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April 27, 2007


Now the squirrels have formed an alliance with Mister T. Or something.

(Also tanks to Steve Lancaster)


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I do not want any nuts from either Mr. T or his squirrels.

That typo has to be on purpose....

or she's commenting on one of her hobbies. ;)

Ooooh, CJ was talking about 'tanks.' I was referring to 'Deskdive.' Oopsie.


It was on purpose, but it was because EVERYONE ELSE keeps typoing my name.

Hmmm...or maybe not. Maybe you all are the ones commenting on my habits...?


I'm not that bad....am I?

Where do you sign up to write stupid commercials and get paid for it? I want to know!


It was on purpose, but it was because EVERYONE ELSE keeps typoing my name.

Hmmm...or maybe not. Maybe you all are the ones commenting on my habits...?


I'm not that bad....am I?


I must be twice as bad as I thought.

Stoopid bot.

*snork* @ tanks!

Yipes...bad bot...go scrog yasself.

DD - we know it was the bot bot and not not you you.

*Makes DeskDiva a nut and squirrel free blogarita, with extra antioxidants and wholesome blog goodness*


Oooh. Thaaaaank you, Dan. Just exactly what I needed. :)

Just for the record, I prefer Milky Way bars to Snickers, any day.

With apologies to R. Kipling and GungaDan

You may talk o' squirrels and nuts
When you're bloggin' safe out 'ere,
and you've blogged of Camels, Paris an Twit-ten-ey;
But when it comes to fodder
for the comments that are odder
You can always look to bloggits to supply you.

*flaps in for a bit*

Wyoooo! *Snork* @ you and Kipling!

seems a bit lonely in here, don't it, Ducky?

*tips do-rag @ Wyo and the Duck*

Yes, Wyo; yes, indeedy. Guess other folks have lives. On the other hand, you're here, and I'm here. What's not to like?

Hey Wyo and Ducky, 3s a crowd right?

We had to push back moving. The offer for the house was contingent on an inspection and appraisal, so back to negotiations. Inspection was fine, but houses dont appraise for much in the area. The house we were after would appraise for 40-50% more even in SC.

So, its time for Guinness. Lots and lots of Guinness.

And snorks. Thank you all for being funny today. You may have saved a real estate agent a cussing out.


Having taken care of all the details of selling my Mom's house last summer, I can sympathize. Did you submit another offer?

workin' on a series of Blue Moon Belgian Whites, myself. (and watchin' The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.)

(Yeah, Diane's workin' an' I'm home coolin' my heels.)


Having been responsible for selling my mother's house last year, I can sympathize. Did you submit another offer?

Well, dang. Apparently I'm doubly sympathetic.

Mr. Ducky's outside mowing grass, so I'm inside doing some much-needed housecleaning playing on the computer for awhile.

compter keyboards do need dusted off once in a while, as do the fans.

gotta cut out for a bit, be back in a few...

I have to dust my pter off, now and then. My brother (no, not that brother) just sold his house yesterday; a couple of inspection problems, but he knocked it all out. So I believe I have a roommate, for awhile. He got a nice price in Wilmington, so hang in there!

CJ, is your brother moving to Florida? Is he aware of the Weirdness Magnet?

Mr. Ducky has finished mowing the lawn, so I, wonderful duck that I am, will now serve him a cold beverage. See y'all in a bit!


Personally, I've always believed that imitation was the most sincere form of flattery...merely saying...

"I have to dust my peter off, now and then.

Hmmm CJ?? is that what they're calling it now??

Whassa matter CJ? Petered out?

I was watching an amazing young mandolin player, then joined by another fellar, turning it into an epic mandolin duet on floridacracker.

*skips off to find Endust, doing the Horsey Dance!*

Submitted another offer, it all depends on whether or not they'll realize I have to consider resell value in a few years too.

So I came back.

Howdy, blurk. sure miss you.

Hush yer gigglin' people. Me an' blurk are quite comfortable with our masculinity.

CJ, is this same brother with whom you've had some recent trouble? (not to air any dirty laundry in public, but I hope things are better now.)

Wrong brother. I sent Wrong Brother a Roomba this week and expect to crack his facade. I must streamline my little house or other brother and I will crack heads. And he's really big!

*sneaks up on wyo*
finally caught you on line. got any blue moon's left?


you're a sight for sore eyes. only one blue moon left, but it's all yours if you want it. (I do frequent myspace too, you can reach me through that site whenever.

CJ, I feel like I'm outside the loop all the time without email. Will have to fix that soon. just been too ^@%# busy lately. I know I could use hotmail, but just haven't taken the time to figger out what/where my account is.

Wyo Cowboy, well done!

Gunga, glad you caught that, I was afraid you'd miss it. (I have everything Kipling ever published, it's in a 14 vol. set, published prior to WWII.)

myspace is good but this is live and in person. sort of. i won't take your last beer. blue moons more of a brunch beer to me.

and what's your banquet beer, cg?

(bet she don't say Coors)

I'll save her time; Pauli Girl!

Myself, this evening's hopped musical accompaniment is 'Tire Bite', from Flying Dog in Denver....

wasn't Pauli Girl a saint? if not, she should'a been.

saints, crosses, you see a theme developing?


so now I'm watchin' "The Quick and The Dead" (which somehow I've never seen. fun flick.

marty day rum?

enjoy your movie wyo! see ya round.

nite, cj, nite, all.

nite, cg, nice to "see" you.

I don't have any videos I want to watch that I might enjoy as much as Winton Marsalis and the Dixieland band he's playing with on NPR. *resumes Horsey Dance*

Thank God for Winton. Without him, so much would be lost.


*echo "Helloooo?"*

Anybody still here?

*echo "...ill here?"*

still here. I have no life.

Yay, WYOOOOOOOO!!! Me neither. :( Be happy to share that time with ya. :)

I am an idiot!! I talked with moving brother... when he called me back! He was talking to other brother! It went right over my head because Annie has created a divot there. Just how is it that my sisters are more normal than my brothers? And she's just one person!

CJ, the mysteries of life are myriad.

CJ - I have no idea what you just said. :)

diva, looks like we've got got us a party.

Works fer me! WOOHOOO!!

*passes a few shots 'round the table.*

*pours Widmer Hefeweizen chasers*

*pours Widmer Hefeweizen chasers*

*pours Widmer Hefeweizen chasers*

(door creaks open to blogspace...) Hello! Anybody home?

Yep, Doc - I'm here. And XMatt just poured us three rounds of shots, so come on in!

Thanks, though I think I'll just stick to the Miller Lite. 6am CST comes early,stoopid work and all. Any takers that Horatio Cane may be Jack Bauer's long lost brother? The way 24 has gone lately I wouldn't be shocked.

*snork* I would soooo not be surprised.

Wow. TV sucks this time of night on a weekend. It's either the Mavs-Warriors ( Mavs suck! ) Frasier, or Horatio Cane re-runs. Maybe a Ron Popiel infomercial is on one of the Spanish channels.

Mornin' everyone. Who's got coffee?

DANGIT, blurk! I missed ya. *pouts*

DANGIT, blurk! I missed ya. *pouts*

Wow! I missed you twice as much as I realized! ;)

go back to sleep, blurk...

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