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April 13, 2007


...are they saying this is illegal?

In that case, this blog would like to once again remind everyone for the record that, although this blog may have been in the vicinity when the cherry bomb was flushed down the toilet in the boys' room of Harold C. Crittenden Junior High School in approximately 1960, this blog has no specific recollection of who (or whom) the perpetrators may (or may not) have (or have not) been. 


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If "reckless exploding" in a bathroom is a crime, who shall 'scape whipping?

everything in school is illegal and kids are not kids with poor judgement, they are small sized criminals with evil intent.

"Reckless exploding"! Now there's something to put on your Permanent Record!

Mark, if "reckless exploding" in a bathroom is a crime, I'm going to have to lay off burritos.

Good morning, Mark! Darn bot slowed me down, and I haven't had that second cup of coffee.

Yes, there's a lot of "reckless exploding" that goes on in my bathroom, at least when my husband's around.... I mean, I would never do such a.... I'm a Lady! Everyone knows good girls certainly don't explode, recklessly or otherwise. Hmph.

Where'd I put that coffee....

I think I had better see if Monroe has any ordinances against reckless exploding in bathrooms. I've been hoping we would get a Taco Bell.

If it does, the Taco Bell should be designated a sanctuary zone.

Ladies and Gents...give it up for "The Reckless Exploders", featuring mudstuffin on lead trombone!

What about dry ice? That wouldn't start a fire and would still call it to explode.

Cause it to explode.

"We're standing at the scene of the smoking wreckage of Miami's largest nightclub. Officer, can you tell us what happened?"

"Well, the Reckless Exploders were on stage, and their lead trombonist, a Mr. M. Stuffin, broke into a long solo. Then someone in the audience lit her lighter in appreciation. The resulting blast broke windows in Orlando."

"A tragedy. They will be missed"

*SNORKS & Waves @ Hammie*!!!

Finally, Marvin gets his "earth-shattering kaboom" ...

*Waves @ Siouxie!*

Hang in there. Tax season's almost over.


Would the school have preferred reckful exploding?

tax season? is that when we can shoot IRS agents?

CG, I tried to use that logic with the police during tourist season and it didn't work there either. Check with your lawyer first.

*makes note to NOT visit Hammie's town whilst on vacation*

"Third degree conspiriacy"?? I bet the prosecutors don't remember when they were in high school.

HA! This is even better than the dead squid in the main intersection in front of the office, which I will deny every being a part of at an unnamed high school back in 19...

*shocked - shocked that mud didn't type in fivver's statement first*

Oh, yeah - the snake is definitely asleep at the wheel ass.

I still say police invent new charges to charge people with, just because.

Or maybe there is someone in some dark office deep in the bowels (ha ha!) of some court room that just sits there and thinks these things up?

This does bring up warm memories of my misspent youth. I still miss cherry bombs, m80s, fingers...

btw DD I only posted it in English. Mud can still post it in, well whatever.

I'd like to know how they got the cow down the toilet.

I don't think the same event was legal in 1975, when someone did a similar deed at Jefferson Middle School. But, the perps were smarter, apparently. If you light a cigarette then push the wick of the device through the cigarette a couple inches back...you have a time delay device. Leave the rig on the floor, then go to class. Or so I'm told. Huge boom, nobody in the vicinity to blame.

Today, sigh, they probably evacuate the school. Oh, and Dave? Luckily we have a statute of limitations on this one. Whew.


There has to be a statute of limitations to "reckless exploding"!! There has to be. Otherwise there just is no justice. NONE! Not that I know anything.

While I never used explosives (at school), there was a mystery concerning how a large feral opossum ended up in my principal's office...

Somehow, the biology class' fetal pigs ended up dressed in doll clothes and posed in various ways throughout the high school. This I know nothing about.

The petri dish full of greated parmesan I was clearly responsible for. Ditto the packing peanut incident. And we wont even discuss shooting my best friend in chemistry class...

DPC - the "packing peanut incident"? Inquiring minds and all - do tell!

It was pretty simple: a group of us filled the closets of every English teacher and assistant principal in the building. We also filled their desk drawers. Approximately 1800 cubic feet of styrofoam later, we had finished our little project. The principal made us clean it all up, so the next evening, we packed her office tight. Where else were we supposed to put it?

I know NOTHING about switching our Biology teacher's "normal" blood slide with that of a VERY sick person's slide. Nope.

Not that we're confessing or anything...

pssst .... CJ .... exploding cows are a favorite Blog theme

*Resumes reading Tangents and Other Things That People Get Off On*

We girls did that, too. It was in Harborcreek Junior high in 1962. Doggone thing went out, though. No damage.

Also, when I was a senior in 1966 and we were doing the play, a bunch of us put on coveralls and crawled through the air ducts. We found the teacher's lounge and would steal only a couple of Cokes. We did this for a week. This way, the teachers blamed each other. (my idea)

Criminey, there's a toilet cleaning product called "Ka-Boom Bowl Blaster." I assumed it had something to do with cherry bombs...

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