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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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Rump presentation? Like we have a choice, what whith all the sneakin' up you guys do...

At least they didn't try it on squirrels.

That's all we need. Rampant giraffe women.

Rump presentation? Wait a minute have they been watching MTV?

"...tongue-flicking and eyebrow-raising to the males, while female ...displayed their feelings via "rump presentation and tail wagging".

sounds like a RBR concert..

maybe they wouldn't be such shrews if they go some once in awhile...

maybe they wouldn't be such shrews if they got some once in awhile...

"Unfortunately, scientists say the pill will come uith unwanted side effects that will make you wish you were just not having sex."

stoopid bot

??? Wine's not good enough?

*pant, pant, pant, trying to keep up with posts today*

Annie, wine works for me.

Oh! Can we be like those red-a$$ed monkeys????

(Then my rash would fit right in)

that psychiatrist's a moron.

Annie, panting works for me.

Further research is clearly required. Could we slip some to Walter and see what happens?

Nevermind. Brain bleach line starts here, ladies & gents.

and chocolates...

and strappy shoes...

and a very macho guy that whacks me over the head with lettuce... VERY hot!

It could be available to women within the next 10 years."

Dave, you'll be um...an old fart more mature and may need some Viagra™ vitamin supplements yourself.

How are girls supposed to attract us guy without their humps, their humps, their lovely lady lumps?

How are girls supposed to attract us guys without their humps, their humps, their lovely lady lumps?

They tell us about it now, but expect us to wait 10 years for it?!
Yo, monkey, step back - that's MY stash!

He said it may also be possible to develop a pill which worked for men, but he has so far not carried out any tests on male animals.

Guys have problems with their libido? Too much of one, maybe.

almne - now look what you've done. Now all the guys are busy 'checking their libidos,' so to speak.

Oh, excuse me. I thought you said Tancredo.

Check your libido at the door, gentlemen.

No, not that way! Not in public, at least!


but if i eat 1/3 less food, i'll lose my lovely lady "rump" (which currently attracts my male partner-husband-thing quite effectively)!! this pill seems suspect.

Wait Dave why do you care. I mean unless your saying you wife needs it, and that sounds suspiciously like at insult.

Uh I really mean unless you're saying your wife needs it, which sounds suspiciously like at insult

Uh I really, really mean unless you're saying your wife needs it, which sounds suspiciously like an insult.

I'm not doing too well.

EG - I can't believe you're calling Mrs. Blog fat.

Good thing Edgar is already dead.

Ok, who sat on Edgar and killed him?

btw - nice segue, Punkin. Speaking of segways, whee!

Just wonderin' about buying stock in this company.

I know you love it when I do that. Everyone else is resting up for the upcoming '24' blogathon.

flattery will get you everywhere, Annie.

and yes, I'm sure the blog lines will clog soon. I'm settling in to watch some John Wayne. When 24 comes out on DVD, I'll watch it all. Got no cable, and little inclination to get it.

Wyo, I don't even have TV - it's too engrossing. I get little enough done as it is.

You're missing a wonderful comedy, Wyo. Can't wait for the musical version - "Guys & Bombs."

(Besides, it would interfere with blogging.)

Annie sandwich!!!

*hands ScottMGS a ceegar*

Annie, comments on this year's 24 seem to point to a series that's run its course.

The nice part about '24' is that you can make the same comments every dang week, and they're still apt. Thank you, '24' writers.

I usually write mine ahead of time. That way I can keep up with the east coasters.
Like this -
-Another perimeter? WTFBBQ?!
-Edgar is still...wait, this just in...dead.
-Victoria's Secret is duct tape.
-Subplot du jour, de la semaine, d'annee....ou est la nuke du suitcase?
-Thigh shot - drink!

repeat as needed.
and so on...

My goodness but The Blog has been busy today. Is he between books or something?

and what VS links have you stored up for us tonight?


I wonder how elements of 24 could individually indicate that the show has "jumped the shark"?

You know you're sick of '24' when:
-You want Chloe to change her clothes...with Jack.
-One more perimeter or thigh shot, and I'm looking on ebay for a suitcase nuke.
-You're researching what freeway they're on just to stay awake...

feel free to continue - I gotta jump my work-shark....

-plot elements repeat... again
-wooden dialog generator starts repeating, too


I'm so ready for/to laugh at 24.

-wooden dialog generator starts spitting out particle board dialog.

I've tried the tongue flicking and eyebrow raising and I don't believe it would work, even with the meds they've got thos chimps on....

Toss an e up there...

EG - I can't believe you're calling Mrs. Blog fat.

I never did. I didn't say she needed it.

And now you're denying it. Sheesh.

So when I cave in and buy 24 on DVD, can I go back to the old blog entries for the corresponding air dates and have a multimedia experience? Kinda like "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wizard of Oz?"

*snork* @ Stevie. That is SUCH a great idea....

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