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April 30, 2007


(Thanks to Heidi Carr)


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*SNORK* @ rasta-squirrel!!!

No wonder they want us dead.

Enough with the damn squirrels!

This whole site is scary. We should file it in 'hobbies that we're better off not knowing about.'
Also, it should be pointed out that squirrels have no sense of style. That sweater is tres gauche, even for a nut.

Did you check out picture 9? Dave, you have competition. Yes, for president of the United States.

Whew, at least none of them were wearing Dave's signature blue shirt.

These are all from here. Which is where they should stay. I'm just sayin'...

Am I the only one that is disturbed by the fact that a majority of these photos show soldier squirrels? More than half of them were dressed in military uniforms of one style or another.

Taxidermy is a good thing.

Acorns aweigh, my boys, acorns aweigh.

Schadeboy -

Maybe they are infiltrating our defenses in an attempt to take over our government. Sneaky rodents!

Mr. Barry,
I think it is reasonable to conclude at this point that you are in fact working for the Squirrel Terror organization. I submit to you that the joke is old, and at this point you are only reinforcing the idea to the squirrels that they are little terrorists causing mass mayhem. Indeed, despite the hackneyed attempts to make fun of the rodents at every possible opportunity, your blog, and therefore part of your livelihood is dependant upon reporting their mischievous actions.
Perhaps you vehemently deny these charges that you are in fact working for the muddling rat-tails, you must at least admit that there exists an aging novelty within the squirrel terror reporting done on your blog. And perhaps I am incorrect in my assumptions of where your loyalties are, however should you decide that you are the anti-squirrel advocate that your posts regarding the subject seem to imply, and wish to defend yourself against my accusations then I suggest a solution.
Over the past months, your blog has become the largest, most comprehensive database on counter squirrel intelligence. You have cataloged the attacks. You know the breadth of the damage. You have population studies. You have articles from all over the country. You can ink maps that would be invaluable to the war against squirrel terror. You have squirrel demographic studies. You have even posted information regarding squirrel operatives in other countries. You and only you have dutifully amassed this priceless information. Should you choose to counter my accusations of working for the rodent terror organizations, perhaps you will at least consider the reinvigoration of the joke by creating and maintaining a comprehensive Defense Net Database Against these things. Consider my proposal; with your help we can conquer these little bastards.

There's a squirrel in a leather jacket ... and goggles ... with some sort of ruins in the background ... and a wedding cake and presents on the table ...

Thanks God there's a candlablra on the table, too. Otherwise, this picture wouldn't have made any sense.

And no, I CAN'T spell candlabra. Thanks for asking.

Most of them are in MILITARY ATTIRE!!!!

The war has begun, we just don't about it yet!!


Cheryl(otbC): Candelabra :)

I have yet to hear anyone complain when I fancy up my squirrel!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww are you pulling our legs dave?? those squirrels are SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!

Hey, #5 is blurk!

I find squirrels in camo a little...sexy. Is that weird?

If you want to see some REALLY classy dead squirrels, check out http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/WIMADdead.html

Note that the proprietor is a professional embalmer who did taxidermy "on the side." Guess he couldn't get enough of the fumes...

Are they dead squirrels or has somebody got serious problems at their house?

What'll they think up next, padraig? Skinning humans, platicizing and posing them, then sending them on a world tour?

Were these squirrels dead? They looked very alive-like.

Paddy's link.

Thanks for the upgrade CH.

GoatThumper: "What'll they think up next, padraig? Skinning humans, platicizing and posing them, then sending them on a world tour?"

GT, you must not have seen the poster for this year's Rolling Stones tour. They're doing amazing things with Animatronics...

Key quote from AWBH's link (about 3/5 of the way down): "Nut me baby one more time!"

I went to Body Worlds a couple of months ago. I was pretty disturbed too. Not by the bodies, though. I get migraines and sometimes smell stuff that isn't actually there when I get them. Well, I had one that day. ISIANMTU, when I walked into the first room of the exhibit, I smelled bacon!

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