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April 28, 2007


He's sorry.


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At least he didn't get involved with a cow. Then they'd be REAL mad.

Is apologizing the way to get out of arrest warrants? I think we have a solution to the prison system overcrowdging.

Could we introduce Richard Gere to Paris? Seems like an appropriately clueless, vapid, egocentric and sexually challenged match.

This would have blown over in a day or two in Toad Suck. After the Shotgun Marriage.

I think his wife might opt for the prison option though, or worse, divorce.

Some apology. What a rude, thoughtless little pig.

KOW - my thoughts exactly. I guess when you say you're sorry it makes everything all better now.

Now, now, Deskdiva, if he was really sorry he'd go to rehab. Rehab cures all don'tchaknow.

Another out of touch Hollyweird brainless, clueless, twit, gets a dose of reality.

Maybe he will do to say, Saudi Arabia, and start a Christian, pork rind concession.

The Indians should just be happy it was only Richard Gere. We could have sent Twatney over there!

Okay, it's a start but when is he gonna apologize for Dr. T. and the Women, Autumn in New York and Runaway Bride?

*snork* @ Lairbo. Right.

I soooooo did not need to see the final scene of Dr. T. Some things should just NOT be filmed for the public.

Mr. G and the Gerbils


Lairbo, he did make up for those with Shall We Dance.

"Richard Gere emerged from his month-long stay at the Imus Clinic for Cultural Insensitivity today and gave his first press conference.

'I again apologize for any offence I have caused. And to the more that 5 million Indians with the AIDS virus, I hope you have the decency and propriety to suffer at home, and not in public.'

He then said "I am focusing again on my career, starting a sequel to Pretty Woman. It's a prison film, and I'm the woman!"

He then took a huge bite of a quarter-pounder with cheese, jammed several squirrels in his pants, emitted some Howard-Deanish squawks, hopped in his brand new Humvee, and drove off."

*SNORK* @ insom

except he forgot to reinsult the gay transexual dwarf dyslexic sheep...

Lol, insom.

Before we get too down on Richard Gere, this is similar to Fred Phelps complaining about "homosexuals".

This is the FAR FAR Right wing nuts of India.

Apology is not good enough. He deserves death. Death. Muh HA HA HA HA HA HAH!

Oh darn I forgot to change my name to Right Wing Nut of India before I wrote that. Um this is awkward.

Now we KNOW, Edgar!!! Or is your REAL name Gana Gadhav?

Shilpa comin' 'round New Delhi when she comes
Shilpa comin' 'round New Delhi when she comes
What the heck he's only human
Kissed that Pretty Shetty Woman
Shilpa comin' 'round New Delhi when she comes

*snork* Stevie.

Can I just say I love all you Weird Al Wannabes around here?

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