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April 30, 2007


Key Quote: According to the paper, the event in Athens saw guests invited to reach inside the goat's still-warm carcass, pulling out and eating meat they were told was the goat's intestines - in fact, it was actually cooked offal procured elsewhere. Guests were also given the chance to throw knives at targets and pull live snakes out of a pit using their bare hands.


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I could handle the topless women dropping grapes into my mouth, kind of appealingly decadent.

Dave, thank you for this lovely visual so early in the morning. If anyone needs me, I will be searching for a Barry Manilow photo for counter-effect.

Also...give it up for "The Decapitated Goats"!!! (awesome NFA punk B)

'nother foist!

Are the Cubans slow today or what? :P

LOL the Cuban hasn't had her cafe yet! Getting ready for work now.

I'll have some white summery strappy sandals with that SPAM...

Have you noticed that the shoe guy always posts just when Siouxie comes on the blog? I think he knows where his potential customers are.

As I recall, this kind of thing is eggzackly why Cecil B. deMille had Charlton Heston channel some serious smiting.

But now it's "inappropriate behavior by a subcontractor"???

Talk about standards slippage...

psychic moment there, Mot ;-P

psychic moment there, Mot ;-P

*SMACKS the bot!!*

Lucky bot!

how about removing live butt-snakes? Did they have that?

I have to feed the robot to post, but the shoe guy gets through?!?!?!

mm, are you determined to drag the blog into the sewer again? :)

i scrolled thru a bunch of them pictures but didn't see no topless ladies.


So did I mud. Like so much today, all talk but no delivery.

I would have thought they would have covered this in the "Don't do this" portion of marketing class.

yep. that's be me dragging the blog through the gutter alright. *SNORK*

Hey Mot, long time no speak. How's it been?

Going well mmm,Thanks. Mrs Hoople gets home this weekend so my bachelor days are over.

Maybe Sony was pandering to the Kok - boru fans in Nizany Orok?

Give S0ny credit. They're making major strides with the internal animal organs-plucking video gaming crowd, an untapped market if ever there was one. Their shareholders are no doubt popping champagne corks left and right.

You mean that WASN'T a dream!?

If reaching into a still warm goat carcass and munching on intestines is wrong, well then, I don't wanna be right.

Mmmm, offal.

lol, casey.

OMG, be still my heart, a "lol" from Stevie, the King of Guffaws!

I love how they call they guy who wrote the article a "journalist." Hahahahaha! Funny!

I'm so not clicking on that before I eat breakfast.

It's OK Bethie. The goat was asking for it. It's butt was spray painted orange.

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