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April 24, 2007


Item #928

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Be very very quiet...we're hunting wabbits

Can they jump into a pot that has carrots, potatoes,...?

That was cute!

YAY Annie!!


so what happens to the loser?? rabbit stew anyone??

Awwww, how sad. No one ever read Dave this story?

Little Bunny Foo Foo,
Hopping through the forest
Scooping up the field mice
And boppin' 'em on the head

Can they jump into a pot that has carrots, potatoes,...?

Shoulda made a left turn at Albequerque...

Bunny Jumping Academy, Day 1:

"OK, everybody, gently put the leash around your bunny."

"Now, take two steps then drag the bunny. Take two more steps then drag the bunny..."

My youngest daughter (bless her) used to sing this lovely tune as a child:

Little bunny crossing the street.
Little bunny crossing the street.
Little bunny crossing the street.
Then along comes a truck and kills the bunny.

*wonders if maybe I shouldn't have read Stephen King to her as a baby*

The book was about PETS!!!!

They can go a lot higher than that if you punt them. Or so I've heard.

**SNORK** @ Siouxie's daughter.... Kids get the darnedestest stuff stuck in their widdle heads.

LOL fivver! so cruel and yet so snorkable!

^5s Siouxie. Exactly.

Jumping food contests! Who woulda thought?

^5, DD!

Yeah Bethie, everyone stop playing with your dinner!

wanna touch my bunny?

Dear Captain America,

No. Feed it a burrito.



Captain America -- Sure, I'd love to touch your bunny! I love rabbits. Furry critters of all kinds, I just love 'em. I really....wait, you don't mean a rabbit, do you? Um, never mind.

Yay! *does the 'i got posted' dance*

I saw this as a terr0rist training ground for squirrel-affiliated militia. Plus they were so cute and ridiculous.

*goes back to her dreary commercial banking class*

Not unlike the swimming fish competition.

Woohoo! A wabbit wodeo!

Don't worry, be hoppy.

Yes, well, that was really quite, um....

Oh, have you all seen that Skittles commercial with the bunny singing opera? Very weird.

WTG, Annie! I was going to ask if you were having a slow day at work, but I see you're in a class - I feel your pain. :)

NO, Val, but as an opera singer, now I HAVE to!! Thanks for the heads up!!

I *hate* that Skittles commercial with the bunny singing opera! It sounds more like he's howling.

I entered my pet buuny in a race. He won by a hare.

He was lapin everybody on the track.

(Sorry - shoulda thought of this before I clicked "post" on the last one.)

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