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April 27, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Whoa...nice toes.

They LOOK like Paris. Her humps, I mean.

The one with the droopy eyelid looks kinda like Paris. Is it wearing underwear?

*snork* at annie!

wonders if they sing "my humps" for the talent portion.

And bigger lady lumps, too, Dave.

Ha - cg - psychic simul!!

prob not the only beauty pag. where the judges had to watch out for spit...

They'll be doing a spitting contest for the talent competition.


[and *snork* @ the psychics]

Meanwhile, not mine but His Humps!

OH, STEAK. You deserve severe and unadulterated punishment.

Annie - look at the clock. Do you see what time it is? THIS is how long it took me to get your first joke. I.......am a bloody simpleton!

*thwacks self on head*

I wonder if they have to wear burkas?

>Bedouin Arabs are intimately connected to camels

Yes, I had heard about them doing that.

This brings to mind an old joke with the punch line "Yeah, but you got the ugly one!"

I will tell no more in the interest of preserving the virginal propriety of the Internet.

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