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April 27, 2007


(Thanks to Don Faber)


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wow, what's more exciting than watching cheese cure?

Grass growing is much more exciting and dramatic.

oooooooh! I went on that site and it was mesmerizing....really.

Curdling footage!

A very gouda web page

I've been watching that cheese for months. Dave is right - it has better acting skills than most of the "celebs" that turn up here to be blogged.

I heard Jay Leno mention this last night. He said NBC is trying to sign the cheese to its own show :)

might smell fresher too

at the end will Trump say "You're Feta!"?

Gad, bleu cheese smells fresher and is less moldy than Paris...just sayin'

wow, what's more exciting than watching cheese cure?

Watching grass grow.

Oh wait someone already said that. Hmm.

At the risk of great personal injury due to a blog beating I have to say I would watch Paris Hilton before I watch cheese age.

But, come on now, are those the only two choices?

beats blurk with moldy cheese

watching paint dry?

its good to know that the internet is being put to such good use.............

*enjoys moldy cheese beating*

'cause it's crossgirl and all.

Aren't we all guilty of watching the Bocken NOT burn?

"The whole idea was to show people how real food is made

Silly me, here I thought the purpose of the internet was to show people how babies are made.

Careful there, blurk...that comment may just get you a waxing.

either way we're watching cheese age...

let us not forget the corncam:


hmph. i originally posted that a lONNNNNNNNNG time ago, after one of blurk's earlier posts. stinking bot.

Sioux, check yer email.

wow...the bot even got judi...

A sign of the Apocalypse for sure!!

blurk, I did...and I do NOT want to increase my p3nis size.

The server may have gotten hammered, but there used to be a cow cam. I expected to see mooing cars rolling by, but they pretty much looked straight down... at the grass growing!

Great, now I'm craving Cheezits.

This reminds me of myself, without the "internet star" part.

psssssssst, blurk?? no mail.

the mooing cars were looking straight down at the grass?

Can't wait for the DVD with the director's cut, multiple angles, bloopers, etc.

OK, blurk, I waaaaas gonna offer you a nice glass of whine to go with that cheese, but after that Paris Stilton crack, well....

OK, blurk, I waaaaas gonna offer you a nice glass of whine to go with that cheese, but after that Paris Stilton crack, well....

But I've relented, and I'll offer you TWO glasses just to make up for it. ;)

eeeeeeekkkkkk Diva...stop talking about Paris Hilton's crack!!!

Oh, Sio - my apologies.

*and a retroactive SPEWWWWWWWWW*

Ooooh, cg! Now I don't feel bad about 'potatos'!

Hey, up here in Cheesehead country, watching cheese age qualifies as a prom date.

Better here than Iowa, we always say.

Okay, who cut the cheese?

(um...nice goblets, Diva)


Thanks, Howard. They're a nice handful, don'tcha think?

I may be wrong but i think Dave might have to fire Judi as it has been posted before.


Thanks, Howard. They're a nice handful, don'tcha think?


Apparently they're TWO nice handfuls.

Danged bot.

*SMACKS* Addicted!!!

HEY! I sent that in last week.


There he sits in front of the cam, a yellow chunk
What a handsome hunk
That's my boy
BRLFQ spells internet
But he ain't ripe yet
That's my boy
You can have your gouda and your cheddars
And you can have your cheesewiz on the go
I'll stay here with my little hunk near
I'll wave to the crazies, oh
Biding my time and
Watching Havarti grow
Make a fortune with the PC box
No pop-up blocks
That's my boy
Google, Inc. says it will buy my stock
Well that's quite a shock!
That's my boy
In four short years
I've gone from rags to riches
And what I did before that I don't know
So show our scene on your Windows screen
I’m getting lots of dough
And we're sitting here profiting
Watching Havarti grow
Riding on ad revenues to the bank
While the smell gets rank
That's my boy
Got to have a gas mask and an oxygen tank
Viewers chains we yank
That's my boy
What's that you say momma
Come on and get that smell out
Well give me a break
He’s our ticket outta status quo
I'll think I'll stay right here and
Say a little prayer before I go
Me and Google
Watching Havarti grow
Me and Google
Watching Havarti grow...

I wonder if Dave could get Wallace & Gromit to set up a Stinking Bishop Cheese cam. I hear he knows lots of celebrities.

Happy Friday to you also Siouxie. You know I love you 8^)

Ooooh, cg! Now I don't feel bad about 'potatos'!

why cj, were you making fun of my spelling? runs back to meat thread to look for mistakes...

If the cheddar stops being exciting for you, you can always go and watch pitch drop.

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