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April 13, 2007


Ha ha, they are saying, in squirrel.



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Are you sure that's not a deer?

We will fight when we have finally been humilated enough. Maybe when they start doing hiphop versions of Alfred Lord Tennyson. But by then it may be too late.

Hawkins favors putting a squirrel-size trap door on the human door at the top of the tower. That would give any squirrel that fell in the tank an escape hatch, They should also have little squirrel sized towels and cakes of soap handy.

Which brings up the last article about the old hall being rented by a body oil/soap business. They're making oil and soap from bodies?

Need. Second. Cup. Of. Coffee.

did anyone check that stick he was carrying up there? i'm guessing it was a stick of dynamite. acme brand of course.

In the absence of our our MIA friend, blurk...


mudstuffin is back to crack wise bring you the rhymes - talkin' smack - that squirrel is wack - this you realize, i gonna tell you no lies - here come that rhyme about which you fantasize - that squirrel gain tower admission – and then he go fishin’ he got that lame-a$$ rendition of wordsworth’s composition well mud submits this submission of juvenile verse - can't get no worse - a day without your mudder is a 24 hour curse – that squirrel he got nothin' can't keep up with old mudstuffin - he give props where props is due he shout out to the rest of the crew you got crossgirl (she outta this world) take something strange and rearrange make object d’art and poems about farte you fivver better get another liver – the comments of this blogger make my jelly-belly quiver – Hammond rye think it’s a deer, mark’s afraid of Tennyson – cut it in little pieces and lets barbecue some venison –

*breathes deeply*
*counts backward from ten*
Damn It.

yo' mud, i'm feelin' it man. you got it goin' on.

props to mud!

and a ^5 to crossgirl!!

Here's someone who is fighting back . . .

Has anyone else noticed that Dave seems to be obssessed with this picture?

Guess not.

El, maybe that's him in disguise...

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