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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to DavCat14)


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or peter?

...or Tancredo?

or vahjay?



...or Manilow

Ophelia, yours is better than mine.

*goes to review Net Nazi settings*

What about Hummer ads?

They wouldn't block a word like "vagingo" for sure.

or mine?

Hey! Nice to meet you!

It's really bad for those of us of Oriental descent.

or mine...

What about people who like Oregon State's sports teams?

hey Wang!!

At least I'm famous.

hmm so am I ;-)

Dat's enuf making der fun of der names!

I feel for the poor children of the Suk - Wang marriage. Little Pol and his sister Fuk.

I see nothing funny about this.

Dick Hertz?

not as good - but does everybody remember ben dover, on the attendance sheet when you had a substitute.... his best friend was dick hertz. i hope to graduate next june.........

Gay Talese is spinning in his grave, if he's dead that is.

Mike Hunt. Sorry

Anyone remember Pen Island?

I met a guy named Richard Kliss. And yes, he went by Dick Kliss. True story. I could barely prevent laughing when he introduced himself: Hi, I'm dick1ess. At least that is what I heard.

Just got an unsolicited IM last week from a guy who named himself Ben Dover. Sheesh. Think he'd be at least a LITTLE original.

I thought we had rules against this sort of thing!?

Don't forget Ben's sister Ailene.

I made it through 8 years of Catholic school with Dick Payne. ISIANMTU.

My husband's name IS Dick, and I had the hardest time training my spam filter not to kick out his e-mails!!

I shudder to think what their response ewould have been had she been writing to complain of their being parsimonious and referred to them as being "niggardly."

padraig - if your 'payne' was school related, you should consult an attorney. The Catholic Church is paying out the wazoo lately, as it should.

bethie - I remember - too funny!

We had a lawsuit at work where one defendant was named, ISIANMTU, Jack Cass.

I wonder if he is one.

I went to college with Jack Hammer and his brother Mike. Jack's middle name? Daniel. ISIANMTU.

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