well actually I never....
Aw, forget it.

So now the Bee Gee is a doc?? who nu?

Does he mean sex with each other?


Diva...sorry...didn't see your "Bee Gee" post up there...for some reason typepoop is sloooowwwwwwwwwww for me today.

I know...I know. I hate them.

But still...the Bee Gees are always worth a second laugh.

it's always worked for me.

*snorks* @ Jazzzz and cg!

*predicts Annie will post something here about
Dr. Barry Gibb*

I wonder if that's true.

Bethie, even if the odds were 50-50, why risk it?!

Sex on the first date was always great. It was sneaking them back into the barn where I had the trouble.


Where was this guy when I was in high school. Oh yeah, doing Saturday Night Fever. Still, I would have laminated that article and pasted it to the passanger side visor in my car.

oops, sorry about the spelling on passenger.

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