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April 27, 2007



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New Movie - Squirrels on a plaque!


"Humans can catch the disease through scratches, bites and coughs."

Reminds me of Nordstrom's sei-annual...oh, never mind.

Boo bubonic
Banana fanna pho phonic
Fee fie moe monic.

So I'll be hosting a masquerade ball tomorrow night...

Oh that's just great. Now I feel feverish. And fatigued. And I think I feel something painful and swollen in my groin area.

Stevie, you seem to have had a traumatic experience at Nordstrom...

care to talk about it??

ring out yer dead......'e's not quite dead........not dead yet...

And maybe we'll do
in a squirrel or two...

Meh, its actually relatively common around here. There's always a few cases every year, and at least it keeps the prairie dog population down! (when we were househunting I looked at a property that had a thriving prairie dog town on part of it, and the owner proudly told me how they had bounced back from being "plagued out" the previous year. He seemed surprised that I was less than thrilled)

Thanks, LVP...nothing a few cancelled credit cards won't fix.

Better warn Mrs Hoople to leave the squirrels in my daughter's back yard alone.

Plague? Cool! I just love it when people get diseases that basically cause their bodies to melt.

Me too, Suzy!

Maybe Stephen King could write a book about it, huh??

"Headquarters, I believe have located the secret squirrel chemical munitons factory in Colorado. I suggest a surgical nuclear strike on Malibu."

"Umm, isn't Malibu in California?"

"Yes. Paris is having a party there this weekend."

*zips in*™

It appears that everything Dave has been warning us about is starting to come true -
Squirrel Armageddon!

Paging Bruce Willis, paging Bruce Willis...


Just like those rude squirrels not to cover their mouths when they cough.

makes mental note to not scratch, bite or cough on squirrels.

I blame Boris and Natasha!

Since plague was rediscovered in the Colorado in 1957, state health officials said there have been 58 human cases, with nine of those cases being fatal.

*at the pearly gates*

"So, how did you go?"

"The usual."

"Plague-infested squirrel?"


I blame Daylight Savings Time.

Plaque - what's the big deal? Just tell the squirrels to floss more.

As always I blame Al Gore. He has always been a tad squirrely.

Tancredo is very frightened. He is building a wall around the city.

...and when he's done building his wall, we'll make sure to lock it from the outside.

Plague-infected squirrels are NOT Good Eats™.


Self sacrificing terroist squirrels?

dpc - agreed, but perhaps a good theme for the latest Japanese theme restaurant?

Plague Invested Sushi Castle?

"Since plague was rediscovered in the Colorado in 1957,"

we don't have this problem in the Nevada

I read yesterday that the guy who wrote the Monster Mash passed away at age 69. RIP. I'm sure he'll be a graveyard smash. Maybe he can get into one of those celebrity graveyards, where the people are all just dying to get in there.
End of off topic.

Greetings from In The Colorado. I'll be under at my desk if anyone needs me.

Squirrels are Terrorists! Details here:

Fortunately people are fighting back:

OT Anyone remember the time-waster game Dave posted on the 11th? It was called Boomshine. I have become so ridiculously adicted that I just 86th out of over 500 submitted scores. That's why I'm never here when the fun people are. end OT.

bali - that and because your cat pees in your divebag. :)

bali - that and because your cat pees in your divebag. :)

not my fault - the cat peed on it a couple of times.
*stupid bot/cat*

*renaming the cat "bot"*

so where ARE the fun people, bali?

Cart hauler:
Bring out yer dead!
Bring out yer dead!...
Limp guy:
I'm not quite dead yet...
Guy hauling the limp guy:
Yeah, but 'e ate a squirrel, so 'ees as good as gone, and yer not coming back again until next Thursday! Can't ya do SOMEthing??
Cart hauler: THUNK.

Well, I guess my being here tells you I've run them off again. Except you, of course, because you're being nice to me. Mojito?

I'd love one!! or 5 ;-)

So the blogbar is now open?

Well then! It's Friday, what say we fire up the blogbar early? *fetches fresh mint and limes*

uh...we may have to stay here for a bit. I just barfed on another thread.

...Listen right here.
I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

On it, Lonesome. Poor Siouxie, have a seven up. For now ...

That's just nuts.

OK. *breaks out the beer wench costume*

*oops - that's Punkin's! Here's mine.

That's 5 blogojitos for Siouxie (sorry, Babe - we're out of mo), a bourbon, a scotch and a beer for handsome Lonesome over there, and a bowl of nuts for LaFlamme. Anyone else need anything right now?

Single malt scotch, please!

Nice costume, wench!

Do stewardesses flight attendants still offer
"coffee, tea or me"?

Do bar maids?

ooooooooh, someone say blogojito?!!?

Just out of curiosity, who closes the blogbar and why?

*jumps over blog bar*

*trips and falls on butt*


*hic* guess I've had toooooooo mucho!!

Congrats Baligurl! 87 is awesome. (I can't break 300 Pt's. mark)

Thanks, Hammie!

*passes round a nice single malt*

And, uh, DPC - No. For barmaids it's "beer, wine or me?" So...what'll it be?

Oops, cg! Nearly forgot your 'jito.

*slides it neatly down the bar*

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