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April 11, 2007


They can't possibly make my computer more hostile to me than it already is.


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Hole #1: The OS is from SmallLimp.

Those would be Paris, Nicole, Twatney and Lindsay.

Anyone remember this gem of non-Dave humor from about 10 years ago?

Remember, folks, every OS sucks.

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

Ahhhh... the American way. Announce publicly where the design flaws are. Because criminals don't read the news or the "patch updates." Brilliant.

*Note to self: Use only the comp at work to surf swedish teenage boy p0rn*

Well, random, that way at least your MIL won't have anything to say about it. :)

And HEE HEE HEE to Hands.

"Solitaire never worked so smooth," indeed.

Dave, let me remind you: YOU are responcible for what that computer does. If the wrong guys take over your computer, you could end up in Jail for a lonnnnnng time. And, believe me, it has happened before.

Why can't we all just wear a thong.

The world's biggest software maker defines a flaw as "critical" when it could allow a damaging Internet worm to replicate without the user's doing anything to the machine.

The say-curi-tay updates, on the other hand, download without the user's doing anything to the machine.

You know how everytime there is an error, a little "send error report" shows up, and occasionally you get a "updates for your computer!" thingy. We are really trusting that Microsoft has no intentions of taking over the world.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my imac?

I am going to miss worrying about this kind of thing and dont worry Siouxie I am being good today

You just have to know the right security people.

Steve you got me drooling man.

*snorks* @ Sio and pb!

Steve, is that Chloe?

Obviously, you have not upgraded to Vista yet. :)

> They can't possibly make my computer more hostile to me than it already is.

Buy a Mac. Really. It helped me ;-)

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