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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to Clean Hands, and of course the Big-Headed Gossip Lady)


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There, there, Dave. You will survive. Have a drink and calm down.

Yeah, I got botfocked four times and yet four first! Oh yeah! My best week ever! The bot is just preparing it's 24 night attack, I am sure.


and YAY there IS a GOD!

Maybe she couldn't find any underpants to wear.

the singer apparently thought that the club, which is known for its burlesque shows, would be a good place for her first post-rehab appearance.

why would this be, I wonder...

I for one find the term "botfocked" inspired. Thank you.

Mikey, it would appear that she was planning to appear in an underwear-optional venue, which would have been appropriate. I, for one, am gratified at her good judgement, and disappointed that she could not complete the assignation.

Can you cancel a secret surprise concert that nobody knew about?

Punkin, that's kinda like that age-old question...

"If you have a concert, and no one shows up..."

mikey, i have emailed you quite a few times. are you not getting em? just checking.

Yes Siouxie, it makes a sound. A very horrible sound, like a million men vomiting simultaneously.

People say Britney's her own worst enemy, but I'm thinking...not while we're around.

Thanks ok as RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE reunited this weekend. Granted it was only for one show but hey it could happen again.

Dang it my link didnt work. Ok let me try this again and I promise it is a safe link


Speaking of dumb blondes....

I was at a fancy schmancy resort this week, and one morning there was a photo shoot around one of the pools. Three twig-thin blondes in teensie bikinis.
I have no idea what they were selling - probably lipstick or pools or something, but at one point I went to the ladies room, and as I sat there, I heard the distinct sound of high heels on tile heading my way. I cleverly deduced (since not many other women were wearing 6 inch heels with their bathing suits) that this must be "the models". Even though I was "done", I sat an evesdropped. The conversation went like this: (ISIANMTU)
"Like, oh my GAWD, my hair is, like, so flat!"

"Oh MY gawd! Your hair is, like, perfect! MY hair looks like shit!"

"Oh no way! I love your hair like that! It so TOTALLY doesn't suck!"



"Oh my GAWD! I am, like, so TOTALLY stuck in this bathroom right now!"

"Oh no WAY!"

"Yes, I swear! I am, like, stuck in the freaking BATHROOM!"

*one or two more minutes of jiggling and whining*

*ME, stiffling a fit of laughter*

*door busts open*

"Oh thank GAWD! I thought I was gonna, like, be stuck in there forEVER!"

(SIDENOTE: The stall had devishly clever sliding bolt locks. Clearly made to baffle the blondest of minds.)

I thought of what Judge Judy says: "Beauty fades, dumb is forever."

*snork* at Punkin! Great story. Sometimes "Gawd" has a sense of humor.

btw, Addicted - RAGE reunited at Coachella this past week-end. That's where I used to play polo. Sniff...I miss polo. :(

Seconding the SNORK at Punkin's story. Reminds me of my own favorite saying: Sins can be forgiven, but stupidity is forever.

Oh My GAWD!! Punkin, that is like SO funny and like I'm just squatting here and like I'm like peeing in my pants...it's sooooo like *giggle*

*hair flip*

It's like so snorky ...and wow...like I have to wipe myself and like why did I like get like ONE little square of like TP??? This can't like possibly clean my like tw@t! It's like so like GROSS!! OMG!! I got some on my hand!!! *gag*

*hair flip*

EWWW gross me OUT!! I got it on my hair!! eeeek!

I liked the way they called her a toxic singer. Sounds fair.

****snorksnorksnork**** @ bali, Punkin, Siouxie and Kristina. I'm having FITS reading this thread tonight! It had soooo much better writing than, say, 24....


Sent you an email addressed "To judi from Mikey"

Would give my other address but then would have kill everyone on this blog.

Personally, I was more intrigued by the Kirsten Dunst item - she "embraced her Mary Jane boobs." I didn't know they were calling them Mary Janes now?

I, for one, would love to embrace Kirsten's Mary Jane Boobs too. Just sayin'.

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