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April 12, 2007


But hey, if all of Sydney is talking about it, we think you need to be advised.


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He's just grabbing her butte, no??

Who took the picture?? The Geek Squad Perv??

Looks like a SLOWWWW newsday in Sydney!

Good work, Sonny Bill!

I even turned my head sideways to look at it and I still don't get it. They have clothes on, right? So what's the big deal?

Tonight on Spice TV...

Apparently whatever is going on there involves a toilet, which is not visible in the picture, and a tryst. I have no idea what a tryst is. Maybe it's some kind of chocolate-covered pastry dessert?

Their paparazzi seem to be quite talented. Was the cameraman actually hiding IN the toilet, or how did they succeed with this?

Also, RIP Kurt Vonnegut.

After reading this, I'm thinking there's nothing chocolate-covered involved at all.

Apparently, this picture was taken by the person in the next stall over. Afterwards, Sonny Bill handed the guy a spare roll of toilet paper.

Schade, you were close.


Sioux - that's a very interesting site. I saw nothing covered in chocolate, though...

According to wiki, Sonny Bill is a Rogby League player and Candice is ...?

For those inquiring minds and you know who you are:

Here's more of the tryst story.

Schadeboy - thanks for the link - NOW I know who's who, although I'm not real concerned about them. More about not EVER attempting anything like that, due to possible perusing cameraphones.

Just to put things in perspective, Sonny Bill is some dude with a wicked tat. Candice is total babe with an interest in long, hard, stiff... things.

When I heard the name Sonny Bill I was wishing for the offspring of him and him but dont worry Siouxie I wasnt talking about him.

*Shakes head sadly*

Addicted, the shame...

LOL Addicted. I am pleased (yet cautious) with your good behavior!

They should sue Best Buy!

Thank You Siouxie,

Now What I really want to know is will they be vacationing

dang it my link did not work

take 2

A toilet tryst...wouldn't it be Clovelly.

Why do I get the feeling that we have this link because "toilet" was in the headline of the story?

Hahahahaha! Somebody (no names,please) is doing a google on "toilet" in the morning!

I certainly hope that's his left arm.
I'm sure we could Siouxie or Judi on a fact-finding mission if needed.

Bidet' Mate!
Sydney is flush with good times

Why couldn't someone have taken a picture of this tryst?

Crickey! THere's dancin' in the loo

Crikey, there's dancin' in the4 dunny.

According to a google search, Candice Falzon is an athlete and model, and her official website is suffering from an exceeded bandwidth.

Two words:



So is there supposed to be any real action taking place in that picture? It's difficult to tell. Reminds me of my brother in the old days who used to put the channel on the fuzzy naughty channel just in hopes that he might catch a glimpse of something ("Is that a nipple? Oh, wait, no, I think it's an elbow".)

Does no one else remember the incident with the Panther cheerleaders in the stall in Tampa Bay? I think Florida has a hotness magnet too.

His family must be very proud.

one question.....Low flow???
take that any way you want.........

SNORK @ Addicted24.
From take2 link:
"Big Big Bone Lick...is located between Beaver Lick...""
hehehehe, it's like I never left 4th grade.

I for one am shocked. That dress is SO last year.

ex-Matt - I don't remember the Florida incident, probably because so many more outrageous things happen there. Instead we get flashed by Britney's dangly spears and Paris's excessive bandwidth.


Annie, Annie - will you marry me?


You have the most wonderfully skewed viewpoint.... :)

Annie, check the link above. Its even safe (mostly).

ex-Matt - I vaguely remember that now. I don't pay much attention to rah-rahs, especially drunken ones.

I work in a department store where every now and then we find someone trysting in the fitting rooms.
I really don't get this kind of behavior, what's the allure?
The smell of disinfectant?
I really don't get it...

Deskdiva - that's very flattering, but I'm already in a relationship with myself. Thanks anyway. I think Edgar's single, though. ;)

Looks like someone at the "Geek Squad" has been busy!

i thought it was porn. man, was i relieved to realize that it wasn't!

Is this thing on?

Ok, who forgot to pay the blog bill?

wasn't me... ;-)

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